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Things I am a silly little fangirl for2/19/09
Hank/ Henry/ The Beast [Xmen]

Catwoman [Batman] (specifically Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman MIAOW)

Jessie [Pok�mon] (shut up)

Severus/ Professor Snape [Harry Potter]

Tenris/ Seal Clan Mage [Chronicles of Ancient Darkness]

Badges/ Bling [imvu] (shut up)

Hufflepuff! [Harry Potter]
New pc! ...and new baby!2/12/09
Okay, so my old pc was screwed. *sigh* nevermind. lol.

But I got a shiny new one!! :D

And Tobias was born 3 days after Christmas. What an awesome little fella =)

I always said Evelyn was the best baby in the world... But we have a contender :)

Peace xx
My computer11/30/08
My pc has been in the shop for over a month, for a job which shouldn't really take more than a few hours but the muppets who are supposed to be fixing it are taking their precious time. They take days off and go home early whenever the mood takes them (its alright for some eh) and frankly I'm praying that when they do get round to doing their work that they are actually qualified and capable.

It doesn't help my confidence that I haven't actually met them - Aunty Jean took it and has been dealing with them and I've been hearing all the news through her.

Anyway, I was told last week that they couldn't shift the viruses and there was nothing they could do. I was okay with that - I mean it was pretty messed up, but at least I would get my files back. Right? Nope. Apparently, while it was originally 'we can't fix the pc but we'll get your files', it then became 'we are having trouble recovering your files'... I am really praying that they do get it sorted.

This is the thing - just about every picture I have taken of Evelyn since her birth is on that pc. Of course we have a lot of them in frames around the house but they will never look as good scanned in as the originals. Also, although it looks like a lot of pictures walking around the house, we are talking maybe 20 or 30 at the most - out of thousands on the pc. I was actually going to get many more developed for the photo albums the week that it broke.

When I say 'it broke' - what happened was Evelyn dropped something down the back of the pc and when she bent down to pick it up she knocked the power lead out of the back... I was online and possibly installing updates at the time... Gaaaghh...

Okay, so I'm not the only person who has been taking pictures of her, but frankly everyone I know is a bit of a caveman with a camera... I know some people don't mind an 'organic' look to their family pictures but fraknly I appreciate good photography. Grrr.

Yes, I know I should have sent more pictures to family memebers... lol...

So apart from all my important pics of Evy, there is also the small matter of every other picture I had, and all my music tracks (dear Lord I don't want to think about that), plus quite a few other documents containing lists and information of varying degrees of importance (sentimental value! lol).

Anyway, I haven't finished ranting yet. When Jean first told me that they couldn't shift the viruses, she asked if I wanted the pc back. Well frankly I didn't see that as questionable? I mean - of course I want it back from these monkies who don't give a crap about my possession enough to take a few hours to do their job (I wonder how much they are going to sharge at the end of all this lol). But when I said that yes of course I would want it back, if only for parts (but also to get someone else to have a look at it), they then say they are 'having trouble' with recovering my files. So is it possible, as in suggested but had already occurred to me - that they wanted to keep my pc and have fallen out with me and fucked me over >.<

Fuck I really hope they aren't scumbags.

Anyhoo - I might hear tomorrow night that they have recovered my files, in which case I will pay them any amount they ask and I'll edit this blog to just their name and address and how fantastic they are. Please, nerdy pc people, save my baby! (well, my photos thereof... lol)

Over and out ^^
Due Date Dilema10/4/08
My due date for this baby has been given originally as January 3rd, and was shown by my 20 week scan to be Decmber 28th. I kept the later date as my 'official' one cos I aint being induced. lawl.

Anyway, problems. I don't want it to come over Christmas (21st Decmeber - 6th January inclusive) and I wont have it on a Wednesday. I refuse :L

By my scan date, it would be premature if born on or before December 13th. Obviously I don't want that to happen, but as I'm low risk and my first was overdue, it is highly unlikely anyway. So I have a 5 day window from the 14th to the 20th, excluding the 17th as its a Wednesday, to have my baby.

It is possible to encourage this, as labour can be sped up by things like dehydration (lol), sex, exersize, and spicey foods. I'd start all that a few days before the 14th and carry on until I had my baby (crossing my fingers it didn't come on the 17th :L ).

However, in the event that it doesn't work and it gets to the 21st and I'm still pregnant, I will have weakened my cervix and made it more likely to come in the in-between period when I don't want it.

I could, though, take measures to put it off until the second window, starting January 8th (incidentally my 21st birthday! =D); things like lots of bed rest, lots of water, abstaining from sex and eating bland foods. But the fact that this is my second child and its a boy both mean that its more like to come in the 38-40 week period (full term healthy girls are more likely to come in the 40-42 week period). So I don't know if I should risk tempting nature so much by not giving the first window (14th-20th December) a go first. But then I'm tempting it more to come shortly after that. Gaaaaaagh I need a crystal ball lawl.

Actually I would rather have it in the second window. I really want it to be born on the 9th of January. Just to add more weight to the issue :L
Conversation Predictorators3/16/08
I was just thinking about how the Americans I've met online all seem to have a habit of saying something when they already know what the reply will be. But then I thought of a few of my non-American friends who do it, and then I realised my darling mother does it all the time... And it occured to me that maybe I'm the only one who doesn't do it.

Example - if I say to someone that I love something, and they say, "you love me more though don't you" - grrr! Okay I know they're trying to be cute and they aren't serious, but it isn't cute and I really DONT love them more if they are going to put words in my mouth. Unless I actually do love them more, but if that s the case then I will probably say so myself. I do not need promted!!

And too many people say things like "I feel really bad today." And they wont just leave it there, if one does not ask what's wrong (which I do not) said person will keep on and on and on... WELL IF YOU WANT TO MOAN TO ME ABOUT IT THEN TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU - DON'T MOPE AND EXPECT ME TO ASK YOU WHAT IS WRONG *_*

...its the same with knock-knock jokes.

Them: "Knock-knock"
Me: ...
Them: "Knock-knock!"
Me: -_-
Them: "Oh come on, you have to say "who's there!"
Me: "...who is there."


So in conclusion to this fascinating insight to my mind, I am far too proud and rather obnoxious.

Have a nice day 8)
Old woman1/7/08
Today is my last day of being a teenager! Scary biscuits! I'll be expecting lots of cards tomorrow from all my fans =D

Sorry I haven't been online a lot recently, I'm in the library now, Fin broke the power button on the pc (its a dell if anyone has a spare) so I cant turn it on. Still paying for broadband though, a bit annoying! If anyone has the disc you get when you join bt, I could use my mother's pc, please have a look because I'm losing my mind without it!

Peace all

End of an era...11/8/07
Ok, I've done it, I've officially stopped breastfeeding, couldn't do it again now even if I tried. The thing is, I had convinced myself that now Evelyn is 9 months old, the cons outweighed the pros, but now its actually done and I cant turn back, I have to admit I feel like a monster!

It is completely irrational, I mean I know it was good for her, but she's no longer an helpless little creature; she's now a healthy, happy, somewhat brawny little girl.

I just know that if she gets sick at all this winter, even the sniffles, I'll be convinced its because she is no longer getting the full nutrients she need.

Which in itself is rediculous because its not like I eat all that healthily and my milk probably didnt have all that much in it anyway. Plus I've started giving her a multivitamin and omega three supplement.

I just hope she understands when she's older... I dont want her throwing it up in my face when she gets acne or migraines or something in her teens with, "I would be alright now if you had of breastfed me longer!"
Angina!!!! Noooooo!!!!!11/4/07
Yes, I had an attack of angina. "How?" I hear you ask - "You're still in your teens, fairly healthy, active-ish, it must have just been a panic attack". Nope. In itself it wasnt very strong, and far less unpleasant than a panic attack I assure you - but in the long run, I would rather take the panic attacks.

Ok, I lied, I am still in my teens, but I am not fairly healthy, nor am I in any way remotely active-ish. I have, of late, succumbed to a life of bacon eating, fast food devouring, bed slobbing-out-on-ing and general do-nothing-ing. It is entirely my fault, I take full responsiblity, and yet - we all know why it is.

Lost my train of thought again. Must be lack of air and vegetables. Oh well, I might update this if I'm still alive in the future.

Peace xxxx
Sodding OCD...11/4/07
I dont suffer from OCD, I am very good at making sure it doesnt get the better of me. But that process can bugger me quite a lot.

I mean, I dont go back to check I closed the door, because I close it properly in the first place, but then sometimes I dont, so its left open...

Last night, I left the kitchen thinking, "Right, I definitly turned off the emersion, so I dont need to go back in to check." Which was fine. I had the seeds of doubt going up the stairs; "Maybe that was last night... Did I turn it off?" But I didnt let them germinate. "No! It doesnt matter anyway, even if I did leave it on, it will just use up a bit of electricity, and I'll be more careful to make a mental note that I definitly turned it off in the future".

Ok, so emersion is off, (although by this point I have fairly convinced myself that it isnt, but it doesnt matter, I'm not going to check). So I brush my teeth, leave the bathroom, try to think of an excuse to go back to the kitchen, think of one (I want a glass of water), but then scold myself and think "No, if you didnt get it when you were down there, you can wait til tomorrow."

So I get into bed, think of something else, drift towards unconsciousness...

Then get out of bed, go downstairs, check the emersion - AND OF COURSE IT WAS ALREADY OFF.

And I forgot to get my glass of water.
You are feeling sleepy...........11/4/07
I find myself day dreaming about the lovely nap I am going to get tomorrow, before I even go to bed tonight. I need more sleep...

Although actually, I am in bed a reasonable amount of time, I just dont sleep because I dont get enough fresh air or exercise during the day. And I don't do that because I am too tired...
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