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How I got started / Intro3/3/07
I used to always write poems, longs ones and short, I like jumped for joy when we were told to write a poem or story in English (literature). I have been 'taking a break' in the past year-ish mostly because of being swamped by coursework and just starting my GCSE's but now that I'm kinda getting used to it i've started up again. I've always really been very musical and have beeen playing guitar for over 7 years now. I origionally wanted to be in a band but lost my confidense in front of audiences in the past because of something which happened in my old school which effecfted me way too badly that it's laughable (but i'm not gonna get into that).
Anywho now I'm starting up again, I will post a few favs from my old poem books ass well as new ones too so hopefully I can look at them and admire them but think to myself 'wow I really think this ones better' and stuff andomly like that.
Anywho....hope you like my work and if you do, r dont, or whatever, please post comments I'd love to know how you all feel about it.