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"Youve gotta fight for a reason, whats your reason?"

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Oasis - Dig out your soul album list (new album)7/22/08
01. "Bag It Up" (Noel Gallagher)
02. "The Turning" (Andy Bell)
03. "Waiting for the Rapture" (Noel Gallagher)
04. "The Shock of the Lightning" (Noel Gallagher)
05. "I'm Outta Time" (Liam Gallagher)
06. "(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady" (Gem Archer)
07. "Falling Down" (Noel Gallagher)
08. "To Be Where There's Life" (Noel Gallagher)
09. "Ain't Got Nothin" (L. Gallagher)
10. "The Nature of Reality" (Noel Gallagher)
11. "Soldier On" (L. Gallagher)
My Flash Vid!6/5/08
Goerge Harrison(RIP), Eric clapton, Ringo Star, Elton John and phil collins! on one stage! music heaven!
i was born in the wrong era for music! what happend 2 thoose days?
it just doesnt get better than that! half of the beatles with the legend Eric "slow hand" Clapton, elton and phill. Music Titans!

what has happend to music these days! it makes me sad that we dont have proper musicians anymore! 2 drumers playing at the same time! 2 solos being played at the same time. u dnt hear it anymore cause the talentless idiots wouldnt be able to pull it off!

the best your are gonna get these days is some gay guy from the hoosiers playing with another gay guy from the feeling.

thank god we have videos to take us back to good music!

Sport relief!! pls pls read and think about it!3/14/08
Watching this years sport relief and the clips they have throughout the programme! it makes you think how lucky you are! these kids that have aids and diseases that they can do nothing about! every single day is a battle for them.
my biggest concern this year is university work! their biggest concern is if they will survive the year.
it makes you think, is there a god? coz if there is why does he put these horrible problems onto human beings that do not deserve anything but the best!

if you read this please think about how lucky you are! if you have a problem think about Gregor Anderson from Stirling who has muscular dystrophy and spends his life in a wheelchair and doesn?t know how long he has too live! he just wants to lead a normally life but cant! he has already lost his brother from the same illness.. he watched his brothers death knowing he has the same future! that?s a problem!

you can still donate money up until Sunday! so if you have spare �10 or anything please go to http://www.sportrelief.com and donate some money! i have! please thanks for reading this
new rules of my life.(written by me)11/17/07
the rules i now live by:
1. people only think of themselfs.
2. love is the key to true happiness.
3. you can not trust anybody in this world.


just because people only think of themselfs doesnt mean you cant try to think of others somtimes.

do not look for love to be happy, love can not be found, only given.

if you must trust someone trust yourself.

words of gordon greenan(half pissed)
KFC VAN!!!9/5/07
ive got a beauty of an idea. a KFC mobile van. my god ur mouth is watering at the prospect already eh. a van that goes around the streets and contains food from the greatest fast food place on earth. the van with the colonels face on it, they guy who invented the secret recipe. it could be sitting outside ur house at anytime.
all u have to do is walk outside in ur pj's! maybe even naked, they wont mind coz they are trained professionals from all around the world. and say ill have a bargin bucket pls or 16 hot wings or a 3 peice varitey meal.
and it travels no matter what the weather. if it is foggy, then it has a KFC homing beacon just incase it gets lost. and stuff ur bus lanes. a KFC lane is needed. we dnt want our chicken getting cold coz of traffic.
GOD its what dreams are made of.

we love u colonel u sexy bastard
there is somthing wrong with this world6/14/07
you know. you see all these blogs on bebo about how i guy should treat a girl. making out that that is what girls want from a guy. so can somone please tell me why when a girl has all that it doesnt seem to be enough and they go away with some evil tosser who only cares about himself.

we all seem to have been brought up with the idea that in a relationship a guy should say that the person they love is beautiful and not hot or fit. and that if you love them tell them everyday that you do. so why is it when you do that its not enough??

you spend so much time trying to make everyone happy, but nobody trys to make you happy.

nice guys dont get nice girls. nice guys get nobody!!

some world we live in!

my horoscope today!! very scary!!5/21/07
" i have an ex who is aquarius and let's just say it didnt end on a high note. but i found it in me to move on with good grace and the minute i meant it , in came somthing not only better, but younger and prettier. mean it and magic happens."

that is soo scary! the ex who is aquarius is nikki. and i have now really moved on.

its like this was written for me.
I want to grow old with you5/14/07
Another day without your smile
Another day just passes by
But now i know how much it means
For you to stay right here with me
The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurts so bad i can't take it any longer

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you, sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you

A thousand miles between us now
It causes me to wonder how
Our love tonight remains so strong
It makes our risk right all along
The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurt so bad i can't take it any longer

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you, sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you

Things can come and go
I know but
Baby I believe
Something's burning strong between us
Makes it clear to me

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you, sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you
the story for thoose who dnt no it!5/7/07
ive changed this coz she aint even worth the hassel!!
001: Name - Gordon
002. Nickname - Gogs
003. Single or taken - single
004. Zodiac Sign - aquraus
005. Male or Female - male
006. High School - st davids
007. Best Friends - dav,joe,ross,jay,shaun
008. How many buddies on your list - 80
009. Bad habits- singing along to everything
010. Hair Color - light brown
012. Hair Long or Short - short
014. Eye Color - Blue
015. Are you health freak - na
016. Height - 5ft 9
017. Do you have a crush on someone- yes
018. Do you like yourself - sometimes
019. Glasses? - nope
020. Think your awesome? - NO
021. Piercings - none
022. Tattoo - nope
023. Righty or Lefty - righty

___Your 'Firsts'___
024. Surgery - when i was 2
025. First piercing - 13
026. First best friend - too many
027. First Award - somthing to do wi swimming
028. First Sport You Joined - football
029. First pet - budgie
030. First vacation - prob blackpool
031. First Concert - ocean colour scene
032. First love - Nikki

033. Movie - old school
034. Favorite tv show - lost or heros
035. Color - green
036. Music - indie/rock/pop
039. Drink - milk
040. Body part not on the face- bum lol
041. Sport To Play - football
042. Favorite piece of clothing - fred perry zippy
043. Clothes shop? - capital menswear, original shoe
044. boy band? none, but westlife if i had to
045. girl band? girls aloud (only coz they are hot)
046. Favorite Animal(s) - dolphin
047. Favorite Books - biographys
048. Favorite Magazines - nuts, zoo, fhm

049. I'm eating - Nothing
050. I'm drinking - nothing
052. I'm about to - play ma guitar
053. Listening to - ordinary boys
055. Waiting For - somthing to do
056. Watching - this!!
057. Wearing - tracky bottoms, ma frank the tank t-shirt

___Your Future___
058. Want Kids? - deffo
059. Want to Get Married? - DEFFO
060. Careers in Mind - animator/web designer

__Which is better with the Opposite sex__
068. Lips or Eyes - soft lips
069. Hugs or Kisses - hugs
070. Shorter or Taller - depends
072. Romantic or Spontaneous- romantic
073. nice stomach or nice arms - stomach
074. Sensitive or Loud - sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship - relationship
077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? - hesitant
___Have you ever___
078. Kissed a Stranger - yeah
079. Drank bubbles - no
080. Lost glasses/contacts - no
081. Ran Away From Home - yeah
082. Broken a bone - yeah
083. Got an X-ray - Yeah
084. Broken Someone's Heart - no(i no how it feels and will try never to do that to anyone)
085. Turned Someone Down - Yeah
087. Cried When Someone Died - yeah (too often)

___Do You Believe In___
089. God - yes
090. Miracles - Yeah
091. Aliens - yes
094. Magic - NO
095. Heaven - yes
096. Santa Claus - oh aye (legend)
097. Sex on the first date - depends on the person
098. Kissing on the First Date - yeah
099. Angels - yeah

___Answer Truthfully___
100. Is There someone You Want To be with right now? - yes!!!
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