Jamona W. <sweet_n_sexi01>


Body Language 3/1/07
Body Language
*Kiss on the ear----"I'm horny"

*Kiss on the cheek--"We're Friends"

*Kiss on the hand--"I adore you"

*Kiss on the neck--"We belong together"

+Kiss on the shoulder--"I want you"

+Kiss on the the lips--"I want you"/ "I love you"

+Holding hands--"We can learn to love each other"

~A Wink~"Let's get it on"

~Slap On The Butt~"That's mine"

~Putting With The Ear~"I can't live without you"

*Holding On Tight* "Don't let go"

*Looking In Each Other's Eyes* "Let's get romantic"

+Pulling Hair on Head "Tell me you love me"

+Arms Around the Waist "I love you too much to let go"

Advice= If you're kissing someone, close you're eyes. It's not nice to stare...

Requirements= Post this again after reading or you'll have a bad relationship this year (You don't want that)