Nesha aka MZ Wipe me down <dabronxchick01>

4 realllllll!12/2/06
I eat no pussy
I suck no Dick
I fear no Nigga
I fear no Chick
Men are dogs and full of SHIT
So play my roll as the baddest
hey this yo gurl,
the diamond da pearl,
tha type of gurl u want in yo world,
i got hips,
i got thighs,
i'm tha gurl to catch eye,
i'm tasty,
i'm crazy,
i'm outstandin,
breath takin,
luv makin,
luv gracing,
mine pastin,
i'm wild,
im mild,
im loud,
and i'm proud,
i'm a down to earth gurl,
who doe'snt play a round