The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus New Zealand <RJA-NZ>

New Band Member :]2/28/07
Add Him! His Name Is Mitchell :]

Add Me to :] My Name is Sam, and im sexy ;}
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus In New Zealand!!!!!1/21/07
Quote From A Bulliten Sent Out On MySpace

"The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus will be announcing a month of international dates next week, so for our fans overseas stay tuned!
Japan, Australia, New Zealand, The UK and even Hawaii!!

Don't You Fake It"

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Are Coming To New Zealand!!!!
Poll #1: Best Song From The CD12/18/06
1 In Fates Hands
2 Waiting
3 False Pretence
4 Face Down
5 Misery Loves Its Company
6 Cat and Mouse
7 Damn Regret
8 Atrophy
9 Seventeen Aint So Sweet
10 Justify
11 Your Guardian Angel
12 Grim Goodbye

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