Lucy.Anastasia.Cullen <lucyanastasiacullen>

"The only guy a girl needs in her life is her DADDY!!"

just some stuff i think you should know.. i was bored at the time!! <3 xx9/16/07

1. Full Name: Lucy Anastacia Cullen
2. Nicknames: looby, luce, bruce, lu lu... i've got many!!
3. Birthday: 3rd of november
4. Place of Birth: steal city...
5. Zodiac Sign: scorpio!
6. Male or female: female
7. Grade: 12
8. School: sheffield high school!
9. MSN Screen Name: (*) Lucy (*) ITS ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD (*)

__Your Appearance___

12. Hair Colour: Brown!
13. Hair Length: long!
14. Eye colour: blue!!
15. Height: don't know.. but im short.. i do know that.. hehe
16. Braces? nope!!
17. Glasses? no.. got perfect vision!!
18. Piercings: my ears..
19. Tattoos: nope...
20. Righty or Lefty: Righty!

___Your 'Firsts'___

21. First best friend: Kathryn!! 12 years babyy!!
22. First Award: i won a race at my brother's sports day when i was 3!! yay for me!!
23. First Sport You Joined: netball!
24. First pet: erm....marmalade!! it was a cat!!
25. First Real Vacation: erm... mmr!?
26. First Concert: spice girls!! loved it!!
27. First Love: james!!! hahahaha

___ Favourites___

28. Movie: there are many!!
29. TV programmes: anythin on nickelodeon!! zoe 101 is sickk!
30. Colour: pink
31. Rapper: 50 cent!
32. Band: love all music really!! northclub.. yeeep!!!
33. Song Right Now: shake that ass for me.. eminem
34. Friends: i love all my friends!
35. Sport to Play: wakeboardin n you dnt play it... you do it!! haha
36. Restaurant: hhhm... canton orchard.. chinese!!
37. Favourite brands: any lol not that picky..
38. Stores: ten feet high store at rother valley!!
39. School Subject: art and sport!!
40. Animal: dog, 2 cats, 6 fish, 1 fuking annoying bird, a rabbit, and 3 geese..
41. Book: cant read!! =[
42. Magazines: any!! i jus look at the pictures!! same as books..
43. Shoes: erm... im not fussy!!


44. Feeling: ill!! =[
45. Single or Taken? single
46. Have a crush: yeahh! never happen tho..
47. Eating: nothing..
48. Drinking: nothing..
49. Typing: msn and this!!
50. Online? yeeeepp!!
51. Listening To: my life be like... Grits
52. Thinking About: what am thinkin about! hahaha
53. Wanting To: do ma work but cant be arsed!!
54. Watching: fuck all!!
55. Wearing: bra and pants.. im in bed!!

___Your Future___

56. Want Kids? yeah! someday!
57. Want to be married? yeah!! big white weddin!!
58. Careers in Mind: dont have a clue! im gunna be a beach bum!!
59. Where do you want to live: australia and own a bar!!
60. Car: hummer!!

__Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

61. Hair colour: brown or blonde!!
62. Hair length: which ever!!
63. Eye colour: dnt mind!!
64. Measurments: hhhm.. where we talkin about now?
65. Cute or Sexy: sexy!!
66. Lips or Eyes: lips and eyes!!
67. Hugs or Kisses: depends how am feeling!!
68. Short or Tall: tall!!
69. Easygoing or serious: easygoing!!
70. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both is good!!
71. Fatty or Skinny: muscular!!
72. Sensitive or Loud: again... both is good!!
73. Hook-up or Relationship: dunno.. depends on the guy!!
74. Sweet or Caring: erm... which ever!!
75. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: troublemaker!!!!! hehe

___Have you ever______

76. Kissed a Stranger: yup!
77. Had Alcohol: yeah!
78. Smoked: yep!!
79. Ran Away From Home: nah!! sept wen i was like 9 and i got to the end of my drive n then gave up!!
80. Broken a bone: my finger?! does that count?
81. Got an X-ray: yeah!! im always gettin them!!
82. Been with someone: hhhhm...
83. Broken Someone?s Heart: hope not!!
84. Cried When Someone Died: yeah!! i cried a rite lot!!! i miss them too!
85. Cried At School: yeah!! i fell of a bench in year 9!! hehe