Babybooboo <lilbit4_real>

Bored!! 12/28/05
Yo whats up!! I am bored but i have to clena because Rachel is comeing from florida and she is staying with me for 3 days!! I love her so much!! she is the absolute best ever!! Call me if you wanna do something!! hehe!! I am really excited!! love ya tonz!! SiNgLe!! hehe!! I am excited about that TOO!! i love being SiNlGe!!

Bam and Blondie12/4/05
Omg my best friend just left me a message and i haven't seen him in forever and I am so happy that he left me it!! Like the last time I saw him was at the beginning of the school year and i never talked to him since!! Well shelby is over and we are bored so we are on here and there is no one to talk to and she is being really weird so i am going!! Peace out!!

Bam and Blondie
I am really bored waitin on William to call me back!! Well tell isn't much to say today just that i am really tired!! Peace out!!