Stew <stewatpock7>

"If At First You Don't Succeed, CHEAT!!!"

About Me9/27/06
Name: Stewart
Starsign: Virgo
School: Malton
Colour of eyes: Brown
Hair colour: Black/brown
Shoe Size: 11
Brothers/Sisters: 1 brother n 1 sister

-----------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* Missed school bcoz it was raining: no
* Set fire 2 urself for amusment: no who would
* Been in a car accident: yeah
* Been hurt emotionally: yeah
* Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
* Had an imaginary friend: no
* Ever thought an animated character was hot: no
* Been on stage: yeah, school shows
* Been sarcastic: yeah, all the time

* Colour/shade: Blue
* Summer/Winter: Winter
* Cartoon Characters: Simpsons
* Drink: Magners
* Movies: The Gladiator
* Ice Cream : Strawberry
* Subject: Design & I.T
* Person/People: Richard Burns, Colin McRae and My Brother

--------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------
* Yourself: yes
* Santa Claus: no
* Tooth Fairy: no
* ghosts: no
* Angels: no
* UFO's/intelligent life in space: no

--------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
* Do I believe in soul mates?: no
* Do I have a girlfriend?: no
* Do I like anyone?: that would be telling
* Who have u known the longest of your friends: Umm... Sonia and Terri probably
* Who's the weirdest: Ummm, probably me lol
* What is the best feeling(s) in the world: BEING HYPER!!!