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eighteen ?
? indigent ?
????- e.browning

??????nineteen ?
??????? gallant ?
??????????- m. kunis

twenty ?
? light hearted ?
????- a. heard

??????seventeen ?
??????? autonomous ?
??????????- s. johansson

eighteen ?
? mordacious ?
????- v. hudgens

??????twenty ?
??????? aphotic ?
???????????- n. dobrev

nineteen ?
? jubilant ?
????- e. watson

??????seventeen ?
??????? chaste ?
???????????- l. vandervoort

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nineteen ?
? enamour ?
????- m. irons

??????eighteen ?
??????? corrupted ?
??????????- a. merax

twenty ?
? vulnerable ?
????- i. somerhalder

??????nineteen ?
??????? ferocious ?
???????????- c. crawford

eighteen ?
? pessimistic ?
????- a. pettyfer

??????twenty ?
??????? protective ?
???????????- b. barnes

nineteen ?
? charming, sarcastic, protective ?
????- p. wesley

??????eighteen ?
??????? sinister ?
???????????- g. ulliel


seventeen ?
? broken - human
????- image in description ..

Ruby has hair as black as raven wings. It is straight and falls all the way to her hips. It makes her skin seem deathly paler, but never takes anything away from her beauty. Her eyes are silver, blazing with so much intensity all the time. Her eyes surrounded by long, dark lashes that create dark crescents just above her high cheekbones. She has a small, neat nose. She has a set of dark, ruby red lips that seem to have a natural pout to them. Her lips have been this dark since the day she was born, given the name her father gave her. Ruby is tiny in form, but very strong minded.

Ruby?s mother died at childbirth, meaning Ruby never got to meet her mother. Her dad named her, and raised her until she was 4. He was than murdered. Ruby has no idea who murdered her father and why. She doesn?t want to know really, she barely knew her father and didn?t want to dig up her past, knowing both her parents were gone. She lived in foster home after foster home for most of her life. When she turned 16, she ran away. Now she isn?t exactly on the run, but she is fighting a battle of survival, and depending on only herself. She is lost, broken but so fierce and neglected that she doesn?t depend on anyone, nor does she want to. But she doesn?t realize that if she breaks anymore, there will be no soul to be fixed.

??????eighteen ?
??????? innocent - human
???????????- image in description

Desire has dark chocolate brown, almost black, curly hair. She is petite and delicate, like a tiny bird. She has big green eyes that capture your attention almost instantly. She has beautiful high cheekbones that would be perfect to sketch. Her lips are soft, lush and a deep pink. Her skin a creamy, olive skin tone colour.

Desire was born into a normal life, simple, loving. She lived with her family, she grew up. When she turned 15, her mother had her baby brother; Jason. They then found that her mother was dying of a bad case of cancer. She ended up dying a year later. Her dad was rather lost and getting older by this stage, so it was better that he stayed with people who could focus on looking after him. Desire started looking after her brother at the age of 17. Her whole life and reason for existence was Jason.

??????nineteen ?
??????? innocent yet fierce - telepathic human
???????????- image in description

Melia has gold hair, neatly cropped around her face, making her very high cheekbones stand out. Her eyes are a deep ocean blue with flecks of black. Her lips are pink and plump, but not overly big. She has a soft creamy coloured skin. She isn't too tall, but isn't small either. She is curvy and petite and all round beautiful, though she doesn't know it.

Melia grew up with a big family, though, she thought it to be sometimes too big. She spent a lot of time though, even if there were lots of people, alone. Melia didn't like being confined in small spaces, or talking to so many people at once; this was mainly because of her ability to read minds. So many thoughts and feelings and even memories would fill her head, and she couldn't handle it. As innocent and calm as Melia is most of the time, she stands up for herself. She can be fierce and snarky when she wants to be. She has ventured out on her own, travelling to a distant place in the world in hopes of some kind of alone time.

??????seventeen ?
??????? powerful but compassionate - fairie
???????????- image in description

Belle is a fairie. Her hair is white blond and long, it has sections that are tinted blue. She has violet eyes and pink lips that are somewhat perfect. Her face and body are perfectly proportioned as she is one of the fey. She doesn't have the pointed ears as that is just a myth. Belle isn't tiny, but she isn't the tallest either. Her gift is that she has skill in controlling people, she isn't cruel and violent, but she knows how people work and is rather compassionate. She is destined to become a great leader of her people.

She is to become a princess of her kind, the job description allowing no room for intruders. She is a little bit wearing about becoming the princess, but she was born into this destiny and has to fulfil it. She will do her job well though, she has her mother as a role model. There is no time for any distractions, but Belle has a tendency to get herself into mischief, if it isn't by herself, but it's with her friends. As serious and compassionate as she can be, she is a creature that can't be contained.

????????ILA' - eye - la
??????eighteen ?
??????? a dark but needy soul that is lost - human
???????????- image in description

Ila has short cropped hair, copper curls that frame her face. Her eyes are a very pale blue, almost a grey colour. She has pale skin. She has freckles only across her nose, they stand out against her pale skin but take nothing from her humane beauty. As beautiful to the eye as Ila may be, she is almost gone. She was abandoned, hurt, abused, tortured and broken. She has completely closed herself off, she hasn't laughed or smiled since her mother was alive.

Her father abandoned her, he was a drunk and couldn't care less about the chick he got knocked up. Her mother was a great mother, but god decided that life was just too good and decided that her mother would get a brain tumour. It was unknown till it was too late. Not too long after Ilah's mother's passing, a group of guys came looking for Ilah's father. Apparently her father had borrowed something from them and hadn't paid them back, it must have been something important as they tortured her to get information out of her on where to find her father.

She did eventually get out of there, but she hasn't been the same since. Now she is a creature that people avoid. She has no friends, no family and is completely okay with it - so she tells herself. She just goes through life, being alive, but never truly living.
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