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NEWS 25 NOVEMBER 200811/25/08


According to an official spokesperson, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and his wife, Mindless Self Indulgence bassist Lyn-Z, are expecting their first child in the summer.

The couple were married backstage in a low-key ceremony at the Coors Ampitheatre, Colorado on September 4, 2007. My Chemical Romance and Mindless Self Indulgence were both taking part in the Projekt Revolution tour.


If you goto you'll notice that its all changed =]


Go here and see a preview of TUA Dallas 1 on Myspace Comic Books.

Why not play The Umbrella Academy Jigsaw Puzzle?


Ambush Bug interviews Gerard here



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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Available for International Pre-Order!HERE! This is the first time ever that ?Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge? is being released on vinyl. This edition will be released on December 16th, but this is your chance to reserve your copy in advance! This collectible edition includes:

We are excited to announce that international fans can now pre-order the special limited vinyl edition of ?Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge? from the My Chemical Romance Store

*?Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge? on a custom red vinyl record
*New jacket artwork
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*MCR gun logo stencil


Go here to read it




Frank talks about LeATHERMOUTH and MCR here

Kerrang article here


hi! its bob

it?s been a long time since since we have talked. i just wanted to say hi and fill people in on what has been happening with us. as a whole we are all getting ready to get rolling again. we really needed this break but enough is enough already. i cant wait to see the refreshed and excited MCR again. no more falling asleep at 5pm, no more drinking 20 red bulls, just good times coming up.

i will start with myself. my weird zoro scar on my wrist is going down finally. i have been doing physical therapy every few days now which is helping out a ton. i have to sit and lift tiny weights over and over again until i cant anymore, then i play with putty, then i stack cups, sometimes i squeeze plastic, play with rice, etc. It kinda feels like when i was in kindergarten day care except it hurts. my favorite part is hearing the stories of the other patients. one lady fell down her stairs because she tripped on her cat and broke her shoulder. i try not to laugh but i cant help it. i was actually sitting with a player from the bears last week too. that guy was about 20 feet tall and as big as a house. i didn?t look him in the eye. i think i have a couple months before i am back to playing again. i am always going to have pain in my hand so i will be changing my playing a bit. i have to rearrange my drums and i will need to play waaay lighter. dont call me a p@$^y when you see me.

Other then that i am just hanging out. i got another dog! i now have two black german shepherds. they rule. they are my buddies. i am going to bring them everywhere with me. toro got a new puppy too. frank has 19 dogs now. i shot up up my garage with a pistol and the cops came. that was fun?.. i also have been playing halo again. halo and legos is actually part of therapy for me. i just hit level 35 which is awesome for me. i would love to challenge anybody to a duel. my xbox name is dixiediarrhea (long story, my dogs name is dixie, she had diarrhea). if anyone knows souljaboy personally please let him know i challenge him. that guy seems like an awesome dude and i want to play against him. he says he can beat anyone. dixiediarrhea says differently. i will bet 2 dollars that i whoop him.

anyway, i see that im rambling. im tired. i was going to fill you in on everyone else but i dont want to anymore. hahaha. which actually brings me to a point. we are soon going to launch a new website. its going to be very simple and to the point. one of the new features will be us typing in on our phones straight to the site so everyone can tell you themselves what they are up to. now that we are coming out of MCR hibernation we want to keep everyone informed and to maybe have some fun. blogathon 5000. i will type in all the juicy details like perez hilton.

ok. im going to bed. me and my friend, the sanch, and dixie are about to drive from chicago to los angeles to hang with gerard and friends. come hang out.
gerard?s address is 2800 E Observatory Rd Los Angeles, CA 90027. see you there. bring fun.

see everyone soon or on halo



in my little thing i wrote yesterday i included gerards address. when we write something to post we then send it to our friend jeff. jeff knows all the computer mumbo jumbo and passwords and stuff. jeff then puts it online. just so you know jeff changed gerards address to something else before he posted. he refused to give out gerards address. i will find a way to get you his address. maybe if you beat me in halo. btw? dixie was a robot for halloween.


Gerard discusses Rock Band, Guitar Hero and other things here


If you go here at about 3 mins in you'll hear Tom Delonge talk about his footwear company, Macbeth Footwear and that they will be making an MCR designed shoe. He also says it takes about a year to make one so more waiting!


Heres the original posting

Current mood: stoked

Honestly, I could not be any more proud of my husband right now? and looking at him, and the smile on his face, I don?t think he could be much happier than he is right now.

I wish I could put into words for him how much this entire opportunity means? if you could see how many comics this boy has and/or reads on a daily basis you MIGHT begin to understand how cool this really is.

As bias as I may be, I think he did a fucking amazing job? and I know that I could not possibly be any more proud and happy for him.

He?s my best friend in the whole wide world, and an absolutely incredible husband, he means the entire world to me? and I would LOVE for you all to go check out his amazing work and let everyone know what you think!

Spread the word.

This was a bulletin posted by Skeleton Crew on their Official Myspace:

We just wanted to say what a great job everyone has done promoting S//C and LeATHERMOUTH. It?s a wonderful feeling going to a strange venue in a strange city and seeing S//C fliers and people. You have really been helping to make these shows what they are. AMAZING! With one show left tomorrow in Philly. We would like to see you all front and center.

Who knows when we?ll do this again ;)


p.s All the LeATHERMOUTH tour merch will be available on the Skeleton Crew webstore this week. New shirts, Hoodie, poster & more.


A new pic of Mikey out and about with his wife here

And even more pics of Gerard at Dragon-con here and here

Leathermouth pics here here and here


Go make yourself giggle at the new vid up on the page :P

Take a look at the new video where Frank gets interviewed while on tour with Leathermouth


The Umbrella Academy is up for 2 awards, go do your bit and help Gerard win these:

Go here to vote for Best Comic Book

And here to vote for Best Comic Book Artist


A couple more pictures of Gerards red hair here and here

Happy Birthday Mikey Way! Today is Mikeys 28th birthday =]

And on the subject of the bass man...

My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way is following in his big brother Gerard's footsteps by penning his own comic book.... more here


Leathermouth?s official myspace has an update on their tour.

Tour Update 2
Well hello once again. So where do I start? I guess with our much needed day off. Its good to be home for a few hours. A day of healing, recuperating and relaxation. Trust me when I say, it was needed. This tour has been the most amazing time. The last few shows have just been insane. We can?t thank everyone enough for their support and kindness. All of you make these shows what they are. THANK YOU! We can?t say it enough. 5 more shows left, so hopefully we see some of you there.



Happy Anniversary Gerard and Lindsey! From everyone here at The Patient Page =]
Yesterday was their 1st year anniversary!


The youtube user has not permitted embedded videos so I'll post you the link to this awesome video from way back when Matt was in the band


A couple new recent pics of Gerard at DragonCon here

And another one of Gerard with a fan, which looks like a few years back here


2 more vids added to the bebo tv, they were used for yahoo music a few years back =]


A recent NME article featuring Gerard can be read here

JulienK?s Myspace Blog has said that the band and Gerard are set to cover the Cure?s new single ?Sleep When I?m Dead?. All proceeds from the sell of this remix will go to Amnesty International.


Ok, credit to youtube user freshxd for clipping out all of the dirty footage O.o take a look at it on the bebo tube too the left for a vintage interview with the band.
Also theres another video you might not of seen too =]


Someone got a recording of Gerards acceptance speech at the Eisner Awards Ceremony. You can take a listen to it here


Yup, Gerard has red hair now heres the proof


As you'll all know, Leathermouth are on tour atm and theres alot of pics that Im going to be uploading from various shows, but before I start on that heres 2 new pics of the group from a recent AP shoot here and here


Check out another picture from Franks childhood here


More pictures uploaded from the Comic Con here


Gerard was interviewed by mtv, read on for the gossip

Last month, MTV News broke the news that New Jersey?s own My Chemical Romance would be recording a cover of Bob Dylan?s ?Desolation Row? for Zack Snyder?s forthcoming ?Watchmen? film and that the song would be the soundtrack?s first single when it hits stores this winter. That?s cool and all, but what about the band?s next studio effort? When can we expect that gem?

Well, not for a long while. See, My Chemical Romance have spent much of the last few years in promotional mode - touring, doing press interviews, shooting videos, etc. At the moment, they?re in what frontman Gerard Way dubbed ?go live? mode: They?ve all put MCR on the backburner as they pursue outside interests.

Of course, Way?s been working on his comic book series, ?The Umbrella Academy,? and is penning a top-secret project for DC Comics. Meanwhile, his brother, Mikey Way, is also working on a comic book, Frank Iero is starting a new band called Leathermouth, Ray Toro is busy getting married and helming his Weezer cover band, and Bob Bryar, well, he?s in Chicago for some unspecified reason. The point is, My Chemical Romance need to live like the rest of us for a bit before they return to the studio.

?We can?t make any more music unless we live,? Way explained. ?But I?m already starting to get the ideas and the aesthetics and everything, and it?s very different from [2006's] The Black Parade.?

How so, Gerry?

?It?s hard to say at this point, but musically, how Black Parade tapped into the glam, classic rock of Queen and Ziggy Stardust, this taps into something different - not punk, but maybe in its proto sense. The aesthetic - it is extremely different, and it is more stripped-down too. When we get a chance, we?re going to get together and do some demos and start rolling. But we?re going to take it slow. I feel like we needed to be away for a while. People need to kind of miss us because there was a point in the last two-and-a-half years where you could have seen us at least once a month if you wanted.?

Way elaborated on the album?s sound, contradicting recent reports that the band is moving in a more punk direction. ?It?s weird - sometimes you give interviews, and they catch you in a weird mood on the road, and you?re like, ?Nah, I didn?t say it was going to be a more punk-rock record, I just thought it would be more stripped of the bells and whistles,? ? he explained. ?But I think the concepts will always be progressive.

?It will be more direct, more about life, and have more social commentary in there,? Way continued. ?That?s where it?s kind of heading now. It won?t be a ?boohoo? record about ?Oh, we got famous,? but a commentary on how the world is now.?
NEWS 25TH AUGUST 20088/25/08

Hey guys,

Gerard here... I'm hanging out with Mikey in New Jersey, relaxing, drinking coffee, talking comics, and getting ready to take a drive down south tomorrow. I don't know what states I'm passing through but I know where I'm heading. Don't worry, I've got a the Clockwork Orange audiobook, a Dr. Pepper air-freshener, and a GPS so I don't get lost. We figured by now everyone that's a fan of the band might be wondering what we're up to, what we're planning, so I thought I'd write this letter and fill you all in.

We're living, decompressing- The Black Parade took over two years to tour and six months to make so that's a lot of existing in a fictional world, and we're just extremely happy to live in a real one for a while. One thing I can let you know is that we're excited. Genuinely more excited than we have ever been to be in this band, make some new music. And we have ALL been writing new material in our own separate worlds... I started a week after I got home, buying a good rig, an old Jag, and a bunch of pedals- just searching for the next sound.

Bob is recovering well from his recent wrist surgery- exceedingly well considering how risky the procedure can be. We're all really happy that when he picks up the sticks again he won't be in the intense pain he was in during the last year of touring. It's going to take him a while to rehabilitate but knowing him, he will most likely be playing the drums before the doctor says it's a good idea. He just loves playing, we all do. Franks on the road with Leathermouth and Reggie and The Full Effect so you should go see them and get spit on. I know Leathermouth doesn't have a record out yet, but Frank gave it to me in Mexico and I can easily say it's my favorite post-hardcore record of the year, so I know you will at least enjoy the songs if you don't know the words.

One of the best parts of the last five months was getting to see Ray get married and all of us be a part of the wedding. It was beautiful. I'm not sure where the happy couple is right now but I am sure wherever they are, they are really enjoying it. I have never seen him happier in my life. So we made plans to get together soon and make some demos, see where our heads are at, take it slow. If explosions happen in our heads right away who knows how soon we could have a record out, we aren't in any rush but we get just as anxious as you to find out what the next "thing" is going to be.

So that about wraps it up... I'm glad I could stop by for a chat, I think I will do it more often. I'm writing more comics, writing more music, and missing my wife right now. Oh, and I heard a rumor that I died in a car accident. I didn't.



So I think a big congratulations is in order to Ray and his new wife!

NEWS 2ND AUGUST 088/2/08

So if you go here you'll see the thank you's from TBPID and you'll notice when reading Rays part that he thanks his son Bauer? Tell us what you think in the comments.


Congratulations to Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba? for receiving the Eisner Award for Best Limited Series. Heres Gerard picking up the award. To see all the winners from this years Eisner Awards go here

On the subject of TUA, if you go here you can read in interview with the man himself on the subject of the second installment.


Heres a recent myspace blog from Franks side project Leathermouth

friends,Greetings and salutations. So I have a few friends that go on the
internet a lot and told me there?s some rumors flying about Leathermouth
and that I should go on and set the record straight with a little update.
The following is the truth as of July 25th 2008. Ok, so here it goes??
Leathermouth will be on tour this summer with Reggie and the full effect and
warship from Aug 20 to Sept 14. The only date on the tour Leathermouth will
not be playing is Sept 13th in Lancaster PA. Sorry to our Lancaster friends
but because of a scheduling conflict its just not possible, hopefully we can
play a show there in the future. The touring lineup of Leathermouth will be
as follows; Rob-guitar, Ed-guitar, John-bass, James-drums, Frank-vocals.
Also alternative press is doing a write up on Leathermouth in the upcoming
Sept issue that will hit news stands Aug 5th I believe?..They asked
questions, I answered, maybe the same questions you might have. The full interview will be posted soon. And last but not least the Leathermouth record??.(drumroll please)?.

Will absolutely see the light of day this fall. I don?t have a release date just yet,
however I can say that we?ve met with labels and are in the process of
signing with the one we are very very happy with, I won?t say who just yet
because I don?t want to count our chicken eggs before they crack open and
give birth to reptiles. If you?ve read the AP article you know that
Leathermouth?s full length will not be released on Skeleton Crew
??..however a future S//C release is not out of the question. As far as
the full length is concerned, there will be 10 tracks on the full
length. The songs are as follows and in no particular order:

1. 5th period massacre
2. Sunsets are for muggings
3. Leviathan
4. Catch me if you can
5. I am going to kill the president of the united states of america
6. Murder was the case that they gave me
7. Body snatchers 4 ever
8. My love note has gone flat
9. This song is about being attacked by monsters
10. Your friends are full of shit.

And lastly I have seen lyrics posted on the message board by a lot of
different people. I applaud your effort. However the only correct ones have
been posted by a friend of ours under the handle of killbot. So that being
said?.check that post and learn em so you can sing along with us on tour.

Hope this clears the internet air.
Best wishes.
F?n?stein xo


Go here to see an interview with Gerard talking about Comic-Con

And on the topic of Comic-Con, LJ user Limmenel posted out photos and a blog of the event here

And another little article on Comic-Con for Newsarma

They?ve both worked for DC Comics. They ate haggis together in Scotland. And on Saturday at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Grant Morrison and Gerard Way came together for a panel where they discussed ?lo-fi weirdness? and took questions from the audience.

Way told the standing room only audience that Morrison had asked to do a panel together in the past. ?I was so honored; he was my hero,? Way said. But the My Chemical Romance singer and former DC intern thought he should publish a comic first.

And has he ever. Morrison congratulated Way on the success of The Umbrella Academy, which took home an Eisner Award Friday night.

Way said that the Eisner award ?absolutely? meant more to him than a Grammy Award, which has eluded the singer and his band. ?I don?t really know what a Grammy means anymore, but I know what an Eisner means,? Way said.

?I?m gonna try for a Grammy next,? Morrison joked. ?I can sing.?

Getting back to the idea for the panel, Way said Morrison coined the term lo-fi weirdness in an interview about six or seven years ago. Way said that inspired him to create The Umbrella Academy.

So what did Morrison mean by the term lo-fi weirdness? The Final Crisis writer said that as the new century began, he thought the internet was opening up new possibilities for creativity.

?The whole internet thing was allowing music to be made by anyone and comics to be made by anyone,? he said. At the same time, however, Hollywood was becoming very interested in comic books. ?Movies were starting to fixate on comics and steal all our stuff.?

So Morrison thought comics should fight back. ?So I figured the best way to fight back was to make comics even more bizarre, because the one thing comics can do is weirdness and strangeness and surrealism, and they do that better than movies.?

He added, ?I think we just need more weird shit, to be honest, on this planet.?

Way said he read the interview like it was a call to arms. He was already a big fan of Morrison?s previous work, particularly the Doom Patrol, which he said was ?50 years ahead of its time, and there?s still nothing like it today.? So he took Morrison?s words to heart as he created his own work.

One of the themes that both men touched on throughout the panel was the idea of creating comics because you want to create comics, rather than creating something that can be adapted into a film down the line ?You don?t write it for the film,? Way said. ?You dictate it, not them,? meaning Hollywood.

Morrison added that many comics nowadays were ?cheesy pitch documents for movies that were never going to get made. We really want comics to be comics.?

Morrison also said he thought the world was starting to change in regards to the types of stories people want to read.

?People are getting a little fed up with the last few years of the war on terror,? he said. ?Soldiers as heroes and soldiers as superheroes ? Y?know, we all love soldiers, God bless them, those guys have a hard job to do, but I?ve had enough of the soldier as a hero, the fetishized soldier.?

He said those types of stories grew out of the Sept. 11 attacks, and it?s time to start telling new stories that give some hope for the future. ?Right now there?s not a lot of hope for the future, or so it seems, but that?s only because we?re telling ourselves really shitty stories about soldiers killing each other,? Morrison said.

When they opened the floor to questions, a fan said he never read The Umbrella Academy and wanted to know what it was about. After joking that it was about gay cowboys with umbrellas, Way said it was a post-modern superhero story. ?Nothing about it looks like superheroes.?

Morrison called it ?the X-Men for cool people.? Scott Allie, the book?s editor, told another Dark Horse employee to ?write that down.?

Another audience member asked if any Umbrella Academy art or animation would be incorporated into My Chemical Romance?s stage show. Way said he wanted to keep the band and his comics separate. Allie added that while they used the band name in some of the early advertising, they would be getting away from that in the future.

However, he added, ?I?m also proud of being in that band. So it was cool to give interviews for My Chemical Romance and get asked those questions, and it was cool to give comic interviews and get asked My Chemical Romance questions.? He said it all comes from the same source.

Way also said that there were elements from My Chemical Romance?s concept album ?The Black Parade? in his original pitch for The Umbrella Academy, but he took those out when he decided to use them in his music.

Another fan asked Morrison if he?d ever consider an Invisibles movie.

?Of course,? he said, but he?d want to write it himself rather than letting some ?Hollywood nutjob? do it. ?If you have ideas, you want to get them to as many people as possible,? he said.

Way said everyone in the room probably had some sort of dream or aspiration, and as long as it was pure and came from the heart, it would be special. He encouraged any potential creators to not think about the video game or the movie.

?You gotta remember in the entire history of the universe ? you?re the only ?you? that has ever existed and ever will exist,? Morrison said. ?? there?s nobody in existence who is you, and no one can ever see the world the way you see it and can tell the rest of us how it looks. And it might be so different and so beautiful that it changes everything.?

Another fan complimented Way on the fact that The Umbrella Academy read like it had a rich back story, even though not all of it was revealed in the comic. Way said he tried to create the illusion that a back story existed, but said a lot of it isn?t planned out yet.

?The comic is a bit arrogant,? he said. ?It assumes you?ve read previous issues? that don?t exist. He said he didn?t start with the origin story because ?there?s no real origin.? He later added that he thinks super hero movies that start with the origin are boring, that people understand what a superhero is and don?t need to see it.

Morrison then said he?d been watching the movie Zorro recently, and that Zorro didn?t have an origin story - ?he just pops up and starts fighting.? Allie added that you don?t really need to know the origin to know a character.

Both Morrison and Way talked about how they related to their characters. Morrison, for instance, shaved his head and plunged himself ?into the world of the occult? when working on Invisibles. Way said when he first saw Morrison while interning at DC, it was like seeing King Mob walking through the halls.

Way, meanwhile, said he dresses like he lives in The Umbrella Academy universe when working on the book.

When asked where his inspiration for his work came from, Way noted Wes Anderson films, City of Lost Children and David Lynch. He also sighted Morrison?s work, as well as ?getting clean.? He said he?s been off drugs for more than four years. ?I discovered I was way crazier sober than I ever was on drugs,? he joked.

In terms of writing an established character, Way said it was appealing to him. While he said he?s been talking to people about it, he couldn?t say anything yet. He added that Umbrella Academy and Dark Horse would always be his ?home base,? though. ?I?ll never take Umbrella Academy for granted,? he said.

When asked if Way and Morrison had thought about collaborating on something, Way said they almost made a My Chemical Romance video together, for the song ?Momma? off of ?The Black Parade.? Morrison was going to play the devil. Some of their ideas for the video had the band being chased by wolves at one point, Liza Minnelli playing the Virgin Mary and Morrison as the devil yelling in Way?s face.

Unfortunately, the video was never made.

NEWS 1ST AUGUST 087/31/08

Very funny video just uploaded to the bebo tv, you might remember an old interview where Frank talks about being in some sort of Troma movie, well you'll see why when you watch it xD


I hope you guys appreciate these pictures, I dont get free time all that often =]

2 more new pics of Frank, one with his wife Jamia here and here with some friends
Vintage =D SXSW Fest
Heres a recent one of Gerard too


Here?s an interview I did with My Chemical Romance back in 2004. This interview was actually recorded and appeared in part on their first DVD, Life On The Murder Scene, which was pretty cool but at the same time strange because I wasn?t told about it so it came as a surprise.
This interview occured a few months after their major label debut came out while they were on their first tour promoting it, so it was a brief time before they became the huge machine they are now...
Read the rest here


We?re starting a new feature here at the Hero Complex called ?The Essential Shelf? in which we invite some esteemed talents to tell us about their favorite graphic novels. Our first guest is Gerard Way, the lead singer of the rock band My Chemical Romance and the writer of ?The Umbrella Academy,? the wonderfully surreal Dark Horse series that (we hear) may be coming to a theater near you in the next few years. Part 1 is here part 2 here and part 3 here


Fans of Goth and Emo fashion in Russia have protested against their government?s attempt to ban the look from schools! ?
Read more here


They have put the individual masks up in the store now and you can buy your favourite right here


Before Gerard Way became lead singer for My Chemical Romance, the musician was an aspiring comics artist. Last year, he finally got the opportunity to realize that dream by writing ?Umbrella Academy,? published by Dark Horse and featuring artwork by Gabriel Ba and covers by ?Fables?? James Jean. ?The Umbrella Academy? series 1 told the story of a dysfunctional family of superheroes, brought together by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, aka The Monocle, a space alien posing as a wealthy entrepreneur... Read the rest here


MTV has reported that My Chemical Romance are covering Bob Dylan?s song Desolation Row, for the movie ?Watchmen?. Some of you may have heard this cover on their last tour. Check the article here
NEWS 31ST JULY 087/31/08

A recent picture of Bob! and Frank Aswell as his wedding cake here

Heres some pictures from an old photoshoot which you might remember.

Theres new fan art here by bebo user Joshette. <ElectrikkSuicide->

Go here for a very old gig back in 2002 And another old gig here And another here

And here for new pics of Franks band The Lovecats


Leathermouth are touring with Reggie and the Full Effect this fall, check out the tour dates here


Take a look at the making of J Train to see Frank as Frankenstein


Skeleton Crew have now revamped out their site and added a load of new merch which you can go see here
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