Dan. <lilDanM>

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2/24/07
1.WhAt'S yOuR nAmE?
2.WhAt Do U tHiNk Of Me?
3.ArE wE fRiEnDs?
4.ArE wE cLoSe?
5.Do U hAvE a CrUsH oN mE?
6.WoUlD u KiSs Me?
7.WoUlD u FuK mE?
8.DeScRiBe Me In 3 WoRdS?
9.If We WeRe AlOnE tOgEtHeR fOr 30 MiNs WhAt WoUlD u Do?
10.WhAt ReMiNdS u Of Me?
11.If YoU cOuLd GiVe Me AnYtHiNg WhAt WoUlD iT bE?
13.HoW wElL dO yOu KnOw Me?
14.WhAt Do YoU lIkE bEsT aBoUt Me?
15.EvEr WaNtEd ToO tElL mE sOmEtInG yOu CoUlDnT?
16.CoUlD yOu EvEr LoVe Me?
17.GiVe Me A nIcKnAmE aNd ExPlAiN wHy?
18.ArE yOu GoNnA pUt ThIs On YoUr BlOg AnD sEe WhAt I sAy AbOuT yOu?