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My fucking weekend.6/1/08
Coffee flavourd Patron iss the shitttt

My fucking weekend was the shit, kids no I'm leaving so we fucking got wasted down like five peoples housessssss fuckin right, went swimming and some chicks called me gawgusss xD..

THen her racist parents got mad and blah bah blahh

Fuckkkkk this weekend was the shit.

Lauren brought me a subway sandwich by taking the money out of her paycheckk.

Cuz she loves meee xD

Anyway peace outtt pplz
I have just had..

THe most awsome fucking day ever.

Okay so all the kids in sail, which is like all my friends, got to to to valley fair and we had the best fucking time ever, the rides their are amazing, and I went on like every one....screaming my head offf on all of em. Much to the ammusment of Laura and Dani.

We went on two water rides andgot fucking sooaakkked.

THen we shanked shit from stores.

I stole alotta shit haha

peacceee Probably going out tonight to.
Its been an average week in hicktown
Aside from the Cubans that I wanna fight and another random rednecks
Erethings cool....had an okay weekend, decided to drink a bottle of vodka without eating anything before...not good....


The weeks been aight nahumsayin bill?
Pon de real tho xD

Walked my friend Katie to Guitar practice and back, cuz I had nothing to effing do
Then me her Dom and Kurt hung out at the middleschool till 8
....and I got in trouble and nbow have a 5:00 curfew on weekdays


New term of racsim4/20/08
Okay, now first I will decode a new racial craze thats sweeping the nation.

You are all aware of the shoes.

"bathing apes"

As you know Ape is a racial slurr for a black person

And its a hip hop brand and hip hop is associated with black people.

The new term for looking cool is fresh.

What do you do after you bathe?

Get fresh

So they are "Bathing Apes" With their shoes and making them "Fresh"

I rest my case.
My Dayyyyy4/19/08
First I went to math..

Fking boring, snuck out in the halla and hung with people

Then in history we are playing a game about stocks in the 1920's and I got RICH



Then in Gym the military came and traine Us.

I pwned Zander and And Don in the obstacle course...

Then hannah thought she could beat me and I pwned her to.


Then I got a wink from some chick in new Prague while I was in the weight room.

I felt good after that xD

Someone gave me Ten Reasons Why People Would Want To Be Like Me4/9/08
1. you're strong
2. you know how to look after yourself
3. you have a loving gf who gives you some
4. cuz you're a nice guy
5. you have sex appeal
6. you're cocky sometimes... but it works out well with you
7. easy going
8. you're attractive
9. i love arguing with you cuz its fun arguments.. so you have the whole debate thing going on that you still hang on to sometimes hahaha
10. you're awesome
11. you're deep and have a really sensitive side

From My Liioon.

A Rp Based In Feudal Japan. 3/22/08
It=Makorai's inner demon

Kiborii: Suki's demon helper.

Click The Title For The Full Story, My Page Only Shows Half Of It.

A stiffled groan came from beneath the silk sheets, soon followed by a set of black cat ears poking out from beneath the covers that blocked out the rest of the world. Pulling the material up to her shoulders, the young cat demoness searched lazily through the pile of clothing scattered across the stone floor of the luxurious room. Finally slipping a shirt on over her upper body, a pair of underwear, and her signature black kimono pants, Suki Saika stumbled away from the bed.

As the other demon in the bed stirred, Suki smirked. "Morning," she said calmly, putting on her belt and fixing her sword. The cat demoness her violet-tipped, black hair, pushing it away from her tanned face. She glanced down at her left hand, the gold ring still settled on her fourth finger. Her smirk widened, violet eyes flashing towards the demon king. Before she sunk through the floor, into her own shadow, she said loud enough for him to barely hear, "I'll see you later, Alcada. Watch Tai for me."

fixed her violet-tipped*.

Whisperd commands, dead comrads, towns and their women wlecoming in the brave boys. Such was war. "FALL BACK" Head resting on the barrel of his rifle , fingers poised on the trigger, musket cocked, Makorai Saika heard the call for the Saika Renegades to fall back, fall back into the saftey off the woods, and away from the approaching demonic horde comming towards them. He ignored it.

"A little closer" The faces of the battalion of the undead, mixed with that of their demon herders grew distinct, along with their manic warcries, his shirt was ripped in several places, showing his tonned body, along with a few scars that ran across them. The head of the leader came into focus. "A little closer..." Click "there..." In a flash the fighter woke up, body drenched with sweat as he

snapped back into reality. "Dream...that..dream...." The musketeer pulled himself up off the floor..ground..wherever the hell he was, and stumbled towards the floor, sleeping bodies scatterd around him. "What the hell happend here..oh...ohh....whats this..." He removed musket, and silver chain from a sleeping form, and creeped it. Then he noticed the rum bottle clutched in his left hand.

"Ohh...that explains things.."

Suki re-appeared in a more familier atmosphere, her own home. "Hey Naomi!" she said cheerfully, scooping the young child into her arms. "How're you doin'?"
"Daddy didn't come home." was the young girl's reply.
Suki's pupils dilated, her eyes narrowing angrily. She bit her bottom lip, drawing blood with her fangs. "Why not?" she said through clenched teeth, her grip tightening viciously.
"He went out drinking." Naomi replied matter-of-factly, jumping down from her mother's arms. "But you weren't home either, so you have nothing to say to him."
"I was on important business.." Suki growled.
For the last few weeks, Suki had been telling her family that she was dealing with family matters in her old village, while really she was sleeping with her pre-Makorai love. Maybe some things really never change.

"I have to take a wicked piss..." He murmerd, unzipping his pants, and littling loose to his urge to pee. After a minute or so, he finished up, and began on the long trek to his house, the inconsisntant ramblings of It plaing in his mind, the demon that possesed the muskateers body, not that Makorai minded of course...he was usefull. Unfortnuatly his essence had been soured by the drinking, and it

would take a long time before the demon washed the negative energy out of his system. After ten minutes or so, Makoria opend the door to his home, and closed it behind him, coat, Muskeet, and belt was dropped to the floor as he walked in. His chocolate brown eyes rested on his wife, and daughter. "Your home?" He asked, neither mad, nor dissapointed.

Suki looked up, blinking innocently. Naomi snickered, greeting her father with a simple "Hey," before sinking into the floor, much slower than her mother could, and with much less professionalism. Suki adverted his gaze, pretending to be interested in a loose thread on her t-shirt. "Ah, yeah. Mom and Dad finished their arguement last night. They're working down through the family now, seeing which of us have to go to battle if needed." she lied, the words coming out like they were true. Like magic and dancing, or the ability to out-drink her husband on any day, lying came as an art to the demoness.

"Really now?" Makorai smiled. The renegade was no fool. He gave the same story to Akeila many a time. But while It screamed for him to say something, he stayed calm moving past her, and onto a small mat against the wall, positioning himself slowly into a sitting position, removing his shirt as his body lay against the wall. "Is that so....battle...Well dear, I hope you can sort everything out back at home now...." he smiled, but his smile showed no signs of the normal jovial, cunning, and happy mood that usually associated itself with his demeanur. No, it was cold, plain as if saying, we both know..stop the bullshit.

Suki shifted uncomfortably as Kiborii's dark voice rang through her ears. "You know that I love you deceiving Makorai, Suki, but this...this is wrong." she snapped. "Shut up.." Suki thought angrily. "I can handle this."

She glanced at Makorai, but her eyes caught on his, and she felt her stomach knot. Though she was nervous, she kept her eyes set on his. "I'll be going back home for a few weeks. There's five of us, so there's alot of tests to be done. Only two of us are being chosen, and I'm praying that it'll be Junai and Koda. Those two will have eachother killed," she said calmly, smiling slightly.

"Mmmmmm.....a few weeks?" Makorai stood up, and moved over to her, his muscular arm raising, while his hand slowly stroked the side of her face. Purple flashed in his eyes, and in a split second he gripped her arms tight, and pulled her towards his body, lips locking with hers furiously...for a few long moments....before releasing slowly...eyes looking into her own as he spoke, voice heavy, on the

verge of something..but what? what was this alien emotion that assulted the mans voice as he spoke. "Take our daughter with you...dont bother comming back." He replied, releasing her, and moving away..away, back to the saftey of his couch. "Dont come back."

Suki's eyes flashed a violent red, the violet tips of her hair changing with her eyes. She gritted her teeth, clenching her fists angrily as she tried not to scream. Naomi was nearby, she might hear. She couldn't risk that.
"Why are you doing this?" she growled.

"I have my have yours...." Makorai smiled to himself, brushing some hair from his face as he spoke through that empty and heartless smile on his face, words comming out smooth as silk. "Keep your wedding ring so my daughter doesnt worry...tell her Daddys gone off to do something..your a demon..good at lying right?" Another hint, not directly said, but hinted. "For the kid..."

"And your an asshole. Good at letting people down, right?" Suki shot back, eyes narrowing. She felt blood trickle down her wrist as her claws dug into the palms of her hands. "What's the matter with you? A straight answer is all I ask for!" She knew that she was found out, but even when cornered, she couldn't help but instinctly act innocent in all ways. It had gotten her out of many situations before, so why not this one?

"I hope his cock felt good inside you." Was his reply, the mans muscular body raising up from the couch, and toward the kitchen, he allowed himself a small smole of satisfaction..but...even as he said it...and felt a strange little victory..but it was a tasteless one...not filled with the normal good feeling his otherones was..strnagly empty. "Want anything to eat?" "I'm hungry.." He called from the kitchen, feeling strangly calm...only due to the fact that It was keeping all of his emotions in check.

"Like you haven't stuck your's in Akeila since we've gotten married," Suki muttered, making sure she said it loud enough for him to hear. Kiborii's voice stated warnings in her mind, but she ignored them. "Don't be stupid Suki...just give up." the shadow repeated over and over. "Fuck off, Kiborii." Suki said out loud, louder than she had wanted to. She made slow, light steps into the kitchen, though, sitting on the counter, but staying clear of Makorai.

"Yeah..yeah....we both make mistakes..." The sinking feeling in his heart continued, as he felt himself drawing to a close a relationship he was, in all honestly, addicted to. He loved her dearly, and doing this...just made him feel sick...but he had to, it was now or never, either he severd the bond or...or he wouldnt be able to in a long time...probably wouldnt be able to untill he shoved his musket barrel into his mouth and pulled the trigger. "Even more reason for stop being with eachother...try to be happy again...hah...." He didnt really mean anything he said but..he had to say it. "Want anything to eat?" he asked again

"What do you have against Alcada, anyway?" Suki blurted out, inoring his offer for the second time. "It's not like he's ever done anything to you. Honestly, Makorai! You're too protective! It's not like we're-" she stopped, her mouth hanging open. She closed it slowly, biting her tongue. "Married." Kiborii said through Suki's mouth, causing the cat demoness to growl angrily. "But we are." she said, this time talking on her own.

"Hahaha..hahaha...HAHAHAHA!" A loud mirthless laugh errupted from the base of his lungs, and forth from his mouth, had back as he let the sounds burst forward from him, after he stopped, he returned to the rice and eggs we was making, starting to sizzle under the rising heat. "Been fucking Alcada..cant blame you he's probably better then me anyway." He continued to smile, shaking the small pan around a bit. "Go back to him, let him take care of you, its about time this renegade followed the wind out of here....Tai...Tai....he was a good kid when I knew him..I dont know whats become of him now though...oh well. He turned to her, pan falling off the stove, and spilling its contents to the floor with a loud crash. "Think about me when you fuck him..haha..." Another empty laugh.

"Tai's doing fine." Suki said cooly. "In case you didn't know it, he's training for war. For the demons. So, I hope you two go into battle, okay? So he can show you not to mess with the superior species." she jumped down from the counter, taking a few steps towards the door. Her shadow snaked up her legs, but as they reached her waist, words that she had been trying to contain slipped through her parted lips. "And, for you last comment," she hissed, "I do." And she sunk into her shadow, gone.

He heard her words, and felt her disspear...weight settled on his heart, but..also...a tiny..oh so tiny speck of hope...maybe..he could run on it? Let him at leaste take it to the saika camp? Makorai packed a few mainly..a few keepsakes he wanted to take with him. "And off..." He turned the stove off. And tidied up a bit...why? Who knows.... "And off...I go..." Shirt, coat, boots,

belt and musket back in place the renegade left, walking down a winding path, deep into the woods thta led to..well...he didnt know, but it led to somewhere away from his house, away from the memories...away from the pain. "If I meet you in battle Tai.." he sighed. "Your going to kill me but...I'll try and give you a fight to remember." It hissed.

Suki re-appeared in Alcada's castle, Naomi settled in her arms. "I know you and dad were fighting, so don't bother making up some stupid story for me." the child said calmly, going towards the hallway, searching for a room to call her own. Suki sighed, making her way into Alcada's room. "Gimme my bra, sicko." she snapped, holding out her clawed, bloody hand at the sight of the lacey support hanging from the bed post closest to Alcada. "Well isn't somebody a tad bit on the moody side today," he said smoothly, tossing her the bra. Suki snarled, turning her back on him and stuffing the clothing into her pocket. "Where's Tai?" she asked briskly, but left the room without waiting for the answer. She didn't need to know.

Makorai sighed, his heart not bearing what had happend, and what he knew..and...and the though of...a bullet...seemed..oh so delicous right now, a bullet could just end all this pain, all this torment...."No.." He firmly murmerd, his pace increasing to a jog, and then to a run as he....tried to get to his destination faster..or perhaps, outrun the thoughts and pain that plauged him, it was unbearable...but he would never give anyone the satisfaction of knowing he had ended his own life because of a would live..and move on..thats if the war didnt kill him before thta time came. "Oh well.." he mutterd as it gave him a little boost. and let the lean fighter run faster, without tiring. "First stop...the nearest Saika camp I can find.." 'Suki...' He thought abesently. 'Why...'

Suki snapped her fingers, not waiting for her shadow to cover her body this time, but vanishing into a spiral of tormented shadows, sending her through the realm that she hated to visit, but the horror movie playing in front of her eyes soon ended, as she was spit out of the vortex, landing gracefully on a high tree branch. Her ears twitched as they picked up the sound of Makorai's voice. "He's close.." Suki whispered, her breathing stiffling as she waited.

His breathing increased, and grew heavy as he felt the weight of fatigue close in on him, and the rifleman slowed down back to a walk, disgarding all cloths above his waist, and stuff them into the woven travel back he used, It began to rejuvenate his body..but at a slow pace, not wanting his only anchor to this relm to kill himself by over exerting energy. "Why...." He knew things would have turned out nicer with Akeila but...she could never attact him in the way Suki did and maybe...maybe that was a flaw he had.

"Hey, dickhead." Suki called once he came into sight. She slid from the tree branch, landing on her feet without stumbling, cutting off his path. "Would an apology be enough for you?" she asked, her voice softer than usual. Her eyes were large, her lower lip quivering only the slighteset bit. Was it enough for forgiveness? She hoped so. But, with someone as in love as Makorai, anything should work for her.

Makorai stopped, eyes locked with hers as the very demoness that stood in his path apologised to him, cute looking, sounding sad, a very convinving act, that would never be enough for him, and the musketeer responded in the following, moving around her as he continued his walk. "You dont understand you demon?" She was no longer Suki, his wife. She was a demon, just a demon.

"I dont want you back...I dont..want you in my life, the only time I ever want to see you again, is when you and Tai attack my squad, and your son kills me. " "Dont torment me, I have one demon doing that..and...and..." He stopped. and continued, hiding his face. "Thats enough...go back to Alcada...go back to his castle...I dont travel with you any longer."

Suki stopped, her heart racing as she as shut down. She turned, facing his back. She was mad, broken, failed. She wanted to give up so badly, but she couldn't. Not now. She ran behind him, turning to her kitten form. The small black mini-demon jumped onto Makorai's shoulder, purring in his ear. "I'm sorry," she whispered, licking his cheek with her rough tongue. "I really am this time.'

"You dont understand do you.." He murmerd, feeling a laceration cut through his heart as he felt her familiar tongue brush across his cheek, pain welled inside his cut...and his chest..but he stayed strong. "This is it..a human can only" He pushed the kitten off his shoulder, and walked on. "Go to a superior with stronger emotions...Alcada...."

"yeah...go back to Alcada...not me..demon..dont you understand?" His face fell lower, and the cockyness in his step, was gone, now..he was just a man, just an ordinary...heartbroken man. "I cant take anymore...leave me...dont torment me anymore."

Suki went back to her semi-human form, a disappointed look set across her smooth face. "Demons can't love the way humans do," she said slowly. "That's why I need you. Alcada..he's just sex. There's nothing more to it than that." she breathed out slowly, crossing her long fingers behind her back, "But're so much more."

"Shut up, Suki. You lost." Kiborii said into her ears. "You're just being retarded now. Just...shut up." the shadow sighed, defeated by Suki's emotions drowing her out. "Fine. Be a moron. Just like Makorai." and she disappeared, slithering across the shadey ground, away from Suki's determined demon body.

"Well then...fuck Alcada and find another human boytoy...another one who can be devoted to you..and give you" He spat the word out, anger flooding momentarily over his calm voice. "I'm not special Suki...I'm just like every other human man out there..go..go do what you demons do." He began to walk faster, away from her, Its power coursing through his viens.

"Seduce him..make him want you...then he'll marry you...and make him dumb this time..dumb so he doesnt...know what your doing." Makoria grew silent, and continued on his path, not looking back. "Leave me Su-....demon.."

Suki bit her tongue, not wanting to say anything, but needing to take action. She disappeared, appearing again in front of Makorai. Her hands went straight to his shoulders, her claws digging into his skin. "I'm more than a demon, Makorai." she said, her voice cold and smooth as ice. "And if I'm not, then you've got to remember that I'm [i]your[/i] demon." She stopped, pressing her lips together. Her eyes wandered across his face for a moment, then locked on his brown eyes. She felt lost in those eyes, and then couldn't help but move closer to him, until she could smell him so much better. Then her lips parted, and she could almost taste him. And then she gently pressed them against his, her eyes closing as her arms stiffened, waiting for his reaction
Chad Davidson: like..Did you all hear...I made the football team

De-tray Jones: Nigga why you always be fron'in wit dat shit?

Chad: Huh?

Benji Morrison: I..I think he said..W-well...why are you off...

Chad: Do you want to go in the Locker Punk?

Wylee Ryder: Do you want to suffer Lacerations to your face?

Chad: O_O NO..I..need my face..for..eating and winking at the cheerleaders...

De-tray: Aww niggas scared.

Benji: Wheres El Caliente and Mr Bootastic?

De-tray: Makin' dat money nuhimsayin bill?

Benji: My- mynames...benji


Benji: -cries-


De-tray: Where did my creepy nigga go?

Wylee Ryder: Haha....

De-tray: There he be.

Osiath: Is knowone going to be feeding me of the emo children yet?

Wylee: I'm going to rip out your throat.

Chad: O_O

De-tray: yo nigga thats cold






"Yule Tide Carols..being sung around the fire..."



I never thought I'd say this.

Or admit this.


-sigh- wrong...


I'm a fan of it myself so it hurts alot...

But listin, once you start going on porn, you cant stop, and its something that claws at you each and every day, untill you break down and go on it again. I went...two months without going on porn, and that was back when I was...12, now I cant break the habit, and porn fucks with your brain, and you cant even walk anywhere without seeing a chick, and thinking about porn...and other...things. It kills the natural beauty of girls...kills their charm...kills that innocent love you felt for that little girl who lived across from you , and then you just think..well..shes a slut like all the rest of the chicks online, then you start to think that every girls just a slut who hasnt started on her sluttish time yet..then you loose respect, and just see chicks as meat puppets, who exsist only to be fucked, then move on to the next guy who wants to fuck them.

SOmetimes you can move back from this.

I only can if I really get to know the girl, and if she..well...acts respectful and not to loose...

So yeah...dont start..

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