Cheap Dirt <mastersofboogie>

"The future's cheap, the future's dirrrtyyyy!"

If you live in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire, and you play lead guitar or sing, we would like to hear from you. If you can do both, thats also a bonus,

We have a few songs written already, and have a few more on the way. We don't mind contributions from a new member either, and would encourage any new member to chip in if they have any ideas.

Cheap Dirt needs you!
I need an aspirin......10/6/07
Ok, apparently there IS in fact a decent chance of Ian returning. Either one of them has had a personality transplant, or Ive missed something, lol.

I think this is where I give up trying to figure out what's happening and just inform you we should be back gigging properly again soon. Hopefully we will be back at the Moorings on Sundays for the Open Mic night. I hear theyre missing us....
New Gig9/28/07
Cheap Dirt have a new gig after months of trying to get new band members in to replace Ian McCulloch.

However, we have decided that since Gary is playing one last gig with Open Air at November Rocks, we will be doing a similar one-off show with Ian returning to sing and play lead guitar.

I would also like to point out that it's still looking unlikely that Ian will be returning as tensions exist between him and another band member.

Details for the gig will be updated in our "Upcoming Shows" section on Bebo or on our Myspace page.
Member changes.....AGAIN!9/3/07
This evening was the official beginning of Cheap Dirt Mark II. Gary Hindley, former frontman of popular Aberdeen metal band Open Air, has joined us.

Although we are all disappointed at the demise of Open Air (the rest of us having supported them on various occasions and being fans ourselves), we are delighted that Cheap Dirt can finally begin moving forward again. Given the fact that Gary owns the rights to Open Air's material, its likely that sometime in the future that Cheap Dirt might also play some of Open Air's material (although that wouldnt be for a while yet)