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yashin gig4/19/09
hey guys just want to give a massive shout out to everyone who came along to the gig last night, you guys were totally awesome!!! hopefully after everyones reaction to yashin last night it could help us get some more bands like them up here.

so on behalf of yashin, us , no exit wound and he slept on 57...cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok ok, not quite a new song, but we recorded a demo and I've uploaded it for you to listen to.

We recorded it in Skinandi's and Stevie's spare room. It's a demo, but we know people like this song, so here it is.


The Fly Magazine - Live Review6/12/08
Astronot ? Skinandi?s, Thurso

You can?t go much further North than Thurso without shaking hands with Eskimos ? the bracing wind tearing at your face should remind you that this ain?t Kansas. It?s a surprise then, to discover a genuine treasure in these hostile climes. Three burly Highlanders who play burly rock ?n? roll, a bit like Foo Fighters reborn in a Caithness croft. Almost from blast off the pace accelerates, with riffs and songs flashing by like landscape beside a speeding train. Lead track ?Keep Your Dreams? sums up Astronot ? the everymen battling against small town indifference, dreaming of a victory that may never come. Sharp as a scythe, yet with a tenderness to match, Astronot are an intriguing proposition. Time to hit the North.
Is this music - review4/23/08
Nobody seems to know where the problem lies with bands these days. Ever since Pete Doherty and co. crawled out of that fateful crack den it seems that something has been lacking from the world of guitar music. Astronot seem to know the answer: great, big hairy riffs, played by great big hairy Highlanders. Hailing from Thurso (just North of nowhere map fans) the band have built up a solid live reputation with a searingly tight set. This EP screams ?rock is back? until its throat is raw, and its frets are covered in blood. Full throttle, totally committed riot ?n? roll from the sticks, Astronot seem set to scare the bejesus out of the hairspray and skinny jeans brigade. A tartan Foo Fighters, watch this lot soar into the stratosphere.
ironwork electric 6 gig2/25/08
hey just u massive cheers to all that seen us at the ironworks last friday, u were awesome!!
if u managed to get any pics or vidoes, let us know and we will get them up

cheers again