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Bored.... Interresting.... :D lol3/6/08
Put ur itunes on shuffle and play it.Put the songs in this order.No cheating!!

Opening Song:
We're all going to hell- The bastard fairies. [Tehe...]

Waking Up:
Sabatoge- The Beastie Boys

First Date:
Creep- Radiohead [Isnt that]

First Kiss:
Read My mind- The killers

Falling In Love:
Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana

Seeing An Old Love:
Tainted Love- Marilyn Manson

Mr. Brightside- The Killers

Driving Fast:
Supersonic- Oaisis

Getting Ready To Go Out:
The Anthem- Good Charlotte

Partying With Friends:
Dammit- Blink182

Dancing At A Club:
Ex's and Oh's- Atreyu

Sound The Surrender- Darkest Hour

Dance, Dance- Fall Out Boy

Feeling Sexy:
Insane Clown Posse- Cotton Candy [Ew]

Walking Alone In The Rain:
Pain- Jimmy Eat World

Missing Someone:
Wonderwall- Oaisis

Playing In The Ocean:
Id Do Anything- Simple Plan

Summer Vacation:
Im Not Okay- My Chemical Romance

Fighting With Someone:
Pressure- Paramore

Acting Goofy With Friends:
Leave It Alone- NOFX

Thinking Back:
Whats My Age Again- Blink182

Feeling Depressed:
Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden

Winter time:
Champaign Supernova- Oasis

Falling Asleep:
Letterbomb- Greenday

Fight Song:
The Yound An The Hopless- Good Charlotte

Into The Ocean- Blue October

Closer- Nine Inch Nails [Lol, Wtf? Hope Not.]

Secret Crowds- Angles And Airwaves

Getting Back Together:
Thats Why I Love Her- NOFX

MakeDamnSure- Taking Back Sunday

Hand That Feeds- Nine Inch Nails

Crushcrushcrush- Paramore

Funeral Song:
When Your Heart Stops Beating- +44

The One you love:
High And Dry- Radiohead

Closing Song:
Dont Call Me White- NOFX [wtf]
77 yeah im SO badass ;] lol2/2/08
1)smoked (weed or cigs/cigars)
2) consumed alcohol
3) slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex
4) slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
5) made out with someone of the opposite sex
6) made out with someone of the same sex
7) had someone in your room of the opposite sex
8) bought porn
9) watched porn
10) done drugs

11) taken pain killer
12) taken someone elses prescription medicine
13) lied to your parents
14) lied to a friend
15) snuck out of the house
16) done something illegal
17) cut yourself
18) hurt someone
19) wished someone to die
20) seen someone die

21) missed curfew
22) stayed out all night
23) eaten a carton of icecream by yourself
24) been to a therapist
25) been to rehab
26) dyed your hair
27) recieved a ticket
28) been in a wreck
29) been to a club
30) been to a bar

31) been to a wild party
32) seen the Mardi Gras
34) had a spring break in Florida
35) sniffed anything
36) wore black nail polish
37) wore arm bands
38) wore t-shirtswith band names
39) listened to rap
40) own a 50 cent cd (I say: I'D RATHER DIE!)

41) dressed gothic
42) dressed prep
43) dressed punk
44) dressed grunge
45) stole something
46) been to drunk to remember anything
47) blacked out
48) fainted
49) had a crush on your neighbor
50) had someone sneak into your room

51) snuck into some else's room
52) had a crush on someone of the same sex
53) been to a concert
54) dry humped someone
55) been called a slut
56) called someone a slut
57) installed speakers in your car
58) broke a mirror
59) showered at someone of the opposites sex's house
60) brushed your teeth with someone elses toothbrush
TOTAL: 10 (oh wow) haha

61) consider ludacris your favorite rapper
62) seen an R rated movie in theaters
63) cruised the mall
64) skipped school
65) had an eating disorder
66) had an injury
67) gone to court
68) walked out of a resteraunt without paying
69) caught something on fire
70) lied about your age

71) owned an apartment
72) cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend
73) Got in a Fight
74) got in trouble with the police
75) talked to a stranger
76) hugged a stranger
77) kissed a stranger
78) rode in the car with a stranger
79) been sexually harrassed
80) been verbally harrassed

81) met face to face with someone you met online
82) stayed online for 12 hours straight
83) talked on the phone for more than 6 hours straight
84) watched tv for 12 hours straight
85) been to a fair
86) been called a bad influence
87) cursed
88) prank called someone
89) laid in the bed with someone of the opposite sex

91) cheated on homework
92) held hands with someone of the opposite sex
93) been pushed into a pool
94) played pool
95) watched 5 hours of mtv straight
96) had a crush on someone 10 years older than you
97) had a crush on someone younger than you
98) wear eyeliner
99) skinny dipped
100) laughed at someone who was seriously hurt

10-20= goodie good
21-30= a little rebelious
31-40= getting hot baby
41-50= rebel
51-60= bad girl/boy
61-70= bitch
81-90= o wow!!
91-100= fucking bad ass
76% mean1/29/08
[x] I think Im gonna have a high score on this.
[x] I dont talk to one of my parents that much.
[x] I have said horrible things to someone?s face.
[x] I give people disgusting looks a lot.
[x] Ive been known to have an attitude.

Total: 5

[] I took heads off dolls or action figures when I was little.
[x] I have destroyed something valuable on purpose.
[x] Most people suck.
[] I have thrown temper tantrums.

Total: 2

[] I get mad easily.
[x] I order people around.
[xxx] I am/was known as the kid everyone else doesn't want their kids hanging out with.
[xxx] Ive argued with a teacher.
Total: 3

[x] I couldn't care less about school.
[x] I love messing with other peoples heads.
[] I have been told that I am conceited.
[x] I joke around alot.
[] I yell daily

Total: 3

[] I seem to always be in an argument with someone.
[x] I dont like smiling but do anyways.
[x] I know at least 2 people I would like to kick the crap out of.
[x] I love prank calling people.
[x] I hate a lot of people.

Total: 4

[] I get annoyed very easily.
[x] I think some people are just immature
[x] I always want to have the last word.

Total: 2

all together: 19

Guys/Girls Side :] bored!1/5/08


[X]You love hoodies.
[X] You love jeans.
[X] It's hilarious when people get hurt.
[] You've played with/against boys on a team.
[] Shopping is torture.
[X] Sad movies suck.
[X] You own/ed an X-Box.
[] You played with Hotwheel cars as a kid.
[] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.
[X] You own/ed a DS, PS2, or Sega.
[X] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.
[] You watch sports on TV.
[X] Gory movies are cool.
[] You go to your dad for advice.
[] You own like a trillion baseball caps.
[] You used to/do collect football cards.
[] Baggy pants are cool to wear.
[] It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a 10+ people.
[X] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors.
[X] You love to go crazy and not care what people think.
[] Sports are fun
[X] You talk with food in your mouth.
[X] You sleep with your socks on at night.
[]You have fished at least once.

TOTAL : 10


[X] You love to shop.
[X] u wear eyeliner.
[] you wear the color pink.
[] You go to your mom for advice.
[] You consider cheerleading a sport.
[] You hate wearing the color black.
[] You like going the mall.
[] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures.
[X] You like wearing jewelry.
[] You cried watching The Notebook.
[] Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe.
[X] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies.
[] You don't like the movie Star Wars.
[] You are/were in gymnastics/dance.
[X] It takes you around one hour to shower, get dressed, and make-up.
[X] You smile a lot more than you should.
[X] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
[X]You care about what you look like.
[] You like wearing dresses when you can.
[] You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne.
[X] You like the movies
[] You used to play with dolls as little kid.
[] You like putting make-up on someone else for the joy/joke of it.
[] You like being the star of everything.
[] Pink is one of your favorite colors.
BORED? Why not find out more about WONDERFUL me :]12/24/07
Name: Courkey
Date of Birth: 1/19/93
Birthplace: Saint Joe
Current Location: Savannah
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: Uhhh Like 5'2
Heritage: German..mabey
Piercings: None Yet! But Getting Lip Done Over Summer!
Tattoos: Nope None Yet! But I really Want A Inner Lip Tattoo That Would Be Rad!

Band/Singer: Tons, but Prolly Either Bring Me The Horizon OR Good Charlotte
Song: FUCK A DOG! By Blink182 :D
Movie: Dumb & Dumber
Disney Movie: Snow White
TV show: South park/Family guy
Color: Black & Lime green
Food: Chinese food :]
Pizza topping: Pepperoni
Ice-Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Drink (alcoholic): These stawberry things, I was thirsty one day and there was nothing to drink so I drank one....and a half, not good :D
Soda: Coke
Store: Hot topic
Clothing Brand: Cupcake cult (Awsome stuff!)
Shoe Brand: Converse Duhhh....
Season: Winter
Month: May
Holiday/Festival: Halloween
Flower: Purple rose
Make-Up Item: Teddy Bear x]
Board game: Connect 4

This or That
Sunny or rainy: Rainy
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Fruit or veggie: Veggie
Night or day: Night
Sour or sweet: Sweet
Love or money: Depends...
Phone or in person: In person
Looks or personality: Personality, to be homest im not picky
Coffee or tea: Tea
Hot or cold: Hot

Goal for this year: Not to be afraid to meet new people and to get out there.
Most missed memory: The talks me and my dad used to have on car rides. and "gooch" (inside joke")
Best physical feature: Eyes
First thought waking up: on WEEKDAYS... Lets get this over with, on WEEKENDS... fuck you jody im sleeping for as long as I goddamn please.
Hypothetical personality disorder: Mental :D lol
Preferred type of plastic surgery: None, your pefect the way you are.
Sesame street alter ego: Cookie monster Because hes hella crazy :]
Fairytale alter ego: Who cares
Most stupid remark: "BY A SHOW OF HANDS" =]
Worst crime: Breaking into the pool
Greatest ambition: Not to be known as the ditzy friend.
Darkest secret: I act stupid to make people laugh becauce it makes me happy.
Favorite subject: Drama
Strangest received gift: Bratz doll :]

Do You
Smoke: Not reacently, screw it.
Drink: No
Curse: Too much
Shower daily: Yes
Like thunderstorms: Totally
Dance in the rain: No, my hair will mess up
Sing: Na
Play an instrument: Saxophone, well I dropped outta band but if you gave me one I could play it.
Get along with your parents: My dads dead, I Fight with my mom every night. Whta do you think?
Wish on stars: No
Believe in fate: Yes
Believe in love at first sight: Sure...

Can You
Drive: Not a car
Sew: No
Cook: Too lazy
Dance: Sure :]
Sing: No
Touch your nose with your tongue: Na
Whistle: Yuppers
Curl your tongue: Yesh

Have You Ever
Been Drunk: No
Been Stoned/High: Dont think I was high...
Eaten Sushi: Yes
Been in Love: I wish
Skipped school: Yea
Sent someone a love letter: lol yea
Stolen something: Psh...Yes only from stores never from people.
Cried yourself to sleep: Alot

In a Member of the Opposite Sex
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue, Green
Height: Short guys are hot XD
Most important physical feature: Hair, But they have to have a nice face too
Biggest turn-off: Long finger nails EW!
Type (Punk, goth, prep)?: Emo-ish guys/Girls Are the Sex. But preppy BOYS can be hot too.I HATEEEE SKATERS. =P

Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person? Preppy-ness :]
Are you right or left handed? Right
What is your bedtime? Dont have one
Name three things you can't live without: Friends, Grandmas house, Weekends
What is the color of your room? Dark purple
Do you have any siblings? Brother (28)
Do you have any pets? Lots. I love LeLe!
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? No
Are you for or against gay marriage? With!all the way I love gays :]
What are your thoughts on abortion? I dont know, Must I care?
Do you have a crush on anyone? YEAH JILL, ANNA, AND BRICHEY KNOW WHO XD
Are you afraid of the dark? Yes
How do you want to die? ZOMBIES!
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? live in the hood, your on you own nigga. =]
What is the last law you?ve broken? Vandalisim
Ask Fur Sure <3!12/12/07
OKAY. Well Im Very Bored SO Im Gonna Do One Of Those "ask me anything" Blogs.

Go ahead ask me ANYTHING
Ill give you a honest answer.
Prefect Perfection????11/22/07
Why is everyone so fucking obsessed with hair, makeup, and fashion? Yeah you know what im talking about, those groups on bebo. I mean in the real world people with green crazy hair and cakes of makeup wouldnt be "Perfect Perfection" exactly.... It would just be more like "wow look at that freak." But really what im trying to say is how did we get so caught up in ourselves that we think that we do have to dye our hair green, pink, or some crazy color. And have TONNNS of makeup, just for fashion? When people in the real world would just call you a freak? Im not looking down on those people that do so, becauce to be honest I am one. Its just a thought.....
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