Jenna Seymour Aka Sweetieseymour <jennaseymour>

"Playboy U.S pin-up"

jack dita,spencer,just jack and the lovely stefan.x5/31/07
these guys really made missgb amazin for pics,girls hands off i know they are all ones are for u.some miss gb pics aswell.i really hope i keep in contact with this lot,they know how to have fun.xxxxxx
its all happening5/23/07
so it is all go for me from now on.i am so happy things seem to be taking off.i will be in zoo in a week or so and i am doing loads of stuff for their website.check it out.i am over the moon.x
zoo are the official sponsers of miss geat britain this year and they have been backing me all the way.there are loads of articles in tha miss gb section also much more pics and my audiyion video.hae a look and tell me what u think.x
so i am knew to this!xx5/8/07
hi everyone i am very knew to this so u gotta help me on the campagn trail for miss gb now and i thought i would make a bebo.although funny story there is already a fake one.oh well if someone has to much time on their hands thats fine.hahah.anyway time to set the record straight.

i am so nervous and excited i hav a prsonal appearence at city night club tomo night.thats gonna be strange but lots of