Greeny <greeny_s>

u tell me7/26/07
1.Whats your first name?
2.whats your last name? do you know me?
4.are we close? you like me? you have a crush on me?
7.Would you ever kiss me?
8.hug me?
9.bum me? me?
11.listen to music with me? a film with me? my frieend?
14.What would you last words be to me?
15.give me a nick name?
16.text me late at night? to me on msn?
18. how do you say bye to me?
state what u think12/1/06
What would you do if i ... ?

Committed suicide?
Said I love u?
Kissed u?
Lived next door?
Was raped?
Started smokin?
How did we meet?
What do u tink of me?
Best memory of me?
How long will we be friends?
Do u love me?
Have I hurt you?
Wud u hug me?
Kiss me?
Do me?
Are we close?
Scale of 1-10, hw sound am i?
Am I loveable?
How long have u known me?
Describe me in 1 wrd?
Have u ever been mad at me?
Wat reminds u of me?
Do u know me well?
Are you going to put this in ur blog to see what i say bout u?