Jen <J3N1986>

""If you want to stare at someone, go to the fucking red light district""

T in the Park baby!7/15/08
Such a great weekend, after the initial panic on friday of being a skank after the first day i happily welcomed skankiness into my life and by the monday my hat and sunglasses were more than adequate replacements for shampoo, straightners, make up (and all the other things that are once more a major part of my life). Over the weekend the highlights included; meeting Jesus, lassoing to We Are Scientsts, being Ghandi and returning a lost mobile, losing my skins, going on the craziest fairground rides- no thanks to the 'funny guy' who told me my chair wasn't locked 2 seconds before we were launched into the air!, losing my skins, attempting to go to bed in the wrong tent, having my sleeping bag stolen and getting bugger all sleep on the saturday night, losing a day, being asked by a random to have their photo taken with me (celebrity), the naked boy, texting people i don't remember meeting- love that chat, losing my skins, welly panic- it is a serious condition, not to be mocked, the creepy guy scaling the ghost house and also, has anybody seen my skins?

also, if you are too 'tired' to make it out of your tent then it is possible to hear the bands from there- hence i did not waste an entire day!

France BABY!9/1/07
Just spent the last 3 months of my life in France and it was fantastic! so many good memories, some hilarious memories and a couple of scary ones. getting a yellow card at the campsite and being told if there's any more trouble i'll be kicked offsite, pissing off mowgli- what a total fucker, is it normal for somebody to walk behind you and make hissing sounds?! dressing up at every possible opportunity and getting wrecked, i am unable to look at pictures of lucy on transvestite night without laughing, going go-karting and being the only one to crash- and just generally being shit, learning dutch- 'nouken en de kouken', having a 'hoot' with ed and frayzer when they came to stay- and stealing ed's wwf top trumps cards- muhahaha, eating churros with femy, singing umbrella with linda, watching dyson suck the face off roman (homer, whatever, c'est degustante), being very hungover and having to walk past the security guys with last nights face- occasionally including facepaint first thing in the morning, going for early morning and later night swims, singing GOOD MORNING GOOD MORNING! and being complained about to the staff, drinking games, Whats the name of the game? slaps, whats the aim of the game, to get fucked!!! that aim was always met, trying to converse with the big guinea pig- what a ledge!, explaining that scotland isn't a region in england, that there is more to it than a couple of hills and a field and that belfast is NOT the capital!!!, getting wasted while on night duty, meeting my plumber husband and being his teacher wife, having a cup thrown at my head, free drinks at the bar- all night every night! toffee popcorn flavoured icecream, creepy french guys in nightclubs, digging a big fuck off hole at the beach, well admittedly i watched but i was doing it in spirit, lucy screaming at EVERYTHING!!!, cyril, the round headed security man- "sorry i thought i heard an animal!", "hands up who wants to go home tomorrow!", the night when the GIANT cricket attacked me, the mouse that lived in my tent, fireworks, getting anthony so drunk he was sick in the water fountain at the bar, finding out about le shark, cycling in the pitch black with no lights, the early morning splash and the creepy guy with the high waistband, bottle glasses and dodgy haircut aka olivier- yeeshk!