Becky <Tinkerbell_mate>

"checked in to rehab"

star sign!!!6/9/07
Trustworthy. Sexy. Rare to find. Loves being
in long relationships. Extremly energetic.
Amazing in bed, the BEST lovers.
How to make a girl smile 11/15/06

1). Tell her she is beautiful or gorgeous(not fine, fit or sexy)

2). Kiss her in front of your friends.

3). Trust her over everyone else.

4). Tell her she looks beautiful.

5). Look her in the eye when you talk to her.

6). Tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, or just tell her jokes.

7). Let her mess with your hair.

8) . Just walk around with her.

9). Include her in pretty much everything you do.

10). When she crys do whatever to make her smile.

11). Forgive her for her mistakes.

12). Look at her like she's the only girl you see.

13). Tickle her even if she says stop.

14). When she starts swearing at you tell her you love her.

15). Let her fall asleep in your arms.

16). If she's mad at you, kiss her.

17). Tease her and let her tease you back.

18) . Stay up with her all night when she's sick.

19). Watch her favorite movie.

20). Kiss her forehead/neck

21). Write her letters.

22). Let her wear your clothes.

23). When she's sad, hang out with her, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you.

24). Let her know she is important and pick her over all of the other girls you hang out with.

25). Let her take all the photos of you she wants.

26). Surprise her with flowers for no reason

27). Kiss her in the rain.

28) . Leave her cute text messages and small notes.

29). Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second.

30). Recognize the small things . . . . they usually mean the most.

31). Introduce her to family and friends . . . as your girlfriend, not this is 'her'

32). Sit in the park and just talk to her (and listen)

33). Treat her the same around your friends as you do when your alone.

34). Look her in the eyes and smile.

35). And when you fall in love with her, tell her.

36). And when you do tell her.. Love her like you never loved before..
do this 9/29/06

01] I [_____] becky

02] becky is [_____].

03] If I were alone in a room with becky, I would [_____].

04] I think becky should [_____].

05] becky needs [_____].

06] I want to [_____] becky.

07] Someday becky will [____].

08] becky reminds me of [_____].

09] Without becky [_____].

10] My memories of becky are [_____].

11] becky can be [_____].

12] The Worst thing about becky is [_____].

13] The best thing about becky is [_____].

14] I am [_____] with becky

15] One thing i would like to know about becky is [_____].

16] becky should go and [_____].

17] becky [_____] me.