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"Shetland Lass"

I've been selected, after a long-winded audition process, to be a part of a fantastic project! To get the speel hav a peerie look on my personal profile page...the low-downs on there! :D

Hope all is well with everybody! xxxx
Just recorded another song! It's sooooo rough tho it's no even funny! :L watched "how to lose a guy in 10 days" n this song is on it...it's so bonny so i roughly learned it n recorded it fur u to listen to! Hope you like it xxxx

Over & Out!
O Holy Night Uploaded!12/16/07
Helloo! :D

How'r you all? Hope you're getting as excited for Xmas as I am! Weehee cana wait!

I've just literally recorded this song, had the house to myself so decided to get some tunes on da go! :L It's VERY VERY VERY VERY (can't stress that enough!) rough! (hey dat rhymes! :L ) but I wanted to get some Xmassy songs uploaded on here since it's fast approaching and...I love Xmas songs! :L

Onyhoos...hope you like it, sorry for all the dodgy bits and bad harmonies but I had to do something to fill it out abit! :L

Enjoy Xmas Everybody and all the very best for 2008 xxxxx

Vocals: Jillian
Piano: Jillian
Recorded (very badly!): Jillian
Hi Guys!

Alot of Shetland artists have been working on a carol cd project over the summer, and I was lucky enough to get included!

So the new uploaded track "The First Noel" is going to be my track on the cd! Hope you like it...there's a "few" dodgy bits, but hopefully they're not too noticeable! :L

The cd is going to be distributed throughout churches in Scotland!

All vocals: Jillian Isbister
Piano: Jillian Isbister
Arrangement: Jillian Isbister
Recorded by: JJ Jamieson

Thanx tae Freda for asking me tae b involved and tae JJ for recording we me! :D xxx

p.s. it hasn't been mastered yet, just in case you wondered!
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Me & David playin in Baroc 1 night, recorded by Magnus, tanx chooker! :D xx
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EP Songs2/7/07
Just to let you know...

My Smaa Temple - words by Marie Williamson, music by Jillian Isbister

Butterflies - written by Marie Williamson

Imagine by John Lennon

Desperado by the Eagles
Anybody who needs any music for a function: birthday party, wedding, anniversary...feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you!
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