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"We Won't Die"

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Condolences To Paul Gray.5/26/10
Leave Your Condolences Here.
Paul Has Been an Icon to a Lot of People Over the Past 11 Years In Slipknot.
He Leaves Behind His Wife Brenna, His Unborn Daughter, His Brothers In Slipknot and his Millions Of Fans.

1999 Slipknot Skin Available2/16/09
New Skin Available
Check It Out!
Latest Shit11/11/08
Havent Really Updated Here in a While!!
Made two New Skins!!
One You can View On This Page,
The Other Is A Corey Taylor One.
Which Can Be Found Here:

Also I've Uploaded Dead Memories Video!!
Roadrunner Keep Takin them Off!!

Check Em Out!!

- Stephen
New Album Reviews8/26/08
Alri, Now U Have Heard "All Hope Is Gone"
I Want Ye to Post Ur Views On the Album Here

Discuss The New Slipknot
The New Sound,
Whether You Like it Or LOVE it
Coming Soon:
Poll About Album

- Stephen
Cancelled Tours8/24/08
Cancelled Leeds Fest Didnt go Down Well With Fans

While DROPKICK MURPHYS were playing their afternoon slot yesterday (August 22), a plane flew over the stage dangling a banner with "SLIPKNOT UK tour tickets on sale."

Fan At Leeds, Starting Booing At A Slipknot Banner(wankers)
For Cancelling

The DROPKICKS themselves could be heard saying, "It's rubbing salt into the wounds."

Corey Taylor Says, He's Proud That He Has Only Cancelled 4 Shows In His Career
And thats due to Physically Not Able

Slipknot Will Be Back In The Uk in December, When they Play With Children Of Bodom
New Album leaked8/23/08
Yes The New Album has been leaked around the net!
i will not be giving out links/ or emailing the album
so stop asking
go buy it!!
i will be too!!

Preview Of Album Available8/9/08
30-second audio samples of all the tracks that appear on the new SLIPKNOT album, "All Hope Is Gone", are available for streaming at the Nuclear Blast Musicshop.

Check it out For Yourself :D

Credit: Slipknot-Metal

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"snuff" Preview7/31/08
Like To Get Your Hands On "SNUFF" 30 Sec Preview?
Head On Over to Slipknot-metal
Or Click this Link:
Slipknot News7/29/08
Tattered And Torn (c)
Slipknots New Clothing Line Comes Out At the End Of August
Under the Name "Tattered and Torn"
For Previews Of the New Clothing
Head On Over to

Sid Breaks Both Ankles
Sid Has Broke Both his Ankles On the First Mayhem Show!
He Is Currently Performing In a Wheelchair
And He Said " Its all In a Days Work"

"the makin of - All Hope is Gone"
In addition to the standard edition of SLIPKNOT's new album, "All Hope Is Gone", a special edition of the LP will be released featuring three bonus tracks, expanded artwork and a bonus DVD containing "Nine: The Making Of All Hope Is Gone" ? a 35-minute documentary directed by Shawn "Clown" Crahan.

Tours Announced
SLIPKNOT will play at The Trusts Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand on October 22. Support at the show will come from MACHINE HEAD.

For More Dates, Head Over to Slipknots Offical Myspace
Clown : I Rather Be Doin Anything Other Than Slipknot Right Now7/26/08
Slipknot rocker M. Shawn 'Clown' Crahan desperately wants to leave the band to spend more time with his family.

The percussionist admits he has become disillusioned with life on the road with the heavy rock group and hopes he will be able to quit or take an extended hiatus.

Crahan's wife Chantal was diagnosed with bowel condition Crohn's disease in 2001, and the star insists he would love to be at home with her and their four children.

He says, "I'm in a really weird place in my life right now. I'm at a point where I wouldn't say I'm having a mid-life crisis but... I'd love to be doing anything other than Slipknot right now.

"I've never wanted to be around my family as much as I want to be around them now. My wife is in the best health she's been in for a long while and I'm enjoying watching my kids grow up.

"I guess I don't know who I am any more and that's pretty scary."

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