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Riqht Now Da Khidd Shae' Is Chillinq Listeninq Ta Tha Joker Put It On My Face..
Nothinq Is Really On My Mind Riqht Now I Dont Think, I Kant Think Of Anythinq..
But Umm... Its 11:32p.m. Riqht Now Nd Um Bor'd...
My Day Was[Bless'd]Because I Woke Up But Borinq Cuz It Wasn't Nothinq Ta Do..
But Lastniqht This Morninq I Talk'd Ta An Old Friend Nd I Mean Idk.. But Dey Made Meh Feel Good Like Alwayz, But The Thinq Is Its Like I Havent Talk'd Ta Them In Ah Lonq Time But I Know Dat It AInt Even Been Dat Lonq! So I Mean Its Like Last Niqht This Morninq Some Feelinqs Came Alonq Nd I Mean Wen I Went Ta Sleep At 5 Some They Were On My Mind Nd Wen I Woke Up DIz Morninq Dey Were Styl On My Mind I Jus Broke Up Wif My Ole Lady Nd I Mean Um Sinqle! I Already Hurt Her[Not Ta Sound Heartless]So I Mean I Kant Hurt Her..
My Thinq Is Diz I Dont Wanta Hurt Anyone Ye Heard Meh! Datz Y Um Sinqle! So... Wen Dat Time Comes Around Where I Choose Ta Be Wif Someone Thinqs Will Be Different!!!!!!

And Dat Is All
Love Shae'
UM here in class listening 2 musik thinkin bout muh life nd um beginning 2 cry..:( I feel so hurt I also feel lost..lost in love lost in da world..um wonderin if da people dat tell me dey love me really do I mean how culd any1 not??but um lookin out on muh love life wit dis one person..I mean dey r so perfect 2 me..at times we fight nd have problems but I feel as if dey really love me..um deeply in love wif dis person dat dere all I think bout..we hurt eachother relationships not perfect lifes not either but no matter wat I go thru I need nd want 2 kno dat dey will alwayz b dere by muh side..lovin me nd only me ye heard me..?i don't want it 2 end ever man u are muh heart u have da key..nd da power 2 break o cherish..u say I have ur key but..
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