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"Make sure you buy: The Defamation of Strickland Banks from iTunes,, Amazon or HMV."

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B's Myspace11/13/08
He has recently posted 'Modern Day Jack The Ripper' onto his myspace page:

Get listening!
Posted On Chase & Status' Myspace Page - 30/09/0810/1/08
Pieces Featuring. Plan B Music Video!!!
Posted On B's Myspace Page - 17/08/088/17/08
Posted On B's Myspace Page - 15/08/088/14/08
Feature In New Plan B Video

Hello All,

Has been a long time but am glad to let you all know that B is back, Adulthood is out of the way, so now its time for some new music, the first of many to come (including a new album) is a feature on the Chase & Status album, on a track called 'Pieces' which you can listen to over at Nuckin Fang by clicking Here

But not only does B feature on the track but he is also directing the video for it, and here's the best part, we want to give you lot a chance to get involved.

We know what we want, and we want a certain crowed/image and definitely NOT a younger one I'm afraid, so if you look about 16-18, this is not for you, this one literally goes out to all the old school ravers.

So, if you want to put your name forward simply reply to this blog below, myself and B will be shortlisting people around the 20th so get on it now.

Look forward to seeing the winners at the video shoot, i have been told a rough idea of the concept and it sounds like its gonna be a mad one.

1. Please make sure your display pic shows who you are as thats what were looking though, if we like that then we will check the others.

2. You don't have to be a model, quite the opposite for this video.

3. Don't spam this blog, you will only put us off you.

(on behalf of Plan B who is currently in the studio)

ps: Please send an email to Annie Mac at Radio1 requesting 'Chase & Status feat Plan B - Pieces' thanks.

What Makes This Bebo The Official Plan B Bebo?6/9/08
Go on:

& Click the "Bebo Page" link.
In Cinema's Near You...6/9/08
Adulthood, out on the 20th June.
Make sure you check B out.
Who is sandman?5/8/08
myspace update.3/24/08
If your a friend of Plan B or Pet Cemetery on myspace, you can download a free copy of Plan B- Stop Me (Mark Ronson Cover Live). Check the bulletins for the link!

I'm From A Town Called Forest Gate...12/30/07
Plan B Update! 12/28/07
Posted in a bulletin on myspace;

There are a few new Plan B projects coming 2008, obviously a new album but a few suprises on the way also, including a couple films, when we get more info it will be posted on the Myspace page, till then please check this out: Plan B on Tim & Barry TV (Exclusive Track) [currently on the video box].
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