Petey Babay <paddy_pete>

LMAO these are the legendary funny moments and funny quotes from holiday:

Thanks to evry1 on holiday, made it the best week of my life!


Rhubarb and custards
Gel me crucible
Gettin out me crowbar!
It's Sound mate
Dirty northern MONKEY!
There was a crazy moose hu drunk a lot of juice !!!!!
Homer Simpson! lmao
So many french people? lol
Deux cheeseburgers etc loool
I needed rescuing, u rescued me, Shut ya face!
Alryte let me get out the car first!
Ecnalubma? who's this flashin his lights? he aint gettin past me!
Andy's leg takin a pounding
My head takin a jab
Andy's biogrophy; tales of a paedophile. lmao
Chads shirtless dancing.
Ian's toe.
Tom finding a rock lol
Chad's Gettin LAID!
The Van Boringbeurgs!
Lee Evans
Super Mario
Latin South, I mean Sound! lool
The 7 Foot Man!

Thanks again boys and girls!