Chloee Flynn.X <3_Flynn___x>


Mee ( :7/11/08
Yes, I Have Been In Love B4 :D ,
I Have Blonde HAir.. But I Love IT, Because If I Didn'T Have Those Blonde Moments.. My Lifee Would Be Soo Dull.
Green Eyes :D
StaTus - TAKEN ( :
I Beleive In Karma.. What Goes Around, Comes Around!
MY Weakness IS BoYs :(

I Hatee..
.Poshh People
.BoY Slags, PlaYa's WatEva U Wanna Call Them!
.Being On'A CUMDOWN :(
.Being LonelY..

I Lovee..
.Family & Friends
.ART, This Is The Only Thing I AMGood At :D
.Dancing In The Rain & Kissing In The Rain :D
.Rugbyy ( :
.Msn. Bebo
.My Phonee :D

I Forgivee.. But I Don'T Forget.
Sometimes It takes The HeartToo See What Is Invisible To The Eye!
People Are Going To Want U, Need U, Exceed U, Take U, Love U, Hatee U, Play U, Rate U, Save U, & Break U. BUt That Is Just What Makes U!
I've Learned That GoodByes Will Always HurT.
Pictures Will Never Replace Having Been There.
Memories Good Or Bad, Will Bring Tears & Words Can Never Replace Those Feelings..
"Lifee Is Too * SHORT * To Wake Up In The Morning With * REGRETS *,
Soo.. Love The People Who Treat U Right. Forget About The Ones Who Don'T.
& Beleive That Everything Happens For A Reason. If U Get A Chance Take It.. If It Changes You'r Lifee, LET IT!
Don'T Ever Let Anyone Tell U How Too Live Your Lifee..
I'm Just Sick Of..
The Hook Ups, The Set Ups, The Fuk Ups, The Guy Who Only Wants One Thing.. The Guy Who Doesn'T Know What He Wants & The Guy Who Does Know But Won'T Admit It.
I Just Want The REAL Thing!
Every Story Has An End, But In LIFE Every End Is Just A New Beginning..
I Think I'm Afraid To Be Happy Because Whenever I Get Too Happy .. Something BAD ALWAYS Happens..

They Didn'T Agree On Much, In Fact They Rarely Agreed On Anything, They Fought All The Time. & They Challenged Eachother Every Day ..
BUT In Spite Of Their Differences, They Had One Important Thing In Common ;

Listen Up BoYo .. U Know Who U Are.. LisTen Too This ...

I'm Not Going Too Stress Over YOu Anymore.
Either U Want ME In Your Lifee Or YOu Don't, If YOu Do Then YOu Should MAke The Effort To Put Me There!
It Just Isn'T Worth It Anymore.
I Tried To Work Something Out, But YOu Just Ignored It!
I'm NOT Trying Too Say I Don'T Want YOu Anymoree Because I Definaetly DO.
All I Am Saying Is..


i am nowhere near perfect.
I fall for boys too easily,
I'm vunerable too beleiving lies
i am hoping that ONE day i won't need a fake smile!
I live by quotes that explain exactly what i am going through.
I Now Know that I am just an average GIRL With Feelings!

Be who U Want to be..
Not what others want too SEE!

.... Confuses thee HELL out of me!

In The end ..
People always turn out to be ..
Who they promised they wouldn'T.

Boyy .. U Can Only Pushh Me Away For Soo.. Long!
I Am Gunaa End Up Walking Out Of Your Life On My Own..
Soo.. Be Careful & Make Sure This Is What U Want!
Because Once I Turn Around ..
I AM Not Coming Back!

People Sayy I Have Changed Soo Much :S
Well.. Here It Is The Honnest TRUTH.
I GREW UP- i Stopped Letting People Pushh Me Around. i Have Now Learnt That u Carn'T Always Bee Happy!

No Matter How Many Times He Hurts Me, & Even Uses Me ..
I will ALWAYS end up forgiving him!
Some call me stupid.. I call it LOVE!

?I don?t think u should ever give up on someone u can?t go a day without thinking about!?

Teenage Love ?
It?s staying up late for each other & barely staying awake in class the next day. It?s passing each other & stopping too say ?Hi?. it?s going too the town centre, wandering around HAND IN HAND with a silence that is comfortable. Its watching a movie in the theatre with his arm slowly creeping onto your shoulders, & the girl resting her head in his arms.
It?s walking around at night for no reason at all ; His chest, her head looking at the stars. It?s uncertainty of how long it will last, A RISK YOU ARE BOTH WILLING TO TAKE, even if it means u will have a broken heart! It?s not yet true love, not like, nor lust.
It?s Teenage Love, Here To Stay, Here To Play With Our Hearts & Never To Go Away.

I?m Singlee ( :
With No Intentions Of Looking For a Guy,
This time I am letting him Find ME!

If You Looked Inside A Girl..
U Would See How Much She Cries, U Would Find Soo Many SECRETS & Lots Of LIES, But What U Will See The Most .. Is How Hard It Is Too Stay Strong When Nothing Is Right & Everything Is Wrong </3
It Doesn?T Matter Anymore..
I Guess Things Happen For A Reason. Tears Eventually Fade & One Day It Will Be As Everything Is Supost To Be. Moving On Is A Process & U Have To Promise Yourself That U Really Are Ready Too Let Go!

I Love The Way I Write All This On My Profile.. Just too talk about that *ONE* Boy!
& Yet He Still Doesn?T Understand That Every Piece OF Writing is About Him!

���Whenever I Tell U "i Love You,"
i Won't Be Saying It Out OF Habbit, Or ToO Make A ConverSation;
�I Tell You ToO Remind You Tha Ur ..
Th' best Thing Tha Everrr Happend 2 Me.?



Do It (= X3/24/08
What's Your Name?
Are We Friends?
Would You Want To Be Any Closer?
Would You Text Me? Would You Call Mee?
Do You Have a Crush On Me?
Do You Love Me?
Describe Me in 3 Words?
On A Scale Of 1-10, How Hot Am I?
Would You Ever Consider Dating Me?
Ask Me Out?
What's Your Foudest Memory With Me?
Do You Think Im Pretty?

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plz plz do this 4 me plzzz!9/2/06
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01? I _____chloe
02? chloe is _____.
03? If I were alone in a room with chloe, I would _____.
04? I think chloe should _____.
05? chloe needs _____.
06? I want to _____ chloe.
07? Someday chloe will _____.
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09? Without chloe ___.
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