Amanda Heather <mandybumps>

"Hi PEEPS!!"

Words that memma n manda say:8/3/07
Memma: right im gonna put white stuff on ur eyes den black stuff (dodgey)

Manda: I found the hole in ur horse!!!! as she said it excitedly

Manda: er...memma u put it on record

Memma: AWWWW!!!!CRAP!!!!

Few months later!!

Manda: i shall attack u with ma nipple (rise her arm in a weridly postion)

Memma: ur attackin scott with ur nipple??

Time wen memma slepovr @ manda 2nd home

Manda: US1 i found a virgina in ma pocket

Manda: OMG!!! da dog turn inside-out n turn itself into somethin dodgey!!!!

Memma: i'll call nichole in da mornin

Manda: it is already mornin

Memma: SHUT UP!!! i mean @ 10am i shall call her

meanwhile on msn.....


Meanwhile on our way to Glasgow...

Manda: Are we in Australia?

Emma: fits of laughter.

Emma: Says this really loudly outside a very busy shop "Is that a shite shop?!?"

Manda: Yellow car no backies!!!!!

Emma: It's gold!!! *punches amanda*

Emma: U look like ur getting crushed by the ball!

Wen memma came round 2 mandas house....

Memma: (in a painc voice) get down der will be a murder!!!

Manda: (says in a relax voice) Nah proberly isnt

Memma: Sex was meant 2 hav a "c"

Few years on........

Memma: Cum is like white pastel

Manda: U mean like that (point to the pancake mix)

Memma: No thats more cream

When Memma was sleeping over @ Manda's 2nd home....

Both: one uno one uno one (boring sex life)

Both: Date him where else HABBO!!!

Walking home from English Prelims

Manda: I wanna make every bush in different shapes

hopefully memma n manda will cume up somethin new.....