Bekas. <snaps_12>


damn. . .

i feel so out of it!

i hate changing. changes?

i miss gr. 8! everything was easy. not that gr. 9 any different but just like how much i changed... like mentally and all that crap :S haha.=[ tottaly miss talking to everybody! like gavin<3 miss him! or ... taty (she changed alot) and i miss randomly attacking ppl. (just cause :L ) i miss being single. no worries. not that i dont like relationships but its just all the cheating and jealousy shiit.
(stupid... i would know =[..) hmph?

but i mean like change is good and all ... =D

like hmm...?

ooh. i THINK* im more mature :S haha i mean i dont go around attack people anymore! hah.

uhm..? not much =P

bllrah, i hate change but i want it! ... im so bored of doing the same stuff everyday. well thiis is super long and im just going on about nothing :P
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