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Your Joshua mix tape10/26/09
Everyone loves making mix tapes, it's the easiest way to share your passion for a band or artist with your friends, and give people a shorthand glimpse into just why you love the music you love.

We want you to put together your ultimate Joshua mix tape. You can pick any song, be it album track, big single or obscure b-side or demo. Think about the order you'd put the tracks in. How would you introduce Joshua Radin to someone who had never heard his music?

Post in the comments section below with your 10-track personal Joshua Greatests can even design the artwork if you like! We'll send a signed photo to the ones we like the most!

The Joshua Radin tour machine is currently rolling it's way across Australia, before heading across the United states...thanks so much for all of your great comments and posts about the tour!

Team JR
Review Winners!10/16/09
We asked for your reviews, and you came through! We were hit with a deluge of quality write ups of your Josh Tour experiences, unfortunately we could only pick a few winners and the below pieces, from Taylor Saunders-Wood via Josh?s Facebook, and Khalida on our Myspace page are more than deserving a signed photo- winging it?s way to our winners now. Keep checking back for more Josh competitions and updates.

Team JR

Taylor Saunders-Wood ? Submitted via Facebook:

I was at the Manchester Academy gig two nights ago. i thought the supporting acts were brilliant, particularly Thomas J. Speight. It was lovely to have a chat with them where they sold their merchandise at the end, everyone was very friendly. I thought Joshua Radin was absolutely amazing live. Some artists only have a good recorded voice but personally I liked him even more live. My favourite part was his good nature and how friendly he was with the crowd. Getting an insight into the ideas behind his music was good as well, especilally for me as I have been trying my hand at singing/songwriting recently.He didn't just sing, he performed! It was an amazing gig and I would love to see him again. My one regret is not bringing enough money for a signed cd :(

khalida ? Submitted via Myspace:

I arrived at Camden?s Koko music venue on a cold Monday night; it was my first time at Koko and my first time to see Joshua Radin perform live. I brought his first record ..?We were here..? a couple of years ago. Since then I wanted to see him play live, when he was on the ?Hotel Caf� Tour?. And I went to see Cary Brothers perform. Also when he came to London last year, but I kept missing the dates. So I was glad I managed to make it this time round.

The show started just after 8.00pm we watched a couple of support acts two very different styles of music both easy listening and nice to jam too. After a while Joshua Radin came out in this quaint waistcoat, tie and acoustic guitar, really cute looking. He said hello to the crowd that included a full house of fans filling up the entire floor space and the upstairs balconies.

He began the show with a few of his new songs, which was cool, and created a warm atmosphere while we watched and listened to the words of each song humming along. Then he beautifully sang ..?One of those days?.. which my sister and me love singing along to, which was cool. And then ..?Everything?ll be.. ..alright (Will?s Lullaby)?. I loved the lyrics to this song, though it starts of quite sad, I think we all can relate to having our hearts broken, and feeling a little half empty after a break up of a relationship. Also a girl in the crowd got really excited and asked Joshua to marry him and come and live with her in London, which was so random, but Joshua handled it well like the Gentleman he is and said ? I think we have to get to know each other first? and the audience laughed in agreement.

I thought it was cool when Joshua Radin gave us some background information on what inspired him to write song. And how it was supposed to be about his ex-girlfriend but was also used as a lullaby for a friend?s baby. I also liked the reference to the people of the New Orleans and the way in which the song tells two stories? both of love, frailty and strength, endured of the human spirit. The ending is so right ..? It?s a beautiful night and I know everything is gonna be alright, yes now I now it?ll be alright?.

Later on Joshua and his live band improvised with their instruments and created some great acoustic beats. Which was great and got the crowd moving and cheering. Joshua also sang ..?Today?.. which was awesome, then he talked about what that song meant to him and how long ago it was written. When he was a kid he met this older sophisticated lady who was sitting opposite him on the train, but he was to young and shy to have the courage to say anything, so this song is like a an open letter of what he would say. I thought this was such a sweet story. And it reminded me of when I was a teenager, and had my first crush and how difficult it was to really express my feelings without feeling vulnerable.

When Joshua sang ..?Id rather be with you? was so great, he completely changed the vibe more up-tempo, and I started to rock out, my hips swinging and really enjoyed the rhythm of this song. Then Joshua sang ..? No envy no.. ..fear? I loved listening to the lyrics of this song, and felt it was a universal message that unites everyone, In a positive thought, of having a basic understanding and love for one another to want what is best for you and you?re fellow man / woman. This was heartfelt and a wonderful message to sing about and a great anecdote to ones fears.

Towards the end of the set Joshua sang my favourite song ..?winter?.. this was great and felt so magical I was waiting for this moment. For me that was my favourite moment as that song means so much to me and has a lot of resonance in my life. I particularly like the line ..?I should know who I am by.. ..This to me reminds me of self-discovery within a relationship, and when you have to step back and see your self as the person you are, and what the relationship could be. .. .. .. ..I?m so glad I was able to attend his show this year; the entire show was beautifully sung and precious.

I wait patiently for Joshua Radin?s next instalment.
Joshua says hi10/9/09
Joshua recorded a video message between gigs on the UK leg of his tour. Check it out on YouTube here:

And don?t forget to leave a comment: we?ll be sending out signed photos to a couple of you who do so.

Team Joshua x
We want your reviews!10/7/09
Joshua?s international tour is well underway, with gigs in the USA, Canada and the UK in the bag. The comments flooding in have been hugely positive, and it?s great to see how much you?ve been loving the shows!

Now we want your full reviews: anyone who?s seen Joshua on this current tour, we want your reviews of the shows. We?ll be highlighting a few of our favourites next week, and sending signed photos to their creators.

For those of you who haven?t caught Joshua yet, don?t worry, we?ll be running more review competitions as the tour progresses so stay tuned...

Also ? don?t forget to add your photos from the tour to our Tour Scrapbook here:

Team Joshua x
Meet-&-greet winner10/2/09
Another day, another winner...!

Congratulations to Sian Duffy for winning a meet-&-greet with Joshua at next week?s London KOKO show.

Not got your tickets for the European tour yet? There are a few left, so get yours quick (full details in the gig listings area).
Joshua winners!10/1/09
Thanks to everyone who entered our recent competitions ? and there were a few of you!

Koko tickets will be going to Kevin Goodwin on Facebook.

And Joshua signed pics will be going to Nerea Ibarra on Facebook and Indiesounds on MySpace.

Congratulations guys, and stay tuned for more competitions coming soon...

Team Joshua x
Meet Joshua in the UK!9/29/09
We?re offering Joshua?s UK fans the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Joshua before either his Manchester or London show next week.

If you want to be in with a chance at winning this prize for you and a friend, simply click that you are attending one of these shows on Joshua?s Facebook page, and leave a comment there (including which show you?re going to):

We?ll be picking a winner on Friday (2nd October). Good luck!

There are a very few tickets still available to buy for Joshua?s European dates. See the gig listings for ticket outlets or buy them here:

Team Joshua x

Please note: the competition prize does not include tickets to the show.
The tour comes to Europe...9/25/09
Joshua has been going down a storm at his gigs in the USA and Canada, and he?s about to hop across the pond for a string of dates in Europe.

A big thank you to everyone who?s been tagging themselves in photos from the gigs and adding their photos to our Tour Scrapbook - find it here: Keep going!

UK fans ? we have a pair of tickets up for grabs to Joshua?s show at London?s Koko on 5th October. To be in with a shout at winning them, leave a comment below.

And we want to know what your ultimate Joshua setlist would like. Let us know below and we?ll be sending out signed photos to a few lucky folk who do so (this competition is open internationally).

Team Joshua x
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Touring tales9/17/09
Thank you to everyone who?s been adding images to Joshua?s Tour Scrapbook on Flickr. There have been some fantastic photos coming in, so if you?ve seen Joshua live ? either on this tour, or previously ? please get adding your snaps here:

And also add your reviews in below. We?ll be sending out signed photos next week to some of our favourites.

And finally ? got something you want to see on this page (other than more tour dates!)? Let us know in the comments area below.

Team Joshua x
A thank you from Joshua9/8/09
Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank you for participating in this contest. It's been so cool to be able to read through your respective comments. Hopefully I'll get to meet many of you on this upcoming 5 month world tour. I'm so excited.

Be well,

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