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"bebo is shit, facebook ME! :]✿"

what color is your underwear? yellow
what's on your mind? what to do next
what are you doing right now? this and msn
who is your best friends? courney and all the girls up the caravan
have you done something bad today? i don't think so
do you watch Disney channel? yea
who is the last person you talked to on the phone? jenna
are you jealous of someone right now? nope
what makes you mad most of the time? anoying little things
do you bite your nails? yeaa
do you want to see someone this very moment? yeaa i do
do you have a friend you don?t actually like? nt telling tbh''


Can you blow a bubble? yeaa
Can you dance? yeaa
Can you do a cart wheel? yeaa
Can you tie a cherry stem with your tounge? nope
Can you touch your toes? yeaa
Can you whistle? yeaa
Can you wiggle your ears? nope
Can you wiggle your nose? nope
Can you roll your tongue? yeaa
Can you make a clover with your tongue? nope??


What do you do when you?re mad? slam doors, hit things
What?s the worst thing you?ve done when you were mad?punch my laptop and break the screen
Ever made anyone cry when you were mad? my mam
Do you swear when you?re mad? yeaa


Ever really cried your heart out? yeaa
Ever cried yourself to sleep? yeaa
Ever cried on your friend?s shoulder? yeaa
Do you cry when you get an injury? if im really hurt
Do certain songs make you cry? yeaa some do
Do certain movies make you cry? some bits do


Are you usually a happy person? yeaa i am
What makes you the happiest? friends and family love them loads tbh
Does being with your friends make you happy? yeaa, VERY
Do you believe in yourself? dnoow tbh''
Do you wish you were happier? on times
Is being happy overrated? huh
Can music make you happy? yeaa

How many times have you had your heart broken? well, it's been fixed
Have you ever loved someone so much that you?d die for them? dnoow tbh''
Has anyone besides your friends/family ever said ?I love you?? yeaa
Do you actually hate anyone? dnoow tbh''
Ever made a hit list? nope
Have you ever been on a hit list?dnoow tbh''
Are you a mean bully? nope

? self-esteem

Is your self-esteem low? dnoow
Do you wish you could be someone else? not really, i am who i am


What is your current hair color?blonde
Current piercings? ears and belly button
Have any tattoos? nope
Straight hair or curly? straight
What shirt are you wearing? pink vest top
Shoes? none
Necklace? my nans :]:* loved her a million

??have you ever

Hugged someone? yeaa
Been on the phone until the sun came up? nope
Laughed so hard you peed in your pants? yeaa
Laughed so hard you cried? yeaa
Got in a fight with someone? my brother
Been on a plane? yeaa
Been asked out by someone? yeaa
Kissed someone of the oppisite sex? yeaa
Been to the ocean> yeaa
Painted your nails? yeaa

Person you talked to in person? my dad
Person you talked to online? georgia coleman
Person you talked to on the phone? jenna
Person you hugged? the dog
Person you hung out with? becca evans or jenna clifton
Thing someone said to you? ask her to look for a house for us - my mam
Time you slept in all morning? dnoow
Thing you said out loud? h yessss!!!! i can't wait mam
comment your name and i'll write about you? 8)6/2/09
courtney davies:-
courtney barney (Y), BFF girl your the one i love you too bits i can tell you everything your my diary tbh' we've been through thick and thin together since little school and younger. nobody hurts us as we take eachothers back. words can never hurt you babee:* barney me all the time but you know ill get you back, me sleep-walking in your house after pirates of the carrabian and then gets a nose bleed as you sleep throught it all, one hell of a lazy girl babee xx calls me fatty all the time as i am ;) :P contract was the wrong choice for you as you always go over your bill and it's most prob coz you ring me every morning to tell the bus to wait always last lap court; WAKE UP EARLIER . said everything now so ilove you barney xx loveyou

georgia coleman:-
Well babe got loads to say about you and the caravan but only got a little amount of space ;o we have our competition and always beat hannah(Y) WE ARE THE BEST :L kiaking every weekend and jump off the boat thinggy it's all good (: xx we keep our eyes on all the boyy babee to shay getting lost on the beech great day, play foxs and houns in the night up the van untill levi and jordan and jake made them change the rules the little weasels but tbh the are fit xx jake blubbah :L that was the most funniest days ever. your my secret admirieee xx ;) jokes babee cant rteally say anything else tbh' missed anything out you need to tell me xx loveyou

hannah cattle:-
hannah cattle fancies my friends brother :O ywwwww o_O iloveyouu dolly xx your my one and only blonde bimbo pure blonde HAN. youu need to get better at those competitions as me and georgia are the WINNERS:P jordan initt han fit as fudge cake8) pissing in the sea it's all good (Y) getting lost on the beech great day babee. great party in your house after i was kissing kung fu panda you was swpaah jelouse wernt yuouu;) he was soooo sexyy:B :L those boyys at your party and me left in the game of twister and locking everyone out never got to sleep that night come to think about it :Z . taking your brother on speed tbh gorra be the best face i've ever seen :L LIVES FOR THE WEEKEND!! loveyou

jane windridge:-
jane likes the nude:D . kiaking and wearing the swim suit with nothing under neeth and taking a shower in nothing :L :l nothing wrong with that was it jane when i turned around with nothing on ;o oakwood!! our favorite ;) us lot taking pictures with that mini laptop thinggy haha the best !! bebo and talking to that SEXYY boyy on my msn that night was great xx i bet you dont even remember that do you ?? ! dont really know what else to say about us two really youu need to comment what i've missed out dolly ? xxxx :* loveyou

lauren evans:-
well well well were shall i start we just do every bloody thing together tbh'' we are with each other all day long your like my left leg babee. there is not one moment we miss witout eachother. i don't know why but we are only close outside school :L stupid mun :L i could write till the end of the world on here coz we are allways together but i guess i only get to write a little paragraph thinggy and this is wasting most of it but me and you together are like kevin and perry dum and dummer (Y) but we love it babe. we dance any were in the streets even if we are being watch by people we always have a laugh :) snowball fights in the snow and me bloody cracking my dinner tray up the mountain. we always used to go up there all the time but i don't know why we don't now tho hah old times i guess o_O we argue with every bloody bitch we see but we know we always win as they all chiken out at some point don't turn up for a fight or when we are on the phone to them one min they arte ill and the next that they don't want to wasdte their breathe on us hah they are swpa funny ai. caravan times all great. your house sleeping over has to be the best like over hearing ;) nobody wants to know initt babee don't know if i've missed any other good times but tell me if i have (Y) loveyou

ellie wilkins:-
ellie fatty god ellie wilkins we have loads of good times :) ciber fair the shittiest fair ever and tbh we both thought that the princess slide has gorra be the best thinggy there and that was most probz for 5 year old's but we didnt care :)) :L the snow on that bloody mountain sliding down there that was the best and we were like nearlly one the blummin road :P :L and the park :O OMG thats great me and you bloody way the six swing down like and lauren fighting with brad haha :L when it was snowing that snowball fight with perthcelyn mukkas haha a load of shit (: i shouldnt even write this on here the will find snow in their gone off back gardens haha ;) :L :L missed anything out? tell me loveyou

angel toogood:-
babee your he wildest funniest happiest bestest person i've ever met (: your a wild child dnoow how me and you got as close as we are i guess it was the girls you and me were like two peas in a pod when we went out together but the best with me and you was when we were in ciber having a kabab on the street like slaves haha :L the best you were just spewing it all back up babee :) hows you nicker or trousers now :) havent fa**en through have you :) we both one fish in the fair (: you getting stuck down that mountain in the snow when we were walking along the mountain could not see you in sight and babe that not ike you :L :P intill we could hear you shouting for us to help you (Y) thats what friends are for althought we didnt help you at all :)) sorry babee :D

becca evans:-
raaaaaaaarh:L :L god bayb we have the most amazing times when were together the sleepovers the boyys the caravan and the sun:) cinemas was great all those chairs for ourselfs:] me, you and your dad laughing our heads off at T4 on the beach ahhaaaa:L falling of the stage always kills me when i think about it. your dads house was amazing the cramated pizza was lush;o :L chicken ticken thats our one :)) much better:P :L ohh you really can't forget our best moment with our asian elephants ;) :L :L :L and those sexyyy boyys over by the shop :] pictures are our thing need to get those mad ones on bayb xx gorra be the best and funniest night ever :L thanks alot bayb lovesyouuaBILLION</>

... :]