αят fяεεкѕ σf sт сεсїlїα'ѕ <freeks-of-flange>

am i a hoe?...i dont know..5/22/07
censored...anyone under 17 is not allowed to read this as it is explict material

i frevrently asked
wana piece a my ass?
...give me some cash

they call me a hoe
but i dont know
ill give ye a blow...
if ye give me some doe!

they call me a flange
i say, suck on me mange
even if its gange
it has alot of tange

when they walk down the street,
all these people that i meet
wana kiss my feet,
and suck my toes

but i dont know.

the rest is jis too dirty and im sure your all discusted so far....however let us know and well email you it if u think ya can handle the rest!:O :D
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Chronicles of the Van Winklenessseeesssss5/14/07
The Shower

Went into the shower one day
Came out that night after
shaving my legs.
I had a fist full of sand
in my bellybutten.
I heard this tutt'n come from afar,
I thought it was my car.
I went out and checked,
but it was only my vest.
I had this pest once
It was a mermaid
but was dead.
Who do you think it is?
I dunno!
You Tell me.

The Wet-Dog

O'Daffodil O'lonely
I pee'd on them
Now they are wet
Like my wet dog

Smell wet dog.
Frogs are wet,
Like my wet dog.
Who is my wet dog?
I dunno!
You tell me.

The Flange

It was long,drooping,
YYvonnes extented immensly,
At times,it drooped,dripped.
It was round with a bone inside,
It could move! How freaky!

She put it everywhere,
In conrad, in her nose,
She stuck it infront of everyone.


her long extending tongue
caught a fly,in the sky.
Ate a pie.
Agreen pie.
Who do you think it is?
I dunno!
You tell me!

Spread That Butter

Spread that butter with that knife you have.
umm umm umm umm
I love my car,its red.
umm umm umm umm

The Vanwinkleses
Yvonne williams - writer, reader, inspiration for many including, The Flange and Green.
Alana Smallman - Writer, PA.
My Names Cheryl Glenn - Writer, reader, Retard, Distributor of The Taco Dick.

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