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ALL TIME LOW!!!!!!!! <31/25/10
There's really not that long of a story but i'm just still so uber excited and happy that i just had to write this! So yeah, the usual story :) fill me in if i forget anything.

23/01/10..... Best. Night. EVER! We booked these tickets waaaay back in the day, cuz last time i saw them they said they'd be back. EXCITEMENT! They were coming over as part of the Kerrang! Tour, along with a bunch of other bands i'd never heard of :L
Such an amazing day! I got to see my elliebabe :DD she skipped drama for me, even though she wasn't going to the gig. I lovee you so so much! Spent like 15euro credit on phonecalls on the train, but it was worth it cuz now the kitty knows we love it heaps :)) So much ranting, and having to pay twenty cent to supervise ellie peeing! :L
Queueing was uber fun! basically just a big orgy of hugging, cuddles and some other stuff

uggggghhhh finish this later :L
Knockreeeeeee xD12/14/09
11th-13th of December. Pretty much as close to the middle of winter as you can get. You think Christmas trees, warm log fires, brisk morning walks and extreme amounts of food.

Knockree weekend was winter, Scout-Style :B Slag away if you're really bothered, but somebody please induldge me and come up with something more original than "Scouts are gaaaaaaaaaaaay!" G.I.N.A.S.F.S. you gobshites, so saveee your breath s'il te plait 8)
S'laters! X

As we all know, I'm the Queen of organisation; so as you can guess it washalf five on the Friday and I'd only just started packing. I only found out the day before that we were actually even going on the Friday :L the effot of dragging out all this hiking shite after six months... I never thought a compression sack could be that fucking hard to find! And i'm still using that shitty necko that's not even our troop :L
Rockabill being a cheapskate i lathair na huaire, we ended up gettin a bunch of lifts to thee hostel. Phil's car ftw! :D listening to newstalk cuz 'he doesn't do Christmas songs' so me and mia whisper raved to panic!.
Fuck me, it was the most amazing hostel i've ever stayed in. EVER!! :O two floors, two kitchens, a lift, a tv room with SKY TV (!) a pool table, gorgeous grounds and really posh door keys. We got divided up into rooms, which for once were epic . lad scubs in 13, older lads in 14, girl scubs in 15 (called Lugnaquilla, fucking savage!). Then... *drum roll* Room 16 (practically legal;) ) named War Hill, with Orlalalala, Mia and Ellie. So fucking happy!
I'm not sure how it happens, but within minutes the room/tent always turns into such a shithole... Even though we only ended up using three beds :L Maria by the window, freezing her poor ass off, orla in the middle of the floor with two matresses pulled from upstairs (yea, the place is so fucking posh our DORMS had upstairs!) and me and ellie on the bottom bunk.

"Why don't you sleep in your own bed?"
"Cuz there's all shit up there..."
"it's all your shit you gobshite!"
:L ilu!

We really did fuck all that first night.... just the way i like it! There was a brief discussion about the hike, with the WLs and AWLS (Apparently i'm now WL of the ventures in Rockabill :L ) and it went a little something like this:

Phil: *walks us through hike on the map* So it's actually quite manageable for the scubs first hike. Except for here, here, here and here.... Even I had trouble with those inclines.
WLS&AWLS: Ok, well...-
Phil: And the fact that it's close to 15km might seem a little daunting to them at first, but just try and keep a very positive mental attitude.
WLS&AWLS: Okiess, but...---
Phil: OH, there's also a problem with the map; none of the trails on Maulin correspond with the map. You may have a bit of trouble with your route.
WLS&AWLS: So if we just follow the peak signs...?---
Phil: Jesus no! There are three signs up there: the white signs lead you up the mountain but then go the wrong way, the red signs lead you back down the mountain but don't actually go anywhere near the hostel, and the peak signs only appear twice on the whole hike. Now just keep all that in mind, you hear?
Mise: So basically, we're fucked?
Phil: Now now, what did i say about having a positive mental attitude? And another thing...
*repeat... endlessly.*

Philip left for the weekend then, leaving us in the hands of Rachel, Ian (SEE, i do know his name!) and Keogh. Fucking epic! A very messy supper of hideously awful hot chocolate and a frenzied biscuit war, and a ridiculous storytime later, we all headed off to our dorms.

The inevitable thing about scout camps is you end up getting to know everyone ridiculously well in a short space of time. Especially at night. DMCs, toothbrush dramatics, unfortunately timed door openings, there's just too many reasons i know the scouts better than i know my own family! Love you guys :))

Good luck getting a good night's sleep though :L "Karen, shift! I'm sleeping with you tonight." I should probably find that weird :/ :L Poor Mia freezing her arse off cuz the window's fully open and it's 2 o'clock in the morning, while everyone else boiled alive cuz the fucking radiator wouldn't turn off and the room was so warm chocolate melted if you left it out on a bed. Not being able to stretch out cuz it was a tiny bottom bunk, and if you pointed your toes you'd poke the poor cat in the eye (No wonder he woke up on the floor!). Trying to have a conversation when Pinkie is tired is pretty funny....
"Ellie, you awake?"
"It's soo dark huh?"
"What time is it?"
Re-enacting psycho was a scary failure... �rla playing psycho at half three was just plain scary :L Got loafed in the face and got my nipples pinched, just cuz ellie was scared. Just another reason you never wanna get her angry chickss :) Storing phones in the overhead grill of beds can be dangerous for your eyebrows... Going out onto the balcony at half one in the morning trying to get signal, and having big DMCs about everything. Rachel turning up cuz Ellie's imitation of a certain someone when they're drunk got just a little bit too enthusiastic. Fucking lightweight :L

One of the biggest highlights of the entire weekend had to be �rla's sleep talking. Now those of you who went to Carlingford back in the trish days may remember the first such occurance: �rla rambling in her sleep for half an hour before falling out of bed onto her face. She shut up after that though :L You may not know, however, that extreme amounts of sugar take sleep talking to the next level
"I love Postman Pat, he has such a nice cat"
"Don't be kissing them young fellas now!"
"Mr O'Riordan says that is UNTOLERABLE"
To name but a few :DD Things got even more interesting though, she somehow managed to tip herself completely off the mattress and crawl under my bed, head first; still rambling full volume. We had to shake her awake by the ankles; and when she woke up she had no idea where the fuck she was :L Things continued getting weirder. She fell back asleep, but we soon heard the familiar murmur. Then....
"WTF is that?!"
In her sleep, dearest darling �rla had somehow managed to punch on the power to the plug socket and was trying to stick her fingers in it! Again we woke her, rolled her over, sent her back to sleep. And she immediately began to beat her head off the frame of Mia's bed. Efforts made to take the pillow from between her knees and protect her head resulted in moans of "Noooo no no!" and Mia getting smacked repeatedly by unconscious hands. Eventually we woke her again, turned her back to where she should be and switched off the lights. Silent seconds passed. We dared to hope...
Within the space of a minute, she'd managed to fall asleep, and in her REM state flip herself from one end of her bed to the other, ending with her head near the steps :L
You complete psycho! But we loveee you :D Especially since you somehow managed to bring one of the key cards home without noticing :L
At around 3ish we all finally dozed off, for a grand old sleep of four hours ^^; Everyone one was actually up on time :O breakfast duty was shiiiiite, but it actually tasted ok. Not like i ever eat mush on camps anyways! More than some thooo.... *cough* MARK *cough*

Once breakfast was cleaned up, we split into two groups for route cards and hiking. I got put with some of the bestest scouts ever :DD Ellie, �rla, Gerard, Joaquin, Daniel and... Ella (;) ) The route card was a complete and utter disaster :L Through the door and up the stairs chickieee, not the other way around :P Have no idea how to play pool, ergo got my ass handed to me by old king Keogh... Bastard :L I jokeeeeeee! We went up to get day bags afters and kept everyone waiting for ages...

You can learn a lot about yourself as a person on a scout hike. This particular morning, i realised what a completely new species of person you become. The sight of mountains gives me butterflies. The smell of woodsmoke and pine trees is like my own brand of pot. Trees cause nostalgia so strong a million pictures can't solve it. Copper deposits in rivers are beautiful. Hungover people camping in rave tents on riverbanks become heroes. The wind is prettier than music. Rain, snow, clouds and wind make things even more fun. Getting tired of hiking just means you need to sprint up a hill to get the legs working again. Passing along a trail you haven't seen in years can actually bring tears .... Ok, i really am that sad :L It honestly was one of the nicest experiences i've ever had, and it's impossible to describe unless you've been there.
Sappiness over! :DD

The hike started off down this fairly steep descent to the riverbank, which we followed for about half an hour. Me and Ellie powering ahead, reminiscing over every little thing. Dancing to Panic! and trying not to be condescending when that lady tried to go donwhill with straight feet and fell flat on her arse. We reached the bridge eventually, but the fucking thing was so high! :L If it weren't for that bar, i woulda fallen back off again. The trail passed through a forest (I that random orange shite :L ), made all the funnier by the ever present discarded cans. There were a couple of car parks, and a small winding road that brought us up to Crone forest.
It's here that we were joined by the one, the only, SPIDER KEOGH!

Must finish this soon..

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Green Day :D10/22/09

So yeahhh... Was gonna just put this in the concerts blog part down below, but once again, EFFORT! :L Courses, i am that lazy. Same dealies as before, but no bitching on my bloggy biiaatches. S'laters X

Smellienenor, i loveeeee you so much for this :D Twas one of the most classss gigs ever. Not even the gig necessarily, just even the hanging out beforehand. But i should probs start from thee beginning :L
Getting to leave scool early, wooooo! Except it had to be the one fecking day we're doing a double practical road safety, dammit... One minute, i'm sitting in the mechanic guy's bmw (whatta ledge!), next i'm sprinting off to the bus. But of course, it's onli when i'm in a hurry to sign out that the teachers get all picky. First it was "Oh where's ur note?" I get the note out. But noooooOooo. "You need it signed by your year head". Feck's sake! End up running around the scool for ages looking for miss duggan, then having to go all the way back out behind the technology rooms just to get the damn thing signed.
And anyone who knows me knows i really don't do fast changes, so imagine the horror of having to change, organise mi shizz and get to the bus stop within 25mins. :L But i MADE it!!! Poor guy at the bus stop didn't know what was happening.... Me in pink stripey tights nd a luminous jumper, ellie in fishnets nd a corset, and ally looking like a normal girlie. Oh dear!
Bus in was hilarious. "Stop looking at my boobies!!" ;) Tis ur fault for the pretty top darling. Eyeliner ar an mbus is realli not easy! Especially if you start hyperventilating.... "We're in the Port Tunnel, WTF?! Why didn't somebody tell me?! :( " 7Up exploded!
Evil bus driver didn't stop at the O2, so we ended up walking all the way down along the docks. Not a problemo, even with the rain, not for super 3 :D Stopped in at the most adorable caf� place, paininis were sexual! Ellie spent around twenty minutes discussing beetroot nd being a giant with the cute old ownery woman, adorable :L Spinach makes ya grow u know:P

Then we reached the Point. EEeeeeee!! Soooo excited, even tho it was only quarter past one... Entrance 3 ftw :DD Finding ways to pass the time in the queue with a psycho (Joke, ilu!) from droggy is surprisingly easy. Why? Because of their ability to make even the simplest things hilarious :L Most people make signs outta a big sheet of paper and markers. Ours was about 40 sheets of A4 paper and finger paint!! Fucking animal :L "Lads, where's Bono?" "Under mi foot!"
"Oh shit, you flew away and landed in the fence"
"That's not Bono u gomme, that's Bon("
The amount of people who read it and laughed at us, we even got pictures with some of them :L Utterly epic!! Pit passes, suck it BIATCH!

After schemeing some other broken umbrella off the ground and using it upside-down cuz ours broke, and buying some mondo cheap t-shirts (;) ), we finally got through the gates. EXCITED!! There was like a massive crush when we got thru, and we got stuck beside these majorly drunk annoying old wannabe punk queue skippers... But it all worked out! :D Standing in the rain gets you so many friends. "Hey mister, can we shelter under here?" "Mooney, keep ur goddam hands to yourself! ....Yeah, girls, under you come!" Apparently Monaghan people are uber sound! :o Me, Rory, Ally, and Ellie in our 'tent' :D Amazing!
"Lads, get out of my condom!!"
"I'm sorry, i'm just not ready for kids... So mooney, stick your head in there and plug the holes dammit!"
"I thot u said it was tobacco...? ....OH! :O :L "
"Am i moaning a lot or something?" "Just a bit Rory.." "I don't fucking care, i'm cold, i'm wet.. etc"
"New Found Glory, whaaaa?" :P
"Here, put your hand there for a sec!" Random girl "Wat THE fuck?!" "Wait, nooo!!"
Wish i'd got everyone's bebos..... You legends!! Hope we see yas again some day.....

And then we were IN!! Apart from a few minor set backs (ELLIE HONAN NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT UR FUCKING FONE EVER AGAIN, u scared the crap outta me :( ) Front row of the pit, OMFG!
"we'll go over here, it's mostly girls..." "Then why the hell am i in between four guys?!"

BILLIE-JOE, I LOVE YOU!!! He mooned at everyone, exorcised some poor lil girl on stage, squirted me in the face with a water gun, got people up onstage to sing (that second guy was such an ARSE!), used a t-shirt gun, danced in an Irish flag, thrusted directly at us, dressed up in a feather boa, possibly even drank beer in a bunny costume. EPIC!! :DD Got completely smushed but it was soooooooo worth it! Time of your life as the finale, it was so pretty :))
"And this is why Ireland is better than America!" FUCK YEAH!!!

Incredible, hope u guys had as much fun as i did :DD Now who's ready for Billy Talent? ^^;
Cuz there's no1 fun on msn.... :P10/18/09
FIFTEEN Of My Special Mates In NO Order..
1. Rachie
2. Gareth
3. Ellie
4. Ally
5. Shanaenae
6. Roro
7. Rachael
8. Rachel (i know too many awesome rachs :)) )
9. Maureen
10. Mia
11. Sean
12. David
13. Hannah
14. Robyn
15. Ailise

FOURTEEN Most Valued Possessions (no order)..
2. iTouch (my new baby)
3. All Time Low hoodie
4. Theee laptop
5. Carmex
6. My beddy-bed
7. Special multi-coloured notebook
8. Thumbring
9. Big headphones
10. Animal bag
11. All of my vans
12. 'My' Dragonforce hoodie:L
13. Bookshelf
14. DVD's

THIRTEEN Things That Pee Me Off..
1. Violence
2. Hypocrites
3. People who are constantly negative
4. When my phone dies
5. French teachers
6. Lack of personal space
7. Smokers, smoking, cigarettes and all things related >:(
8. When trains and buses are mean
9. Shallowness
10. Cheaters
11. Having to be home early
12. Fighting with people
13. When my fone dies

TWELVE Choices..
1. Lust Or Love? -Love
2. Sunrise Or Sunset? - Both ;)
3. U.K Or U.S.A? - USA
4. Rap Or Rock? -Rock
5. Staying Up Late Or Waking Up Early? - Both ar�s
6. Being Hot Or Cold? -Hot
7. Drunk Or Sober? - Sober ftw :P
8. Left Or Right? - Three right turns :L
9. Britney Or Christina? - *pukes*
10. Sunshine Or Rain? - Depends on the situation
11. Vanilla Or Chocolate Ice Cream? - vanocolate :DD
12. Boys Or Girls? - Birls :L Nah, depends what for

ELEVEN Amazing Songs Of All Time..
1. Beautiful Day - Queen
2. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low
3. Old Red Eyes - Beautiful South
4. Nancy Spain - Christy Moore
5. A Pair Of Brown Eyes - The Pogues
6. These Are The Best Days of Our Lives - The All-American Rejects
7. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling (Not just cause Alex is a bang;) )
8. Sugar High - Coyote Shivers
9. The Pros and Cons of Breathing - Fall Out Boy
10. Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
11. So Long Goodbye - Sum 41

TEN Things I Have Done In The Last Week..
1. Bought Something - Yessums
2. Become Sick? - Nawwwt at all (:
3. Been Hugged? - I got special hugs :DD
4. Felt Stupid? - Constantly :/
5. Talked To An Ex? - I doesn't have an ex ^^
6. Missed Someone? - As always :(
7. Lied? - Once or twice ;)
8. Ate Cereal - Nopes :o
9. Danced Crazy - Bahaha that's a given
10. Gotten Your Hair Cut? - Nah, but i needs one :L

NINE Things I Want In Life..
1. To be happy
2. A hubbie
3. C�pla kiddiewinks, b'feidir
4. A good fun job
5. To write something that'll matter to someone
6. Make new friends
7. Keep my old friends forever
8. Go Bunjee jumping
9. Go white water rafting

EIGHT Things That Make Me Smile/Giggle..
1. My friends (:
2. Hugsssssss
3. Snuggles
4. Music
5. Writing
6. Nature
7. Special texts
8. Deep convos

SEVEN Things I'm Wearing..
1. All Time Low hoodie
2. Black t-shirt with luminous patterns
3. Jeansies
4. Luminous yellow socks
5. Pink cow slippers
6. My smexy thumbring
7. Midget watch

SIX Things I've Done Today..
1. Woke up naturally on time :o
2. Hockey training
3. Texted a lot of people
4. Remade my bed :D
5. Tidied my room
6. Listened to lotsa music

FIVE Favourite Things In NO Order..
1. Hugs ^^
2. Friends
3. Phone
4. Music
5. Swimming

FOUR People I'd Like To Meet..
1. Alex from ATL
2. Pete Wentz
3. Sara Manning
4. Jack from ATL ;o

THREE More Choices..
1. Eat Or Drink - Drinkin water
2. Relationship Or Single -Relationship
3. Pub Or Nightclub -Nightclub dancey dance

TWO Things I Want To Succeed In Before I Die..
1. Write a book
2. Travel le monde

ONE Thing I Need..
1. Mi friendies :DD <3
CARLINGFORD! <310/8/09
Group 3? Ohhh yeah ;o what an unbelievably epictacular weekend ( must stop calling it a weekend ) two days. Was gonna just put this in my other blog, but EFFORT! :L Besides, i needs lotsa space to fit it all in cuz it was AMAZING. So comment and shtuff if u were in group three or room 23 or ur just plain bored (: Or not. Not realli bothered chicksssss. S'laters X

Where to start...... Omg, how class was it to have the TY hoodies for Carlingford?! It was awesome :D The pink is so luminous and pretty, i think i spent the first few hours stroking mine over and over again... So toasty and warm and soft; i'm so living in it this year! The navyness is awkward, but fuck fashion, it's just too comfy.
Moving on.. Packing is such effort :L And it seems everyone else in TY is like super organised, so packing the night beforehand makes me feel baaaaad. As well as disorganised, obv. But i remembered togs biaaatch! :P Then there was the wonderful start of waking twenty minutes before i'm due at the scool, and forgetting where all my clothes were.... but it worked out :L
Bus bus bus bus! Big bus! Not the silly little bus :P Gawrsh was everyone sleepy... But between randomly stroking ally's hair nd gettin attacked by david (damn ur nails child!) keeping people awake was easy. Example:

Karen: "Rachel rachel rachel rachel!"
Rach: "*sleepy groan* Whaaaaaaaat?!"
Karen: "We're going to CARLINGFORD!! Eeeeeeee *jumps up and down like a kid*"
Rach: "WTF?! *laughs*"
.... and repeat (: endlessly

Such a dead arse by the end of the bus ride (le car, not l'autobus chicka :P ) but my bag was already off the bus when i got out, so no rummaging for me xD Off to the centre then. Them wooden benches soooo weren't comfy, thankfully groups etc were pre-arrangedish (go group 3!) Rooms were the same, so off we zipped to get ready for morning activities
and scheme top bunks of course :L
First up was double frenzy. In the rain. What does this entale, u ask? Simple. Open topped double kayaks, Carlingford harbour, and ridicullous games. The amount of times me nd rach smacked each other in the head, it can't have been healthy :L but we kicked ass! First game? Capsize tag! :DD Blue helmets vs everyone else. No clue who flipped us *evils* but the water wasn't as cold as i thot. Before we went in, sean and shane got capsized a few metres to the edge. After recovering our paddles and flipping the kayak back over, they were still. in. the. water. :P In the end, i jumped back out and demonstrated, and eventually sean was back on board. Next was a race, but that was silli... The tachers attacked us! :L Simon says was hilarious; by the time we both stood up on the kayak the whole thing flipped. No need to push me in xD Then there was that crazy Kings Queens and Knights game.... Proof that it's not easy to get a piggy-back in a wetsuit! The highlight was pier-diving though, despite managing to hit my face off the water and get laughed at by Kevin the instructor for spinning off the wall. High school musical jump with Ally, we're too kewl :L
Food was crazily repitive in the hostel... Lunch Tuesday was: chips, beans, nuggets and bread. Lunch Wednesday was: chips, beans, sossies, bread... Original, no? Breakfast was the same sad cereals, but the toaster's utter epicness made up for it all :DD Dinner was... interesting :L UGV - Unidentified Green Veggies... Avec magic pork that looked like chicken and tasted like crap, and spuddies (shcoreeee!). Oh oh oh OH!! ICE-CREAM :DD yummy...

Afternoon on Tuesday was quite a disaster :L Rock climbing..., in a quarry. And being ridiculously unlucky, i ended up in the group for the hardest climb first. Impossible, non? Second in line, after david, and spent about twenty minutes clinging to the rock staring blankly around me. :L Poor Lee, didn't know WHAT to do with us. Ally's mondo graceful decent: half-lying on the cliff, legs in the air, arse out. WHAT A CRACKING DAY, YES?? :L Fucking shane, making us all look bad by flying up the whole thing. Nearly killed mr stafford, but how and ever. Rachie doin so well (: "Be me graceful than i was, don't leave ur arse on show!" Lmao ally. EMLO!!! Dontcha mean elmo?? :L Guysssss it so wasn't funny, i nearly fell :( :L
The nightline was epic! Aodhan so hated us.. "Guys, ur so stupid! Fuck's sake, they're blindfolds, it's not that complicated". What's up your ass chicken?? Holding each others shoulders and hoping not to fall, freaking scary but hilarious. Sorry i choked ya robzie :L Ailbhe Daly, best group leader! "Ally, what's ahead??" "I dunno.... *Bang* There's a tree.. Owww..." How many brick walls do you find in a forest ya gomme?? :L "tree, root, root, root, PIT!!!" Everyone thought sean fell, so much sympathy going to him. then all ya hear is ally on the ground; "it was mee..." Shnane had the funniest reaction ever. Random instructor jumps out at him: "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, what was that???"
I had to volunteer for the tunnel, didn't i? It'll just be a little dark, they said. You'll have your torches, they said. BULLSHIT! We get there, and suddenly it's oh no, u can't bring ur torches, uu'll lose them. Like some boy with his psp... They deffo didn't mention we'd have to crawl. Slight freak out at the entrance (ily rachie, for calming me down) and fell over a big rock somehow while on mi knees. But Bruce has such SOFT hands!! :L Robzieee u ledgee!
World's best flake out ever that night! Ditched the games room, went to the DSC. All piled in a corner on the couch, with the fire lit. I've never been so cosy :) People kept falling asleep on me, apparently i smell nice :L elbow in rachie's crotch the whole time. Ally upside-down, lying on me, shane, rach nd megan simultaneously. Cormac asleep in the corner, bless his lil cotton socks. Pearse, u didn't join the flake out dammit! :P Most comfy i've been with scoolie peoples EVER!

Bed time was so much fun! Rachael upside-down in the comfiest wardrobe ever, ally leaping out at poor ailise. Managed to hit the volleyball from the courtyard straight through the open upstairs window the one time i tried to smack the ball. Somehow decided I had to finish an entire massive bag of doritoes before bed, whatta funni moment :L Fuelling robyn's addiction. My damn ned was broken :( Me and rachie banging it together, trying to fix it ;) Those nasty ten notches i mo leaba :DD Ally shlept on top of me! Abso bush-whacked and yet i woke up at ten past 7 :o
High ropes Wednesday... Talk about scary!! First up was the pillar thing... Nearly fell off the ladder, robzie and ailise tried to lift me up :L Got stuck for ten minutes, cuz i couldn't get up on the platform. "Sorry if i pull ur trousers off!" Woulda made the leaning square thingie but somebody forgot to lie back :P The middle yokie was grand, me nd aodhan bonding over a dorkish love of knots. Is it weird the poles were scarier than the tightrope? :/ Jacob's ladder people were hilarious, Ally couldn't reach the first pole and robyn got hysterical on the third one :L Toooooooo freakishly sunny though.
Challenge course! With an instructor who had an awesome name: KAREN! :DD So shit at archery... Sean decided he was left handed, Rach missed the target completely and Dylan, Steve and Shane made us all look bad.... Bastards :P :L Next was the giant's cave. "No hysterical high-pitched laughing" Well then i'm fucked... Robyn and ailise on shane and steve's shoulders, funniest thing ever to watch. The pipeline thing was headwrecking. So many little bugs! "Ewwwwww it's peeing on me!!" :L dropping every single joint. Robzie with the 'well': "OMG somebody shat in it" Took forever but twas so worth it. Low ropes were brilli, everyone looked so retarded on the tyres. Sylvia liked carried me across the whole thing! Ailise flipping over on the rope, but not falling off :O Ally falling off the tyres. Twice. "i got you, i got you! *BANG* .... i don't got you". Our bridge thing was so legendary :D still no idea how steve fell :L If i ever hear In The Jungle again i'm gonna cry. The balance table thing was so funni... "Can't you see there's a hole there?!" Or trying to do it in silence, and shane starts barking :L
Toooooo much violence on the walk back, i nearly fell back down the hill again. Me and Caitlin talking about different breakfasts for about 20mins. We're gonna clone the perfect children from peanut butter :DD
Getting our gear from the hostel was so sad... I didn't wanna leave :( The midget bus left right off, but ours was an hour delayed... SO COLD! But realli funni :D "OMG megan, feel rach's chin! it's so soft!" The second we all lay down the bus came. On the way back, me and rachie had a massive mini-rave. Air guitaring to Foreplay has to be the most epic thing to do when you're bored. Annoying David with constant All Time Low songs, and trying not to cry thinking bout the gig. TURBULENCE! Let's go have some Olivio's :L The whole bus finding out bout me and gareth, and saying congrats (embarrassing, yet kinda cute :)) :L ). Falling down the steps trying to get off the bus. Getting my bag and not having a clue where my car was. Having to say bye to everyone :(

It was such a fan-fucking-tastic weekend (i think about twelve peoples me toos would agree with that) and despite all the bruises and tiredness it was SO WORTH IT! Who's for becoming a prefect just to go again? :DD

06/10/09-07/10/09 <33

*Add ins!*
Megan managing an Olympic jump over the back of the couch all to get a Toffee Crisp from the vending machines. But then Ally schemes it straight out of her lap :L
Ally somehow managing to get her own footprint on her ass coming down the quarry :P
Filthy graffiti only on my bed:
"I came here." "Me too. Twice (:"
Playing table tennis, and fecking Simba runs off with the ball. Shane ends up half-raping the poor dog under the table to get it back :L
Sean and Rashad's tennis groans; until Sean's voice broke that is...
Stuffles.... (:10/1/09
My new little space for rants, recounts and regales. I hate forgetting things so chances are it'll end up in here at one stage or another :) Comment or not, it really doesn't bother me xD Cuz we all know i' doing this for the crack anyways, sad as that is.
S'laters X

TY! <3
Soooooo much stuff to put here, but I dunno when I'll have time to make it all neat and spacey.... Effort!! :L But I will do it some day!
Coordinator, oh yeahh :DD As well as mentoring... It's leading to a tiny bit of badge whore obsession; but that matches my inability to say no this year. Meals on wheels? Sure! Speech at the mentor ceremony? Why not! Church readings and youth choir? No bothr! Which is kinda interesting considering I can't sing or speak very well publicly. But how and ever :)
Photography workshop was epic, I love Tim! Even schemed a pet rock from the religion storeroom and named it after him :L Managed not to break the camera despite dropping it twice. Robyn made me hop over a wall, flash some cars, scale another wall and do the whole thing again just to get a picture through a hole. All in all, I'm a crazy Canadian lavalamp shaking mad haired lady.... Or a gorilla zombie according to cormac :L deadly two days


I will prob write more here later, cuz well Eeeeeeeeee!!! But just a short bit for now :)
McFly: My first ever. Thought I would hate it after they murdered Don't Stop Me Now (R.I.P. Freddie Mercury) on the radio, but honestly it was deadly! I love my ellie for bringing me, and finding my ring in the crowds after. Supported by Reemer and some other pop/rock band, boht of whom sounded the same. Quite the deadly night :D
"Who wants Dougie's cold?"
"I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Take That: Omfg..... Yet another band I didn't know to well, but can i say wow?? Supported by Gary Go (Sings Wonderful, ridiculously upbeat song you'd recognise if i played it) and the Script. We made the lead singer in the Script cry after the Man Who Can't Be Moved, with like an 8 minute long stnading ovation. Dressed in an Ireland flag he was, bless his lil cotton socks. Then Take That came on... What an entrance!! the whole circus theme was animal, especially since we were in the FRONT ROW BABY! xD Such an incredible night, probably the best stage show I'll ever see in my life. First gig i actually paid for :L Never forget where you're coming from...
"Oh dear, i seem to have split me trousers coming onstage....."
All Time Low: Maureen O'Daly, for as long as I live I will never ever ever be able to repay you! ATL are my favourite band on the planet, not just because i would so bang each and every one of them ;) The Academy, my new personal favourite place for gigs. It's so cosy and close, but it has such a giggy atmosphere to it! Killed myself on the way in for merch (T-shirt AND hoodie baby :P ) and still made it to within a few metres of the stage. Friday Night Boys and the Audition supporting (Warm me up is such a sexual song!!), pretty fucking sweet if i may say so. Then.... the best day on the planet. I hyperventialted so much, maureen had to keep reminding me to breathe! :L Screamed along (hideously out of tune i might add) to every single song. I'm ashamed to say I nearly cried during Remembering Sunday. Poor Jack's nose :( ALEX LOOKED AT ME!!!!!!! :DD *squeals*
Jack: "I'll bring you to the zoo :) "
Alex: "Well i'll bring you to my hotel room ;) " *swooooooon!*
Jack: "Well i'll bring you too the zoo, and then to my hotel room! ;) :P " (eeeeee!)
Alex: "We didn't get you a hotel room Jack. *laughs* It's true, he doesn't have one! he sleeps in the trailer :L "
(Jack can sleep in my room any day ;) *coughs*withme*coughs*)

Alex:"*reads sign* 'Keep it under pg-13, Mom's outside....' "Yeah, well fuck you mom!"

I <33 ATL!!!!!!! :DD

Hiding d lads tent in the forest in cork. The giraffe crossing :L Staying up all nite on the training weekend outside the tents. Roisin falling over running across the road :L Buying Valentine's shite for the girlie nite with k8 nd rach. Midget lifting with Rua :L Rachel nd Lesley nd me and the banana! :D Me and roisin, runnin off down the road with children under our arms... Ah if only :D :L :L With rach and the apron italian in Tenerife. :D SPOONS! in general.... :L Very first shield..... :) Adopting Bambi the dog :L Me and Ellie and the irn bru :D Emma trying to dance in the puddle/bog :) threatening to fight Gareth in Ardgillan :) Abnormally tall kids in lifesaving... :D Random conversations avec ally in home ec :) disagreeing with shaney on 4 WHOLE THINGS! :O :O :L Ice skating.... ;) :L

More to come, i'll be bored again sooooooon :D
Do you have any text messages that you don't want other people reading?
Hellss yea :L

Have you had sex with your number 3 on Bebo?
I'm already hitting that ;) :L

How old do you think you'll be when you finally have kids?
Hmmmm.... it depends realli

When's the perfect time to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
When they're right for ya? so i don't have to kill them :P

When's the next time you will see the person you like?
Not a clue...... :(

Do you know anyone with the same first name as you?
Different spelling :P :L

Who are you closest to in your family?
Does leo count? :D

What are you wearing as of right now?
For some reason, a black halter dress? :L

When is the last time you went to church?
Month or two ago for a funeral

Do you get along better with girls or guys?
Either, i love everyone :DD

Who was the last person you had a conversation with on the phone?
Ehhh Gareth i tink..

Who was the last person you got in an argument with?
Sameee.... :(

When was the last time you had pizza?
Fucked if i no :L :P

Who are you more like your mother or your father?
Looks, mam. Personality, dad

Who was the last person you added to your contacts list on your phone?
Smellienor's new old number :D

What was the last thing you cried about?
Bolloxy stupid junk :/

What are the last spoken words you heard?
"Hurry up u lazy whore, we're leaving" :L

What has been your best year so far?
2008-2009 are joint in amazingness

Are you addicted to anything
Chocolate milk :D

Where is your phone?
Got grumpy nd chucked it somewher...:L

Do you know anyone by the name of Lee?

Where is your pet(s) right now?
Climbing a tree outside... this won't end well :)

What colour phone do you have?
Purple! :DD

How do you feel right now?
Grumpy, confused, tired but vaguely cheerful

If you could cuddle with anyone right now who would you pick?
Right now? They wouldn't wanna :(

What's irritating you right now?
Little things

Does anyone call you baby?
Yessums :L

Did you hug anyone today?
Everyone i saw practically (:

How do you feel about the person who texted you last?
He's amazing...

Do you say fuck a lot?
Much more than necessary :L

Has someone seen you completely naked in the past 12 months?
;) rachel...... :L

Do you have any friends from other counties?
Yuh-huh, i miss u guys...

Last place you went to?
Schoolness unfortunately

Have you ever driven in a car with people that didn't have a license?
Kev... tut tut :L

Is there anything that you are craving for right now?
Hugs actually, i realli want one! :))

Do you clean when you?re upset?
Nawww, I try hard to hide it (:

Would you ever dye your hair blonde?
Bleeehhh no thanks

Do you usually tell people when they hurt your feelings?
Nope, never

Have you bought any clothing items in the past week?
Strangely no :o

Do you have your own personal diary?
Effort! :L

Does anyone hate you?

What's on your mind right now?
Shtuff... missing people

Did you cry today?

Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone, and never made up?
Yups, don't think they even no who i am anymore :/ :L

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
Any time!

Do you think age matters in relationships?
Age is just a number :D

Can you recall the last time you sincerely liked someone a lot?
Presently, and for thee last 10 months

Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?
A big toolish eejit no doubt :P
Blogggggged =P8/22/09
Have you kissed the same person more than 5 times in 2009?
Hundreds of times :)

Do you have a condom in your room?
Nopesss (: Surprised?:L

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
Not realli, it just feels long

Would you ever consider piercing your lip?
Possibly actually :o

Do you have any piercings?

Was your last kiss drunk or sober?
Sobery sober

Do you get along with girls?
Indeeed i does

Will tomorrow be better than today?
Tomorro's a sleepy day, and today was class, so nope

If you were in the hospital, would the last person you kissed be there?
He'd prob already be there, knowing his luck :L

Will your next kiss be a mistake?

How did you wake up this morning?
Hit my head off the wall >.<

Do you think anyone's thinking about you right now?
doubt it

Pancakes or French Toast?
Pancakes, lemon nd sugar baby xD

Would you rather have roommates or live alone?
I'd get so bored by myself! :o

How can people tell if you're in a bad mood?
Not necessarily, i cn be sneaky

Everything happens for a reason?
I'd like to think so...

Who was the first person you talked to today?
My dad maybe...

What colour hair does the last person you kissed have?
Black :)) it's so soft!

When was the last time you smiled because of a text message?
Just there (:

Have you been in love with a boy/?girlfriend??

If you left your computer, walked 3 steps backwards and one step to the left..

Will this weekend be a good one?
Today was, tomorro not so much

What's your favourite colour?

Has something made you angry lately?

Do you paint your nails?
Only in desperate situations :L

How often do you curl or straighten your hair?
Every now nd then

Why aren't you with the person you were first in love with?
I still am :))

What's something you really want right now, be honest?
A big long hug :(

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Weed, coke, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, ex, peyote, mushrooms, opium??
I'm on mi own personal high.... Nothing :P

What's a random fact about the last male who had their arm/arms around you?
He got a haircut the other day :L

Can you remember the last time you really liked someone?
An am seo!

Where were you at 11:47 pm last night?
On the fone somewhere....

Who was the last person that helped you stop crying?
Rachie :DD

Have you ever spoken to someone on the phone while in the shower?
Sooooo didn't work:L

Have you held hands with anyone in the past 24 hours?
*counts on fingers* just over

What is something you've realized recently?
Being sick is smelliiii!

Is there someone you don't ever want to be out of your life?
Of course =] more than one

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?
There is indeed :))

What are/were you doing at twelve this afternoon?
Eating toast :L

Who did you love/like at the end of last year?

How many times have you dyed your hair?
Not yet, but soon :DD

Do you personally know anyone who's in a band?
I does actually

Last thing you drank?
Water, but being me i choked on it :L

Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your bf/gf?
..... I don't think so, no.

Are you wearing any clothes that don?t belong to you?
Nope, mi hoodie now ;o
Blogggggggerss XD5/26/09
[X] Do you wear black eyeliner?
[X] Is most of your clothing dark?
[ ] Think about death often?
[ ] Do you want to die
[ ] Are you a social outcast?
[ ] Are you pale?
[ ] Do you like hot topic?
[ ] You enjoy Tim burton movies?
[ ] Are you mean?
Total X: 2

[ ] Can you skateboard?
[X] Do you wear Vans?
[X] Do you do stupid stuff with your friends?
[ ] Have you gotten in trouble with the Cops?
[ ] Do you watch the x-games?
[X] Do you have any piercings?
[X] Do you like/wear mohawks?
[X] Do you wear Band t-shirts?
[ ] Are you a rebel without a cause?
[X] Have you called someone a poser recently?
Total X: 5

[X] Do you say the word "like" alot?
[X] Do you shop at book shops?
[ ] Do the people in hot topic scare you?
[X] Do you laugh alot when your with your friends?
[ ] Have you ever watched LAGUNA BEACH?
[ ] Do you like pop music?
[X] Do you want/have a little dog?
[X] Do you smile & laugh a lot!
[X] Do you hang out with your friends alot?
[X] Do you always carry a purse/wallet
Total X: 7

[ ] Is your hair long?
[X] Do you own a tye-dye shirt?
[X] You think it's wrong to kill animals?
[X] You think war is unnecessary?
[X] Do you like classic rock and trippy music?
[X] Have you ever participated in a protest?
[X] Have you ever been overcome with a desire to hug a tree?
[X] Do you play a eukalele or bongos?
[ ] Do/have u ever smoked the peace pipe?
Total X: 9

[ ] Do you act ghetto?
[ ] Do you wear do-rags?
[ ] Do you like hip-hop?
[ ] Was Tupac truley the greatest rapper in the world?
[ ] Do you believe he's alive?
[ ] Do you like afros?
[X] Have you ever said "Fo Shizzle"? Ma Nizzle Dizzle Rizzle... :L :L
[ Do you like to dance?
[ ] Do you own any Baby Phat or G-Unit?
Total X: 1

[ ] Do you cry often?
[X] Do you like to wear hoodies?
[X] Do you like soft music?
[?] Do people misunderstand you?
[X] Do you write your own poems?
[ ] Ever dyed your hair red, black or dark?
[ ] Do you cut yourself ?
[ ] Do you like "Ohio is for lovers" by Hawthorne Heights?
[ ] Do you have square black rimmed glasses?
Total X: 3+? :D

[ ] Do you surf?
[ ] Do you wear flip flops year-round?
[X] Is your hair curly?
[ ] Do you wake up before 7 every morning?
[X] Do you own many pairs of shorts?
[X] Are you tannedish?
[X] Do you want to be at the beach right now?
[X] Do you hate tourists?
Total X: 5

[ ] Do you wear glasses?
[X] Do you get good(issshh) grades?
[ ] Do you use an inhaler?
[ ] Do you stick pens into your shirt pockets?
[ ] Does your mom pick out your clothes?
[X] Are you on the computer often?
[ ] Do you ever get picked on?
[ ] Do you look forward to goin to school?
[ ] Shy around the opposite sex?
[X] You play video games?
Total X: 3

:L :L :L :L so i'm a HIPPY?!?!?!?!?!
Bloggggyyyyy (:4/19/09
Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

1. I wonder if you could be a therapy?
2.The world?s got a funny way of turning round at you when a friend tries to stab you right in the face.
3. Make it a sweet, sweet goodbye
4. He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes, started making his way past two in the morning, he hasn?t been sober for days
5. I?m good to go, and I?m going nowhere fast
6. Please leave all overcoats, canes and top hats with the doorman, from that moment you?ll be out of place and underdressed
7.Another cigarette and I?m so bored your words aren?t making sense
8. Well you can bark all night but you?re never gonna bite so I don?t care
9.You're cynical and beautiful, you always make a scene, you're monochrome delirious, you're nothing that you seem
10.She clings to me like cellophane, fake plastic submarine, slowly driving me insane but now that?s over
11. Here in this diary I write you visions of my summer
12.Hey little apple blossom what seems to be the problem? All the ones you tell your problems to, they don?t really care for you
13. Nothing?s so loud as hearing when we lie
14. Just sit back and tell me I?m a liar for this; don?t roll your eyes, rewind, this happens way too many times
15.Into the unknown, stay away he said. Don?t ever come back home
16. Swing low, sweet cherry make it awful.
17.It?s a new day, but it all feels old. it?s a good life, that?s what I?m told; but every day it all just feels the same
18. Lipstick has a way of leaving more than just a mark on my sheets, colouring my senses cherry red at least for this week
19. If I struck chords would you sing a song with me; if I leave town would you leave along with me?
20. Sit tight I?m gonna need you to keep time, come on just snap snap snap your fingers for me.
21.Could you whisper in my ear the things you wanna feel? I?ll give you anything to feel it coming
22.Hey girl you know you drive me crazy
23. Another day wasted out of time, I can?t get out of this altered state of mind
24.Got no future, great big past, little bitty guy on the rim of my glass
25. Watch your mouth because your speech is slurred and I bet you just might swallow your tongue

Whoever gets 24 gets 3 luv :D
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