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[_] go out wit me
[_] gve me ur num
[_] kis me
[_] watch a movie wit me
[_] tke me home for the nyt
[_] Dance wit me
[_] Stick up 4 me if i was being put dwn
[_] Play strip poker with me
[_] Get wasted with me
[_] Greet me in public
[_] Hang out wit me

D0 U
[_] think im fit
[_] want to kiss me
[_] want to cudle wit me
[_] want to hook up wit me
[_]think im weird

[_] friends
[_] in a relationship
[_] gonna have kids

AM i...
[_] sexy
[_] cute
[_] funny
[_] loveable
[_] Annoying
[_] great to be with
[_] attractive
[_] mean

[_] thought about me
[_] thought there might be an us
[_] found yourself wanting a kiss from me
[_] wished i were there
[_] had a crush on me
[_] wanted my number
[_] had a dream about me

Are u
[_] happy you know me
[_] mad at me
[_] thinking bout me
about my life12/12/06
I can't believe how quickly this years gone and how much has gonne on.
With me I moved house to Dorset from Berkshire. I lived in 4 May Fields, then had a 6 months rental in Woosehill then White Horse Farm in Middlemarsh.. 3 hourses in one year. Im quite proud.

Last summer I did my GCSEs and got 5Bs, 5Cs and a A. I had one long summer holiday. Parts were fun but parts were hard as most of it was in dorset and I hadnt met many people in Dorset. Now I'm ok. I know a lot of people in the area and have been going to loads of parties etc.

Im in Gryphon school. It so different to my old school Its mixed, we have way more freedom and the subject are different. The people are lovely. My three best matesd there are Scarlett, Ria and Whizzy. Of course I miss my old mates Chiara, Mike, ALi and Aprill. you lot ruleeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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