Stace <PinkCandleStick>

Casey Leigh
My beautiful baby girl. I've never loved someone as much as i do you in my entire life! You are my world, and that will never change. (Even though you can be a little shit sometimes.) I will always love you, no matter what. I'm the toast, and your the butter, the two can't be seen without each other. 01/08/2007, 10:52am, 8lb 7oz.. Love You Casey Leigh. X

Fucking Hell! What can i say. I fucking love this lass to bits. Shes been there for me when i've needed her the most, and shes stuck by me. She stuck by me throughout my pregnancy, and didn't let me down. Can you remember when we was sat in English, and Casey kicked me? I fucking shit mi sen! Lol. We've done some mad shit together, and that i will never forget. Antie Shan, we love you fucking lots, and never forget it! Love You Shan. X

The mad one of the family! We suit then, dunt we :L . I love this lass to bits! I can tell her anything and i know she wont say anything to anyone. Shes one in a million this lass, and a fucking skinny one at that! Abby and Zee together = TROUBLE!! Lol. Love You Abby. X

Zee. We've had our fall outs, and big ones at that, but we always seeem to make up in the end. And i'm glad we did tbh. Your a rate laugh, and i fucking love you to bits! Our memories are amazing, and i'll never forget them! Love You Zonita. X

Well.... I love this lass to bits, and shes a great friend! I never wanna lose you! Your skinnier than me (bitch!!), but i still love you! I'm glad that we met. You better bring Summer to meet me, and her cousin Casey. They ant even met yet!! Summer + Casey = TWINS! Lolage. I Love You Teri. X

Sammy, The Big Sister
I love you, and Leo. We're closer now than we ever have been, and i'm glad for it. Casey's my world, and you and Leo are my stars. I love you both to bits, and i don't ever want to lose you, not for anyone. I'm here for you, no matter what. I Love You Both. X

I'll never forget the memories we've shared, and the fall outs, because the fall outs have made us closer, and the memories have made our friendships even more special. I hope we stay friends, and you come visit me when i'm all wrinkled with 10 gran kids! :D I love you all lots.

<3 <3