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AutismMar 18
People With Autism(me and others)
Find it difficult to understand
Find it difficult to understand facial expressions,body language,
have difficulty recognising peoples feelings or expressing their own,
struggle to make and keep friends and maintain other social relationships,
find it difficult to understand and predict peoples behaviour,
what i did/what i went thou8/26/12
Give her a roof over her head
Brought her things
Went to her Appointments
Sat with each other on buses and trains
Went for meals
Days out
Downloaded things
Text each other
Made Things with her

What I went thou
Got accused of Aligations that were not true
Got Harrassd over along period of time due to person:(
Nearly lost my close friends around me,includin my parents
Got the Police inviolved a few times due to other person
Got Accused of been made out as a bad person
Went thou stress
not afraid/sorry7/19/12
im not afraid to love again,and not afraid to be close,just because people make mistakes in life,but we are who we are,and that what makes us who we are,we are not diffent to nobody.
yeah people make mistakes and hurt the ones that matter :/ but we then realise the mistakes and learn frm them to become better people in life.

Sorry for the ones that we hurt
Sorry for the mistakes we have done
Sorry for been taken for grantted
Sorry for been make a fool of
Sorry for Been Honest with feelings and things we do
Sorry for been who we are
Sorry for what we stand up for
Sorry for been strong
Sorry for what we believe in,
Sorry for what is right and what is wrong
Sorry for hearts that come apart
Sorry for feelings to be hurt
32nd Birthday Wishes 6/24/12
Thank you Very Much for my Birthday Wishes on my Facebook Profile and to the people who also have me on there Bebo profiles aswell And thank you C.Ronaldo,Kirsten Stewart,Steven Mcqueen and Rihanna My Friend),Hilary Duff for my Birthday wishes :)
Lily Rose aka Lady Gaga on Facebook5/5/12
You guys randomly start talking one day. He compliments you and tells you you're pretty and cute. He asks you about your past relationships and you ask him about his. When you tell him you've been hurt multiple times, he tells you that those guys are all jerks and stupid for letting a girl like you go. You then tell him more stories about your past and he tells you his. He starts flirting with you and you start flirting back. Then he asks for your number and you give it to him right away. The next day he texts you and tells you good morning and tells you to have a good day. Soon talking to him becomes part of your daily routine and you wait for him every day to text you. Whenever you recieve something from him, you start smiling and your day istantly becomes better. He texts you daily asking how your day went. You talk to him all night and he always asks if you are tired and if you want to go to bed. The night conversations you have with him are always the best and the deepest. You sleep when he sleeps and he sleeps when you sleep. Now he wants to meet up and hang out with you. When you meet up with him, you feel even more chemistry with him and you feel butterflies in your stomach everytime you talk to him. Now you tell your friends about what an amazing guy he is and you are interested in him. Soon he confesses that he is interested in you and you tell him that the feeling is mutual. You go on more dates with him and he starts giving you nicknames and calling you babydoll. You feel like you're the happiest girl alive and the feeling is so strong between you both. One day, he suddenly stops texting you first. When you both talk now, it's only because you hit him up first. Things changed and you don't understand what unexpectedly happened. He stops putting effort talking to you and doesn't show that he still wnats to be with you. You become extremely clingy and you don't want another girl in the picture. You can't help wondering what went wrong. You ask him if anything is wrong and he tells you that everything is fine. Then you start thinking he's mad at you for something you did, but he assures you that you need to relax and everything's okay. He tells you that he's been busy. So you wait for a while and nothing is changing. He's still 'busy' all the time and he doesn't even try to talk to you. Now every time you talk to him it becomes an arguement. And you get scared that you are being annoying by hitting him up first, so you stop talking to him. Months pass and you don't talk to him at all. You never know what happened rom his point of view. Because of him, every day and night you're hurt and upset. You don't know what went wrong in the relationship between you two. Your riends tell you to forget him and that he doesn't deserve someone like you. But you can't seem to listen to them, you're already too attached to him. You miss that old person he used to be and you don't even know what he has changed into. And one day you see that he has a new girl in his life. He's calling her cute names and telling her everything he used to tell you. He calls her baby and tells her he thinks she's gorgeous. He tells her everything you've heart beore. He seems completely fine without you and now he has someone else to talk to and text everyday and ngiht. You refuse to believe that he played you, but it's true. You can't stop thinking about him and you cry every night thinking about him. You still secretly hope that one day he will start talking to you again and you guys will pick up where you last left off but you also know that it will never ever happen. You compare every guy you meet with him. He's already forgotten about you but you're still having a hard time letting go. Sound familiar?
The Seven things i love/hate about you4/9/12
The seven things I hate about you ;
Oh, you
You're vain
Your games
You're insecure
You love me, you like her
You made me laugh, you made me cry, I don't know which side to buy
Your friends, they're jerks, and when you act like them, just know it hurts
I wanna be with the one I know
And the seventh thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you. ?
 0 Comments­p?id=100003022550402 Justin Kidrauhl12/24/11
Anthony man! You're a good friend, you gave me a lot of advice. And everyone loves you, Gaga does...Beyonce does...and even Rihanna. (im jello :/ /) Dude, whatever you do...remember: people cant hurt you before you let them.
Personal heartache11/26/11
im goin thou ? ache with a girl called paige dunmore who has been liein and makin me out as a bad person when ive done nothing wrong,all ive done is this to her,1. bailed her out on xmas last year cos her old boyfriend didnt want her,
2. she attacks her own sister on boxin day,she accuses my father of attackin her which is a lie,she accuse me of copyright and she drags my name thou the social services in the uk for nothing and her mother things im a bad person cos i wont help her and my girlfriend look after her sister elli tonight
Sacha L Parkinson11/10/11 this member is threatin my account,cos i have real celebs on it :'(
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