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Halo 3!9/29/07
Lets hear what you think about halo 3. what do you think campaign is like? what are the best weapons? and what could microsoft do to make the game even better?
Need Info?7/17/07
Right ok? if you need infomation i'm proberly not the best person to tell you so you can either help people out with there questions or write your own. try it out!
What is your lv on Oblivion ?4/18/07
Posted by Jake Johnson , Edited by Harry Grant

Please tell me your level and a few other things..
Your Weapon and Armour?
Favorite Quest?
What Guilds you have joined?
What would you rate the game out of 10?
What Game you would prefer to have?

Anything else that could be helpful to other players?
Xbox live 3/16/07
This blog is used to find and connect with other xbox live gamers , add a comment saying your gamertag and i"l put it on the list this is much easyier than commenting all the time ... enjoy!

Gamertag Bebo name

fred675 (edsayer)
mafiaZERO (mafiaZERO)
pickers123 (lydia-is-emo)
lilbadbrad (lilbadbrad)
S A S PSYCO (Colburn10)
Adam Deehan (AdamDeehan)
blockedcurve (blockedcurve)
Dave 1601 (dave millwood)
MR GANGSTA (burmaboi)
Butterz69 (butter 2007)
Skeletor3000 (The-Spruce-Moose-69)
AIRDIE (rfc-sfa)
selby009 (selby1239)
XtangomanX (stoostoostoo)
DARK SHADOW99 (Antfallon16)
T0MZ0 (looking-for-tom)
got543 (mrnightofthemoon)
Puca21 (Rattle-ha-ha-Snake)
zagsmith (gareth-w-smith)
PaReLlO bOi (parello9)
Dead Rising2/19/07
if you do have dead rising , please answer these questions.

have you completed the game ?

what level are you ?

how many achievements have you unlocked ?

what would you rate the game out of ten?

what do you think is the best weapon on the game?

what games would you prefer to have?

how has the best gamescore?!2/17/07
on your xbox 360 main menu thers a box with your information on how many achievements you have and your gamescore , now i want to see how good you are on your xbox so , post me a comment on this blog saying both your gamescore and how many achievements you have . i've got 92 achievements and my gamescore is 1920 ive only got 5 games think your better than me prove it ! ( by the way i aint got xbox live :( ...... yet )
gears of war - how to defeat RAAM
This is the hardest battle in the game these hints will help you kill the boss.
hint 1. try to avoid the dark as much as possible or you will get attacked by the kyrll and die .
hint 2. keep and eye out for enemys either side of the train
hint 3. you can only injure RAAm when the kyrll arent surrounding him.

dead rising - secret weapons
there are many secret weapons hidden thoughout the mall here are some that i have found.

submachine gun : so far i have found 2 . one in the water fountain in the Al fresa plaza and another on top a food sign in the food court.

minigun : The minigun is the gun the prison inmates use in the car outside in the lesiure park after you kill the inmates you can carry the minigun around. the inmates are hard to kill. i think it would be a good idea to carry food and a submachine gun to help you .

scife : ive found two of these they are useful for getting levels up quickly because they give 100pp every kill you make . one of them in the warehouse in the pardise plaza inside one on the boxes. the other is outside in the lesiure park near some flowers.

water gun : this weapon is just to have fun with there is one underneath the stairs of the paradise plaza in a box.

one handed chainsaws : you can use these after you kill the clown in the wonderland plaza very useful for chopping zombies :p

unlimited petrol bombs : after you kill a boss called paul hes on fire use a fire exthiser to cool down the flames he will join you . after you have taken him back to the saferoom talk to him and you will get unlimited petrol bombs :)

saints row - easy money

one way of getting lots of money is robbing stores just aim a gun at the shopkeeper and they will lead you to the safe.

another way is finding a armoured van and putting it in your garage. take it out and blow it up lots of money will come out. go back to the garage repair it and repeat .

Just cause

more ammo : No matter what weapons you pick up, going to a 'safe house' will restock all your ammo for every weapon you have, including all explosives.

get a speed boat : The speedboat is unlocked at the beginning of the game, to get it, simply ask for a heavy drop when you are already swimming.

stealing ememy helecopters: You can have any helicopter that comes close by aiming your grappling hook at it and firing, pull yourself closer by pulling the right trigger and when close enough press (A) to jump to it. This comes in very useful when being chased by a enemy chopper, just nick it.

weapons from safehouses:when at a safe house you will notice that there are weapons there.
different safe houses there are diffrent weapons, so go round to a few safe houses and get more weapons

if anyone puts these cheats on there profile and says they are thers is goin to get a punch