MIGHTY BOOSH <boosh-is-loose>

"eelz up in side ya finding and entrance were they can!!"

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Audio Commentary!9/4/09
Right if any of your booshers haven't heard the audio commentary on the boosh dvd's you don't know what you're mising!


So go and watch them, there on all 3 dvd's (
Series 1,2 and 3) but not all the episodes have the commentary but you have to hear it it's really funny.

If you have heard it say your favourite bits from it...
Mines gotta be when they all start talking about Christy!
The Honey Monster8/20/09
We all should know about the whole Sugar Puff VS. Mighty Boosh!

In a recent Sugar Puff ad, The honey monster sung in the way the Mighty Boosh do when crimping. Fans were outraged! They had to stop showing the ad and sued.
If you have any more informtaion about it please post it below.

What do you think about all this?.
This happened a while ago i know, but i thought now was a good a time as ever to post it here :)
Reason For the Rumours...8/18/09
It has been said that the reason there are rumours going around about the boosh splitting up is because Julian and Noel have said they will not make another series unless the BBC give them more money as filming the third series was really difficult and they felt that they had stretched the goodwill of the crew to breaking point.. They want more money so they can pay the crew more.

Hopefully, if this is the case they can get more money and make many more series!
What do you think about this, Is it true or is it all just rumours and the Boosh were never planned to split up anyway?

It has been said Julian and Noel are growing apart as Noel is in with the party scene and Julian wants to spend more time with his family. Noel has been partying insted of writing new material with Julian!

If you guys hear anything else. Post it here!
Future Boosh ?3/13/09
There is hype about a new Boosh movie coming out...
If going to plan the Boosh Movie should be out the end of this year :D
They have an idea for it and many people want them to do it so fingers crossed :)

And following the movie they will be releasing a CD with all their crimps on it and the soundtrack to the movie :D

And following that... There will be a Boosh Series 4 but this will only happen if the BBC give them some money because it was very hard to pay for series three.

And also the Boosh is moving to BBC2 so no digital :D

But, don't get your hopes up this isn't for definate these are just the ideas the Mighty Boosh have, ideas and rumours.. So i'm not 100%

But i did hear it from a friend of Julian Barrett. Unless they were lying :|
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the boosh are taking band tips from Muse6/11/08
The Mighty Boosh have declared they are taking inspiration from Muse as they prepare to headline their own festival as a band.

As previously reported, the Boosh played a low key 'dress rehearsal' gig last week (June 6), but are promising big things when they play their festival on July 5.

"We're going to try and make some stupidly elaborate odyssey," Julian Barratt told us "I want to get some lasers attached to my guitar so I can do people?s cataracts while I solo, and I want a leather 'Matrix' coat like Muse."

He added: "Dave (Brown, who plays Bollo) will be doing backing stuff and percussion and Mike (Fielding, who plays Naboo) will be sitting on a toadstool and playing a magic sitar."

The Mighty Boosh' are set to enter a studio soon to begin recording an album6/11/08
The Mighty Boosh' are set to enter a studio soon to begin recording an album

The comedy troupe, fronted by Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, are currently looking into studios to book for the recording process. They are expected to record new "psychedelic prog-rock" material.

Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich is in line to produce the forthcoming album.


IAmx HAs been in the might boosh

not oftern but hes there

on the front cover of Cheek Bone

and in electro, he is in the corwd some were

chack it out

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noel fielding news4/9/07
this is a report off google claimin tht noel and pixie got off

i dont belive that noel would do thins

please share your views on this by leaving a comment

heres the report:

It looks like Pixie Geldof is following in her sister Peaches Geldof?s footsteps by chasing comedian Noel Fielding.

Last summer, Peaches claimed she was seeing The Mighty Boosh star even though he had a long term girlfriend - and now 16 year old Pixie is making a play for 33 year old Noel.

The pair were spotted chatting at Peaches? 18th birthday party this week and getting to know each other further at a private party in Camden, North London on Thursday night.

A source told the Daily Mail at the latter party: ?Pixie was knocking back pints like a pro and boasting about her drunken antics the night before.?

?She was desperate for Noel to turn up and, when he finally did, she couldn?t take her eyes off him.?

?He has a bit of a reputation but that?s all part of the appeal. She was totally smitten. They were cuddled up in a corner kissing for most of the night.?

?She first started talking to him after they met at a party at Maddox nightclub in London last week following Noel and [Russell Brand]?s gig for the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall. Since then she has been completely infatuated.?

?This will really worry [her dad Bob Geldof]. He knows he can?t stop the girls going out and being teenagers but let?s just hope he doesn?t bump into Noel any time soon.
VINCE <311/21/06
'Noel spent most of his childhood being chased by butterflies and moths who viewed him as a king...he is a blur of boney-arsed looseness immersed in gaily coloured hipsters, skimming the stage like a shaved bush baby or like an excited child trying to impress an adult'. (Fibbers) lol
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