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New single 'TONIGHT'1/15/10
Yo. Just posted our brand new single 'Tonight' on our myspace page. The track just got back from being mastered by Jay Z's legendary mastering engineer Tony Dawsey.
Stop by and have a listen,

What's up my peoples. First of all a big ups to all who came out to see us at Parachute festival, we had a great time and got to met heaps of people and make heaps of new friends. Big thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy of the 'Live At Worlds End' DVD, it made a debut in the NZ Top 40 at #7 and also made it to #1 on the hiphop page on NZ iTunes. Thanks to everybody who has commented or mailed us letting us know how much you feeling our new tracks we performed at parachute. We've had such a huge response to our two new songs 'Hold On' and 'Catch Me Riding' that I've spent the last week in the studio getting them recorded so we can get them ready for release ASAP. Other than that I'm off on tour with the Parachute Band next week, the tour will be taking us to Australia and South Africa.
Catchup Soon.
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We have just posted our May tour dates, you can check em out at our band myspace page

Defiantly going to be the biggest Ruckus shows to date so don't miss out.
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P08 and Live DVD2/27/08
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our mainstage performance at this years Parachute festival to be part of our live film recording. Just had our first peek at some of the footage and I?m vary, vary excited to say it is looking and sounding enormously, slammingly, epic. It was defiantly one of if not the best show Iv ever had the privilege of being part of, and is so phat that we got it on film.
Can?t say too much at this stage other than you can expect to see the new DVD in store?s some time in the next few months but will defiantly keep you posted when an official release date is announced.
In the mean time we?re off to the US for a three week tour through March, then back home to continue work on the new studio album due out latter in the year.

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New Music Video 2/7/08
Our new music video for Lose Control is out and has been picked up by C4 so you are able to request it by texting the code s127 to the number 4440
So feel free to vote as often as you remember and hopefully we'll stay on air for awhile.
Appreciate your support.

You can check out the new vid at our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/raptureruckustv
Free Download 1/28/08
For a limited time you can download our brand new single 'No Matter What' absolutely free from raptureruckus.com
WE WON!!!!!10/31/07
I am vary stoked to announce (for those of you who don?t already know) that the latest Rapture Ruckus album ?I Believe? took out the Best Gospel/Christian album at the 2007 Vodafone New Zealand music awards held in Auckland on the 18th of October. I was pretty much freaking out when I had to go up on the stage in front of the who?s who of New Zealand music and accept the award, but it was a great honour and privilege and not a moment I shall be forgetting for awhile. After the awards we had heaps of fun hanging with and harassing all the famous NZ music and TV stars at the after party.

Big thankyou to everyone who has shown their supported by buying a copy of the album, voting for the radio singles and or coming out to the live shows.
We worked real hard on the album and its been real encouraging and exiting seeing it take off with six #1 radio singles of Life FM, making the NZ heart seekers chat on two occasions and being the #1 selling Christian album in NZ for Months.

As I write this I am in the studio working on new songs for a new album we?re hoping to have out early next year.
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Home from Tour and a Tui Nomination9/24/07
Well much has happened in the past month or so. We just returned home to New Zealand from a crazy 3 months of touring in the USA. Our Travels took us from one side of the states to the other from LA to NY. We had an phat time and meet heaps of amazing people. We got to spend a bunch of time travelling around with our close friends Detour180, played at some of the major music festivals, meet up and did some shows with NZ?s own Parachute Band and got a little bit of time to chill and take in some sights.
Was real cool coming home to the news that our latest album ?I Believe? had made it to the final nominations for a New Zealand Music Award for Best Gospel/Christian Album of the year. Then was funny to find out we up against our best friends Magnify?s album ?Alive Within?, and also Hannah Donald who is the third nominee, so guess we?re going to have fun walking the red carpet and hanging with all New Zealand?s rock stars. The Award ceremony is being held in Auckland on the 18th of October.
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Lightning, shows and writting songs.7/27/07
I think Lightning may have hit our apartment yesterday. It was such a rad sound, it sounded like the loudest thunder you?ve ever heard combined with someone hitting a sheet of corrugated iron with a sledgehammer, would of made a slamming sample for a track. We home in Nashville for about a week before we head out for some more shows with Detour180. It?s been great having some time to work on some new songs and beats; I?ve managed to bang a few tasty tracks out in between tours. Next weekend we?ll be heading up to Buffalo NY to play at Kingdom Bound festival, was pretty last minute but we managed to make the bill and get a slot on Monday 6th, so real amped about that. Also real excited about meeting up with the new look Parachute Band who will be playing on Sunday Night and Monday morning at KB. After KB we?re heading up to Albany NY to perform and be part of the first stop of the Beatmart records Unbreakable tour.
Make sure you checkout the latest episode of RRTV witch is up now and can be seen on our myspace page or youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/raptureruckustv

Big thanks to everyone who?s come out to a show, picked up a cd or posted a comment. Really appreciate all the support and love.
We In The USA7/5/07
We?ll we arrived in the US a couple of days ago and have made our way from LA to Las Vegas to Nashville where we will be staying for a few months. We?ve got a week off here before we head out on tour with our friends Detour180. Coming from winter in New Zealand to summer in Tennessee is a bit of a change but a vary welcome one. We had a fun time celebrating the 4th of July with our US friends and was phat setting off the type of fireworks that are illegal in our country. Boom.
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