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Reasons why 2Pac may still be alive!

Many people had hopes that Tupac would return in 7 years. And that time has come and gone, and people still think he is alive. The explanations these days are that 2Pac will come out of hiding after 10 years (Makaveli was originally called the 3 day theory, later renamed to the 7 day theory and 3+7=10) or that he has already indicated he is alive but will not publicly return. Below are some theories that people had/have or reasons he is, or could still possibly be alive. These are simply theories people have created among the years. They do not reflect the beliefs of the webmasters of this site.
Theories Based on 2Pac's Lyrics
Some of 2Pac's lyrics can be interpreted to provide clues on his death and resurrection. They include:

Against All Odd
"The Realist shit I ever Wrote"

1. "I disappeared in the crowd, all you seen were troops."

1a. This could be a message to his enemies, to be on the lookout. Pac disappeared the night on Sept 7, 1996. And all that we saw were troops(cops).

2. "Gunshots to Tut, now you stuck."

2a. I don't think King Tut got the message. Walter "King Tut" Johnson was killed in January of 97 outside a resturaunt, victim of gunshots. He was one of the three men(the other two was Hatian Jack aka Jacques Agnant, and Jimmy Henchmen) who shot Pac in 1994 and robbed him. Later on in the hospital Tut called Pac and asked what he was still doing alive and said they would finishg the job. This is why Pac left the hospital so fast.

3. They give Tupac a 21 gun salute

Ain't Hard 2 Find
1a. The title is his way of challenging us to find him.

2. "I heard rumor I died, mudered in cold blood dramatized. Pictures of me in my final stages, you know mam cried, but that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted, Like I no longer existed, mysteriously missing, But I'm worldwide baby, I ain't hard 2 find..."

2a. This sound like Las Vegas to me. He was murdered in cold blood, the picture him in the final stage, is that fake autopsy pic, and his mama cried, but its fiction, like a drama movie(dramatized!!!)

3."You tried to play me, now homicide is my only payment."

3a. Biggie tried to play him, now who is dead?

4. Breaking them off on sight, stopping lives on redlights, watch them pause as I pull my strap out my drawers, and get to dumping on their ass, like the last outlaw."

4a. Sounds like the night Biggie died. Anyone can plan to kill someone in advance. And a red light would be easy. Your ass will have to stop sometime.

Ain't Mad At Cha & Toss Em Up
1.Why was Ain't Mad At Cha the last video made by Tupac, and he dies in it, then his next video is Toss Em Up, by Makaveli. Then he breaks a mirror(7 years).

1a. I believe this was planned. He breaks a mirror for no reason. Unless this shows that he is cursed with having to be in hideout for 7 years, then he gets to come back in 2003.

Ambitionz Az A Ridah
1. "Payoff the block, evade the cops, cuz I know they coming for me. I've been hesitant to reappear, been away for years, now I'm back, my adversaries been reduced to tears, question my methods?"

1a. That night in Las Vegas, no one seemed to have seened a damn thing. No matter how bad he wants to put an end to this this Puffy crap, he won't. Its not the right time. When he finally does, his enemies will flee, but many will question his methods and why he faked his death to unite, what he calles the "Nigga Kingdom."

1. When the guy in the beginning says,"unless the lord does return in the next 7 days...." after 7 days, listen for Pac to say,"7 years", and then right after he says this you hear, "don't start that blasphemy", and then again louder. He also starts to say follow me. He will return in 2003. He will be a leader.

2. "I'm comtemplating thoughts, wondering the thought to go, Brotha getting shot coming back resurrected."

2a. He is plottin and wondering where to hide. He says he will get shot and come back. Year 2003.

3. "I leave this here and hope God can see my heart is pure, is heaven just another door?"

3a. Its like he is asking God's approval, hoping God will see he means good by faking his death.

Confessions (Pac w/Bizzy)
1. "Enemies give me reasons, to be the last muthafucka breathin, bustin my automatic rounds, catch em while they sleeping, Now I'm tha last muthafuckin

1a. Biggie was caught sleeping in 96, King Tut caught sleeping in 97, will Pac be the last muthafuckin breathing in 2003? Will his enemies be gone by then?

2. "Hittin corners in my Chevy Surburban."

2a. Don't mean much, maybe, but why does Pac say Chevy Surburban? He never
talked about this kind of car before, except one other time. Look at the song, "Fucking with the Wrong Nigga." He talks of making a kill with his dawg in a black truck. This song is obviously about Biggie, because Pacs says I fucked your bitch. Who else would this apply too? The car that drove along side Biggie and open fired was a Black Chevy Surburban. I guess Pac is sort of confessing, but not really.

3. "Complete my mission, my competition, no longer beefin, I murdered all them bustaz, now I'm the last muthafucka breathin."

3a. Mission completed Year 2003.

Fright Night
>1. "I was stuck in the game, cuz everybody in the industry was fuckin' me man. Listen I got a scheme, break away, do my own thing, drop some conversation, sit back and let the phone ring."

1a. The person in the industry that was fuckin around Tupac, was David kenner, with his bogus contract. And Tupac was stuck. But then he tells us to LISTEN, cuz he got a way to get out...faking his death.

2. "Niggas, they don't wanna see me rise, NINETY-SEVEN, watch me cut these muthafuckas down to size."

2a. What enemy died in 97? You got it, Biggie Smalls. Now Bad Boys', biggest player is gone.

3. "Niggas talk a lot of nonsense, I choose to ignore it. A war, they ain't ready for it."

3a. He agains talks about a war that his enemies ain't ready for. Will it come in 2003?

4. "See the weak shall inherit the Earth and the strong shall lead."

4a. Is Makaveli the strong leader that will lead the weak in 2003?

5. The chorus of this song and the title, is something out of a horror film. Like pac is Jason or Freddie Kruger and he asks his enemies what they gonna do when he comes back and comes for them.

Fucking With the Wrong Nigga
1. "Watching time fly. Best stategize on a way to profit, Best organize how they ride so they can't stop it."

1a. Pac after his so called death, and before Biggie's was sitting back watching time fly, trying to create a plan on how to make money for a political party, and also studying Biggie's moves to make a hit on him. Its only payback, for Biggie not warning Pac when he got shot.

2. "I fucked your bitch, now this new shit gonna fade em all, my niggaz ball. Made a call for some backup, the littles homies and my dawgz in a black truck. Buck Buck was the sound as they gats burst. No need for an ambulance, baby bring the black hurst, shoulda never fuck around buster, How you figure making moves on the wrong nigga."2a. The car that drove a along Biggie, was a black Suburban. Biggie was killed , and even though Puffy got him to the hospital, should of just took him to the morgue.

Good Life
1. "Picture a nigga living insane, I sold my soul for a chance to kick it and

1a. Non believers believe that for Pac to fake his death would be insane. Pac supposedly dead, can just kick it and relax for now.

2. "Now if I died and came back, wouldn't have to slang crack"

2a. Pac is saying that if he died and came back and works his plan, people might not have to slang crack, if he can make life better for people in the urban areas.

3. "This is tha good life, fuck my foes, God bless tha dumb niggaz that trust
tha hoes, Found a way to stack money guaranteed to rise, and live the good life, cuz thug niggaz don't die."

3a. Is this the way Pac has found to stack paper, by faking his death? He is guaranteed to rise, this plan has fooled all his enemies.

4. Verse by Edi "Bad Boy's faded and all those that traited been eliminated, Dog I do believe we made it"

4a. Bad Boy like all fads will fade and all enemies will be eliminated. Edi
telling Pac he thinks they have finally accomplish their mission.

Hail Mary
1. When Pac says, "run, quick, see, what do we have here now? This is what happen when everyone discovered Jesus has risen from the dead. Mary Magaline was the first to discovered Jesus was gone.

2.The guy doing the reggae keeps saying running from the penitenary, which Pac would be doing right now.

3. Check the video out. The tombstone is cracked, and pac enemies are killed while guy in jail is enjoying it (Suge Knight).

4. Okay this might be stretching but while the last of the Outlawz are rapping, listen to that sound that sounds like the wind. Does it say 7 yearsssssssssss?

Hold Ya Head
1. "Switched my name to Makaveli, had the rap game closed."

1a. Now that he switched his name, he is past rap. Tupac was the rapper. Makaveli the revolutionary. He even said before, "Fuck the rap game, this is M.O.B.(Money Over Bitches). That goes back to his plot to get richer.

2. "Got a cell at the penn for me waiting, is this my fate."

2a. It sounds like he is answering and asking a question at the same time. He has a cell for him waiting if he returns, but is he really going to be sent there. Is it his fate to be in jail? Again, think about L.A. Riots. With his death threats, people would be on his side. They will argue he had no choice, but to fake his death.

3. "Running from the police til they capture me, and my AIM is to spread more smiles then tears."

3a. Right now he is evading the authorities. And when he says he aims to spread more smile then tears, he is saying that his faked death will cause some tears, but when he returns he will get more smiles. Like Rain turning to Sunshine.

4. "Plus nobody knows my soul, watching time pass through the glass of my drop top, Hold Ya Head!"

4a. Nobody will understand him, and why he faked his death. Or that while in death, he will still be critized, because no one really understood him. He is an Lost Soul. And now he is watching time pass through the hourglass(like the one they had in the Master P video, "I Miss My Homies."...UGHHHHHHHHHHHH)

1. "A million things run through my mind, You ain't gotta be in jail to be doing time."(Remember this tune)

1a. This lyric and the chorus tells me he is watching time go by in his own personal jail, thinking and it makes him Krazy. I'll be Krazy too watching Puffy blowup, and still suck. Small price to pay for a man with a great plot.

2. I don't know much about the 3 day theory, except to say something will happen in 1999. Christ died on Friday, and rose on Sunday. Hence 3 days.

Life of an Outlaw
1. "Why explain the game, niggaz ain't listening."

1a. In other songs he says the world is a game.(listen to Staring Through My Rearview") He has figure the game out, but others don't hear him.

2. "Mercy to this madman screaming kamikaze in tongue."

2a. This is the second time kamikaze was mentioned(in Bomb First). Kamikaze are these japanese pilots who would kill themselves by crashing their planes into you. Basically making themselves into a missle. Pac decided to take himself out of the game, move to another level. He is telling us, but we don't understand. He screaming it in tongue.(I understand you Pac)

3. "believe in me and you will see the victory. A warrior in jewels. Can you picture me?"

3a. I believe in him, and I can see the victory to be won in 2003. He might not win the election, but it is a start. It will be a victory in defeat.

4. "I play for keeps, arrange the whole crime scene."

4a. Was this an arranged crime(Tupac's faked death)? Was this a setup? Part of the plot? The Outlaws were left at the crime scene while Suge and Pac drove around.

5. "To plan shit, 6 months in advanced to what we plotted. Approved to go on swole, now we got it."

5a. Feb 13-Mar 13, Mar 13-Apr 13, Apr 13-May 13, May 13-June 13, June 13-July 13, July 13-Aug 13, all these months, represent the 6 months in advanced. All Eyes On Me dropped on Feb 13. Aug 13-Sept 13, is what they plotted(Tupac's faked death).

Lost Souls
1. "Just wait till the Rain(tears) turn to sunshine(smiles)"

1a. You get it.

Made Niggaz
1. "Fuck em all let em understand my plot to get richer, much more than 6 figures..."

1a. I'm trying Pac. This is for the non-believers. He knows he needs more than 6 figures to get a political party, and it wasn't going to happen with him alive. Now with him dead he got people who would not usually buy his album, buying it. Mo money, Mo money, Mo Money!!!

2. "Picture the scenery, for now you gonna have to imagine. Call me a prophet cuz I predicted what was going to happen."2a. We have to picture Tupac, cuz FOR NOW(why for now, cuz he is gone, but will return). Then he says he is a prophet. What did he predict. Could he be the same Outlaw in the song, "Life of an Outlaw", that talked about planning shit in advanced. hmmmmmmmm

3. "I be gettin the paper snatching, at those whose be paper snatching, will emerge like crack in the 80's."

3a. Whose doing the paper snatching? I think it is the man with a plot to get richer. Will he emerge from his hideout.

Makaveli: 7day Theory CD

Who is the producer Simon? In the bible, Simon helped Jesus carry the cross. Who was helping Pac with his burden?...Suge Knight. What's Joshua Dream? Joshua in the Bible, dreamed of Jesus rising from the dead. Why did Pac have Exit Tupac-Enter Makaveli? Cuz he is a new person. Tupac was killed off.

My Closest Road Dawgs
1. "Its all political, running from the future, escaping in the fog"

1a. This plot is for political ambitions. Pac is running from the future that
was already there. He's making his own future. He's at the wheel. Disappeared
off the planet.

2. "Watch for the 2nd coming, Cuz I can see the sun, Automatic gunfire making all them niggaz run, Run from the future, escaping through the fog."

2a. Second coming? Is Pac Black Jesus?

3. Driving through the ??? county, Disappear off the Earth, only my road dawg could find me.

3a. Pac has disappeared from his fans site, but his dawgs know what's going on.

4. "Took a oath to stay down forever till our dying days"

4a. I'm down wit ya too Pac

Never Had A Friend Like Me
(Suge and Pac were said to always sing this song in the studio.)

1. "And you wonder if these white judges like us, Just stay strong, we'll appeal, nigga you'll be free, Down wit cha to the very end."

1a. Sounds like Suge situation now.

2. Listen to the chorus of this song.

2a. Pac was riding with Suge that night. They both had the same enemies. And nobody will no where they will be(at least Pac)

3. "Me and you against the nation, whispering while we conversating, cuz niggaz died over information, How much can we take, expect us all to wait, the world ain't ready for us yet, so lets make Clinton pay.

3a. First off he is talking about President Clinton, not the faculty(listen to the whole song, he mentions the president again.) Pac and Suge were plotting in secret and now we must wait for Pac to return, cuz its not time. Clinton has to pay for these hard times now.

Niggaz Done Changed
1. "I've been shot and murdered, can't tell you word for word, but best believed that niggaz gonna get what they deserved."

1a. This I do not believe is the New York shooting. He told us what happen there and he even mention the names of the guys that did it, so for me it has to be Las Vegas. He can't tell us exactly what happen here. Too bad Biggie wasn't listening.(Puffy beware).

1. Listen to the intro. Pac tells us to smile through all this bullshit (his faked death). He tells us things are gonna happen in the future, that's going to make it hard to smile. But we got to keep going, make it to his better times.

2. The video is creepy. Pac is crucified, but then set free, and walks away.

Staring Through My Rearview
1. "Staring at the world through my rearview, just looking back at the world, from another level, ya know what I mean."

1a. Do you know what he means? He's just chilling right now, watching us where no one can touch him. Remember in "White Man's World", he talks of walking off the planet only if we choose too. He chose to for now.2. "Multiple gunshots fill the block, the fun stops, niggaz is callin cops, people shot, nobody stop, I wonder when the world stop caring last night, two kids shot, while the whole block staring..."

2a. This sounds like the night in Las Vegas, except that pac substitutes him and Suge with Two kids.

3. "Tell me, will my enemies flee when they see me."

3a. If you were Puffy, what would you do, if Pac returned?

4. "LISTEN, through the intermission, search your heart for a plan, and we turning bad boys to grown men, its on again."

4a. Intermission(now til 2003). Bad Boy(Puffy and who ever else on his side). And why does Pac say its on again. For that to be, the war had to stop(right now it is stopped). But why would Pac say that unless he plotted his death, only to return. 2003 it will be on again.

5. "I'm seeing nothing my dreams coming true,..."

5a. His plot is working.

6. Now you see him, now you don't, some niggaz be here for the moment, then they gone, what happen to them, well lets see, it seems to be a mystery."

6a. C'mon that speaks for itself.

7. Listen to him speak at the end. He put his mind to his plot and he did it. Now he's on another level.

Thug Luv
>1. Bizzy after his verse and before Pac, says, "He's alive, He alive"

a. Why would they do that? Why would they change their album name to Art Of War. A title of Machiavelli's book. They are down with the plot. They know what is up.

Thugs Cry (Bizzy Bone)
Does he Know?
1. "Nigga we represent the planet get schizophrenic and maybe the past would understand if they'd get off their ass and mash. How do you manage? Paranoid, don't even trust my boyz watch for the plot and deploys envoy scopin like a
dope feind."

1a. Is this a message to Pac? Is the past Bizzy talking about the Past Pac
left behind. Cuz Pac is waiting in the future. We need to get up and get busy. Bizzy is the Bone member Pac chose to do songs with, is Bizzy involved? Does he not even trust the rest of Bone? Again the plot is mentioned.

Troublesome 96

1. "Can you picture my specific plan? To be the man in this wicked land, underhanded hits are planned."

1a. Is this the plan of creating his political party? Two hits have already gone through(Biggie, King Tut).

2. "Niggaz talk a lot of shit, but thats after I'm gone, cuz they fear me in the physical form."

2a. Right now Pac is a ghost(therefore not in physical form) A lot of new bustas are talking shit now(people i never even heard of), but this is only after Pac is gone.

Unconditional Love
1. "Driven by my ambitions, desire higher positions, So I proceed to make G's, eternally in my mission, is to be more than a rap musician, The elevation of today's generation, If I could make em listen, Prison ain't what we need, no
longer stuck in greed, Time to play and strategize, my family's gotta eat."

1a. Pac's ambitions mention on his last interview, was to start a political
party. This is the higher position he seeks. Even though he is currently gone
he still making money, and his mission is to be more than a rap musician,
which to me he already was. In his music he tries to get us to listen, he is
no longer the guy only in the game to make money, he is here to make a change in his life and ours.

What's Next
1. "Kick a conversation, Its information, to my thug niggaz in the congregation. Watch em bare witness to the pleasures of participation."1a. Participation in what? To faking his death. Is the congregation part of his political party. Later in the song, one outlaw mention something about a ghetto politician.

When We Ride On our Enemies
1." Pay attention, here's a word to those that robbed me, I murder you, then I run a train on Mobb Deep."

1a. Again I say, i don't think King Tut was paying attention.

White Man's World
1. "My time away just made perfection. You think I'd die?"

1a. He is predicting what his plot would do. How being away will make perfection. He will be richer for sure. And when he returns to unite the black race, we will be stronger than ever. He also asks if you thought he would of died. Apparently so.

2. "Will we make it to better times(tomorrow?)"

2a. Now he sounds like he is hoping that we make it while he is gone. Will we make it to his perfection, his better times?

"WorldWide Mob Figgaz"
1. "Paper stackin is accomplished by puttin out shit"

1a. This is the second time EDI mention paper snackin(refer to Made Niggaz). Pac will be paper stackin by putting out his music while gone.

2. "Being told its on, about to unfold, approachin close"

2a. Its getting closer to the time. As time goes on more and more of the plot unfolds.

Chuck D's Theories
Public Enemy's Chuck D was one of the first strong supports of the alive theories. These are his reasons:
2Pac died on Friday the 13th...
Las Vegas is a payoff City..meaning all sorts of folks have been known to be on the take..that means doctors, press, lawyers etc.
The white cadillac containing the assailants..was never found...How could this be when Vegas is in the middle of a desert?
There's a small Black community on the North side of town..This strip is only about 8 blocks long.. The attackers were Black.. Where did they go? Where did they hide?
The white cadillac containing the gunmen passes a entourage of 2Pac's boys..many of them body guards... No one gives chase..and there are no witness...There were no witnesses on the street... How come? Why not?
The name of 2Pac's next album is Machiavelli.. He was an Italian war strategist who faked his death to fool his enemies... Perhaps 2Pac is doing the same thing..
The cover of his next album..has 2Pac looking like Jesus Christ...Could he be planning a resurrection?
Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert.. How come there was no helicopter chase... If some one was to rob a casino.. The LVPD would've chased you down with some helicopters.. . How come this didn't happen with 2Pac shooting?
2Pac was cremeated the day after he died... Since when does someone get creamated the day after a murder... There was no autospy
There were no ballistic tests... At least we haven't heard about them....
Las Vegas is still very much a mob town.. No one gets killed on the strip...You have to pretty much get permission in order for something like this to happen.. Who was calling the shots on this one?
2Pac's vehicle got shot 12 times and Suge didn't get hit once.. He was 'grazed' by a bullet.. Why did 2Pac get shot all those times and Suge not get hit?
Suge said he drove 2Pac to the hospital and they had a coherent conversation? How bad was 2Pac hit? In addition to all this .. there are conflicting stories claiming that Quincy Jone's daughter was in the backof the car.. and then she wasn't.. what's the deal for real?
2Pac has completed 2 movies and 3 lps that have yet to be realsed.. With so many people upset about 2Pac's death..literally anything connected with him is bound to net a whole lot of cash...
Suge Knight and 2Pac are the only two music industry people on that high a profile with enough balls to pull off a stunt like faking death...
2Pac's video 'I Ain't Mad At Ya' foretold his death ....
2Pac always wore a bullet proof vest but for some strange reason he didn't wear one this time.. why not?
The memorial services that were open to the public were cancelled in both Los Angeles and Atlanta...

General Theories (provided by other Tupac fans)
There were never any pictures released of Tupac in the hospital.
The video "I ain't Mad at Cha" was released a few days after his death. The video shows Tupac as an angel in heaven.
In the song "Life Goes On", Tupac raps about his own funeral.
The driver of the car in which Tupac was riding, Suge Knight (the exectutiveproducer of Death Row Records), didn't show up for questioning about the shooting.
A shooting involving Snoop Doggy Dogg occured close to the release of his album Doggystyle which made Snoop appear more "real" and showed that he really was a gangsta. The shooting gave him respect because everyone that bought his album believed what he was talking about. Within one week of its release, Doggystyle went platnium. Snoop is signed to the same label as Tupac which is Death Row Records.
In interviews prior to the shooting, Tupac talked about how he wanted to stop rapping and being a gangsta and get out of the limelight. What is the only way Tupac could completly escape the media spotlight ??? (Answer: if the public thought he was dead.)
There are no suspects for the shooting.
Press wasn't going to be allowed at the funeral, but then the funeral was cancelled for unknown reasons.
Tupac always wore a bulletproof vest, no matter where he went. Surely he would have worn it to a very public event like a Tyson fight.
In most of his songs he talks about being buried, so why was he allegedly creamated the day after he "died"? And since when do they creamate someone the day after death?
There is nothing in the Makaveli album that says TUPAC RIP 1971-1996. Doesn't it make sense to include something like that in the first album after his "death"?
Killuminati: Tupac?s plan to die.

Before I start, I wanna say that I am a huge fan of Tupac and his work, and I am not trying to disrespect him or undermine his memory in any way. I am merely presenting an argument for a theory that has been in the back of my mind for around two years.

Firstly, to any of you who may say that Tupac would never have chosen to die: I remember an interview - in a Tupac documentary - with Mutulu Shakur who revealed that while ?Pac was locked down in New York he told Mutulu that he was contemplating suicide. Mutulu told him that his life would probably be cut short anyway, so why bother. This proves, however, that Tupac did have it in him to commit suicide. Considering that there was a good chance he would be returning to prison, something he could not face, it would have seemed a ?good? time to die. Plus, he had always predicted that he would die young, and it could have almost been like he didn?t want to be proved wrong and grow to be old.

Maybe he had always planned to die at 25. Remember on Death Around the Corner, he says, ?I know you ain?t afraid to die. A real mothafucka will pick the time to leave.?

I don?t think that he knew specifically how/when he would die, but I think he purposefully put himself into dangerous situations whilst at Death Row, so that some day someone would retaliate. He just kept on spending as much time in the studio as possible so that there would be enough material to keep his legend alive ? ?When I die, I wanna be a living legend.?

Now we move on to the real evidence. I believe Tupac actually told us of his desire to die. Firstly, his production company was called Euphanasia. And we know that euthanasia means ?assisted suicide.? And he even mentions euthanasia on Letter to the President, ?Plus all my homies wanna die, call it euthanasia.? One of the biggest clues is in Troublesome ?96:

?God forgive me ?cause it?s wrong, but I plan to die / Either take me in Heaven and understand I was a sheep / Did the best I could, raised in insanity / Or send me to Hell, ?cause I ain?t begging for my life / Ain?t nothing worse than this cursed-ass hopeless life.?

And what about in When Thugz Cry when he says, ?Told my bodyguard, ?Don?t let me suffer any longer? / Smoke a pound of marijuana so I know it ain?t longer / Where is the end to all my misery? / Is there a close??

That?s probably the most significant clue of all. Whilst ?Pac was putting himself into various different dangers, who were the only ones preventing him from being killed: security. Therefore, if he could convince his bodyguard to stay unarmed, he could be murdered. Remember that they were all unarmed that night in Vegas.

I think Tupac seized the opportunity that Orlando Anderson presented. I mean, would the old ?Pac have started stomping someone over a gold chain. I don?t think so. You?ll probably say it was all the influence of being at Death Row Records, but I think the Death Row ?Pac was created out of his plan to get himself killed.

Life of an Outlaw: ?The shit you?ve heard ain?t do me justice / Got a death wish, bitch?

I think that Tupac probably informed Suge Knight of his wish, but Suge didn?t mind too much as he realised how much money he would make off of all the material ?Pac would leave behind. Tupac may have wanted the ?alive? rumours to be spread as well, and purposefully left things behind to make it look like his death was fake. This would ensure his name was kept alive, and also, he probably would not want people to know he had got himself killed on purpose.

Smile: ?There?s gonna be some stuff you?re gonna see that?s gonna make it hard to smile in the future.?

All of the past-tense references to his life could also be explained by him getting himself killed. He never used to talk about his life as if he was dead, but when he was recording the unreleased stuff on Death Row, he KNEW he would be dead when it was released.

This explains things like ?Westside WAS the war cry? Why not Westside is the war cry? And what about in Until the End of Time: ?Now who?s to say if I was right or wrong, to live my life as an outlaw all along.? And, ?Besides rapping, only thing I did good was scrapping? He never used these past-tense references on any of his released material. He knew even when he was recording The 7 Day Theory that he would die soon. Just listen to the album and you can spot numerous things that support this.

Unconditional Love: ?Something inside: Please help me die, these are strange times.?

There?s loads more references in his lyrics I could use. What about in his verse on Richie Rich?s Niggaz Done changed: ?I?ve been shot and murdered, can?t tell you how it happened word for word.? He knew he was going to be murdered, but wasn?t sure exactly how it would happen.

Maybe he even knew that Suge would have Biggie killed after his death. That?s why he has references to Biggie being killed. Like on the end of that quote above: ?But best believe niggaz is gonna get what they deserve.? When recording The 7 Day Theory he already knew how the plan would go, and knew Biggie would be killed, so he didn?t spend too much time dissing him. He dosen?t even mention him on Against All Odds.

I?ve read/heard nothing that can disprove my belief that Tupac planned to die, and the theory has only made more and more sense with time. Don?t just dismiss it as nonsense, and look at the evidence. I?ve given it 2 years of thought and am convinced that Tupac had a death wish which he knew would end his life at 25.

The Plot:
This whole plot is about making a difference. And to make a difference in this world, you need cash. Pac didn't want to be like every other rapper that talked about making change, he actually wanted to do it. Weeks before his (fake) death, he was holding rallies to get minorities to vote. In his last interview, he talked of having a political party, and you need cash for that. Sure he was making money now(and I believe Pac was getting paid....don't believe everything you read), but you need a lot of money to have a political party. Now Pac is getting that money. Everything he is on, turns to gold. He is making loot now. You see, I believe Suge and Pac's moms, is in on this too. They staging this little war to make it look real. I also believe Suge and Pac knew Deathrow was going down. Thats why everybody leaving. Nobody is that stupid to not know that the Feds are watching. Suge knew this and he has a plan. He is gonna drop all the blame on David Kenner. Everyone says Suge was just the muscle, and David was the real head of Deathrow. Even C. DeLorres Tucker says this. Suge and Pac will hook in the future, I am sure. I also in no way, believe Suge set Pac up. Why would you drive in the car with a man who will be shot at that many times. And Suge insisted that Pac ride with him. Why would Suge take the chance of being wounded seriously. This is common sense. If you got a hit on someone, don't be standing right next to the guy. These people who would of shot Pac would have to be thugs, not Marksman. Cops don't even have that good of aim. I also believe that Pac letting people know that he was recieving death threats(he brought extra bodyguards with him to the set of Gang Related, and let the director know he was recieving threats.), it could be used as a reason for faking his death. He can gain sympathy. And if he went to jail for that, you thought the L.A. Riots were bad, and that was over some junkie named Rodney. This is Tupac. He would be a political prisoner, and would be out fast. They let Geromino Pratt out last year.

Bad Boy:
>This one is scary. Could Pac really of had Biggie killed? I hope not, but it is kind of strange how there are 6 gunshots(6 months after Tupacs death, Biggie died.) on Bomb First, and you don't hear him diss Biggie no more in the rest of DK7. This would be good on the side of Pac if he wanted to unite the Hip Hop Nation. All that would be standing in his way, would be Puffy, and without Biggie, Puffy won't have the respect of the East Coast rappers.(which is evident today) This makes it easier for Pac to unite everyone. Remember its not about East or West. Which side are you on? Once again I hope it is not true(I like Biggie), but as Machiavelli explains, you can't just defeat your enemies, you must destroy them, give them no chance for retaliation.(Thats just a summary)

Why all these damn 7's. When pac and the white dude ask about sandwiches, the cook points up to the menu. Pac and the guy gaze at the board. (they look at it weird if ya ask me) Then the camera goes to the menu(they actually highlight the menu as if it symbolizes something) All the L's on the menu are replaced with upside-down 7's. And you can tell that they are 7's(check it out for yourself) Then after seeing the picture of Pac and the guy on TV, the cook looks back and Pac and the guy, disappeared.

Gang Related:
>1. In the beginning of the movie, Pac and Belushi wait in Rm. 7.

2. The bum in the movie, was missing for 7 years.

3. Tupac's badge number is 115(1+1+5=7) Now in what movie or TV show, do you get to see the badge number, or even get to clearly see the badge period. How come we only see Pac's numbers too. Why not Belushi's. Also the slogan of the movie is, "The Best Place To Hide, Is Behind A Badge." On the soundtrack, they have this slogan and the badge showing.

Autopsy Photos
First off, how did Cathy Scott get a picture. She says they are locked up, but somehow this one slipped out. If youR gonna show me a pic, show me one showing a face. Its also like she expects people to doubt the realness of the pic, cuz she tries to explain that we can clearly see his tatoos. She expects no one to believe her. She says it has to be him, cuz we can see the tatoo. Anybody who works in movies can make this pic. If you had a good computer and youR good with it, you could make it. Her whole book is phony. The death certificate say Pac is 6ft, and weighs 215. I don't think so. And nobody puts 50 lbs of blood in someone. I bet Pac had this photo made so he can slow down the alive rumors, cuz at first there wasn't one done, then everyone start saying he is alive and now we have an autopsy. hmmmmmm

Lack of photos
How come late at night in New York where nothing big is going on at the time, a photographer can get a picture of Pac giving him the finger, while being put in the ambulance. Yet not one photographer, media person, or even a tourist,(this is Las Vegas) get one pic of Tupac. Someone got a pic of him sitting in a car with Suge, but no one got one when it matter. You think the Pic of him alive would be worth something, how much you think a pic of him shot would cost. All we get is a pic of his car, and his entourage on a curb, Cmon.

Why so fast
How are you gonna have a autopsy and a cremation in less then 24 hours after death. Let alone, this was a murder victim. That is unreal, but now we have no body. Also why did Pac make all those videos, songs, guest appearances, and movies, so fast. Cuz anything with his name on it now, means Mo Money.

Political Party
I believe Pac will return in 2003, right in time for the election campaign for 2004. Also did you notice that Jesse jackson and Al Harpton were both at the hospital, when Pac supposedly was shot. Jesse got experience with politics and so does Al. They can help pac out, and find a candidate for his party. (Pac can't run, he won't be 35 and he is a convicted felon).

Orlando Anderson
I see his situation in 2 ways. Either Pac just choose him to fight, to make it look like someone had a reason to kill him, or he was in on Pac's plot. I mean how come he ain't dead yet. I'm sure it is a lot easier to kill him, then Biggie. I don't care how much you stay in the house. And for those that say that Pac took off his vest cuz he felt safe, is bull. If the fight with Orlando was legit(which it wasn't) why would he feel safe. Orlando is a gang member. Orlando even tried to help Suge out, but some question that, so after the trail he changed his story.

Why all these 7's. Its not a coindence. Its too many for that to be. Pac put them there for clues, to let us know he will return. Why does everything to do with his death has a 7 to it. C'mon, he had to die at 4:03. why not 4:04. It wouldn't work. Now his mom the person who is suppose to stop the alive rumor add another 7. In the video, "I wonder If Heaven Got a Getto," she has it where Pac arrive on Sept 14, in a place like Arizona or even Mexico, and then she goes to 6 days later. Another 7 days. What is her reason for this? She knows what she did.

Tupac Amaru Shakur
Pac to me was like the modern day Malcolm X. I feel his every verse. I'm not too much in love with the Thuglife, but I understand. I can relate cuz I had friends like that, but I was steered away from that style. I know the political side more. I know the pains of trying to get somewhere.

A little something from a non-believer
1. Pac's All Eyez on Me, came out in Febuary, Makaveli's 7 day Theory came out in November. Thats 9 months. Like a pregnacy and then giving birth. Pac was reborn as Makaveli.

1. The act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition.

1a. Was Pac's life an incurable condition? Did he take it upon himself to end that condition. Maybe Pac decided that the best way to cure this condition (the ghetto life, poor people, etc.) was to fake his death, use the money he making for better ways. Only Pac didn't have to go Dr. Death Kervokian to help him.

"Political State"
With the winning of Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and the running of "Grandpa" of the Munsters, and now the suggested running of Hulk Hogan(is that his name still), or also Ted Turner(owner of CNN, TNT, etc.) for president, you know longer have to be a career politician to run for office. If you having been following the news, people are getting tired of the career politician. All this corrupt crap going on today. People wasting over 50 million in taxpayers money just to tell us Bill Clinton had sex.(I wish I was a special Prosecutor, I would of used that 50 million, called Dionne Warwick for $3.00 a minute to find out what the Pres was doing, and pocketed the change.) And now look who is still in popularity? Bill Clinton still has the people in his corner. All that shit for nothing. He won't be impeached(and even if he is, his term would be over by the time they are through), and all of this will be done for nothing. People will be pissed and will be looking for change. Look at the Minnesota governor race for instance.The polls there show that people voted this year, that haven't voted in five years. People were returning to the polls just to vote for this guy. His campaign is called K.I.S.S.(Keep it simple and stupid), and he won. People don't want a career politician anymore. And soon it will change around the country. What better time to change then with the coming of 2000, and the return of Pac in 2003.

"Pac's Daddy"
Remember in the song Tradin' War Stories, Pac calls Machiavelli his father figure? Well, also remember in Blasphemy, Pac says his Father told him there was 10 rules to this game. Well, in Machiavelli book, The Prince, there are 10 rules to faking your death that Machiavelli gives. Hmmmmmm.

Note: this is absolutely incorrect. I have read Machiavelli's The Prince on several occasions. There is no mention of faking your death. Only of using deceit to control your followers and trick your enemies.
The Question
The question I received the most, "Pac always talked about his death, when he wrote songs, what makes you think he faked his death?"
The answer to that is that, yes always talked before in his pre Death Row era about his death. Only after going, especially In DK7, Pac started talking as if he was already dead, not like before talking about he was gonna die, like in Me Against The World. He also started speaking of plots. Never did he do this before. My question back to you is, Why is this?

Pac's Location
This is could be the weirdest clue of them all, but it could be most bullshit one. Right now thats how it stands, unless I can find proof. Need you guys help wit this one. Okay, I recieved a email a while ago about the show Total

Request on MTV with Carson Daly. I guess thats the show they read your emails. Well, the email said that Carson read an email that said, "Did you think I'd die?"....Rukahs, Africa. Then Carson said oops wrong card, and put it away. Now this guy who told me this, said he checked it out, and their is a town in Africa by this name. Now I have yet to find it, and that where I need your help. Now we know Rukahs is Shakur spelled backwards, and also that it was the name of the place in the "I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto," video.