Rebekakakah Luvs Jess <rawr_lyk_a_duck>


jessy jess!!!8/16/09
well what can i say??!!

we've had are ups and downs:)
we've laughed together, cryed together etc!!!

we both know that if it hadn't been for you i'd have never ever in a million years have got mark so THANKS YOU SO FECKING MUCH i don't think i'l be able to stress how much happiness you've broght into my life! :))

Antrim is always fun. the trains, you and louis throwin eyeliner on me while i sleep >:( but it was hilarious :D

belfast runnin round in our boxers (from primark) lol awesome times and mark was there too. you sat on me and i couldn't stop laughin i nearly peed!!!

MEGADETH!!! that guy behind me was quite literally humpin me and u just laughed!!! garden of eden ( enough said lol) :))

crazy times. the river and rope swing thingy. me and my batman cape (you feel in love with it)
:) :))

i seriously son' no how i'd have lived through these though times without you!!!

swimmming in tipz ahhhhhhh seriously fecking FREEZING!!! but sooo much fun just pissing about!!!!
all i have to say is i love you jess (in a non lesbian way! lol) keep living the dream! lol USA USA :L