' Ultimate - <GloryForTheInsidious>

"A race to the death is like a race to the finish~!"

Colosseum // Europe (Level Two)8/3/11
Background: Within one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and Roman engineering, the second leg of the race was about to begin. Different floors and sections of huge amphitheater, the remaining teams will appear, waiting to continue on with the race. This time around though has become more difficult, as there's no map but there are only 6 special items/artifacts. Teams will have to navigate through the massive, 6 acre amphitheater with them fighting off new obstacles. Inside the Colosseum, the skeletons of the dead Roman soldiers will arise, along side the ghost of dead lions. Mid-day, yet the Colosseum is closed with the sun beaming down upon the rafters and the participants. Level Two of The Ultimate Race had just begun!

Moving on: Just like, Level One, you must obtain at least one item for you to move on. But, instead of inserting the object into the slot, you must stand within the center of the Colosseum and a beam of translucent yellow light will transport you to the next level.

Map: There is none. Just a link showing the view of the amphitheater/ the Colosseum.
Link ;; http://www.bebo.com/c/photos/view?Me...

Item location ;;
1) Harp - Under the recently built wooden bridge.
2) Cryogenic Flute - Within one of the hypogeum tunnels guarded by a ghostly lion.
3) Poseidon's Trident - One of the weapons being used by a skeletal Roman soldier.
4) Persephone's Pearls(3) - All three in the south end of the Colosseum inside the Emperor's special viewing box.
5) Dream Catcher - North end of the Colosseum inside the Vestal Virgins special viewing box.
6) Golden Sash - Being worn as a belt by one of the skeletal Roman soldiers.

Rules: Same like level one, check the forums. If you're mobile, simply go down to the blog before this one. Only one additional rule.
- If you obtained an item from level one, you're able to use it now.
Ask Hybrid the main moderator for the items special ability or use.

Objective: To survive! Also, with the extra things stated previously in Level One. We'd love to see team work while trying to retrieve the items.
St. Pauls Cathedral // Europe (Level One)7/16/11
Background: Within the one of largest churches of the world, all the teams would appear within different sections of the massive church encased within a translucent beam of yellow light. The race has already begun and they can't quit until they finish the race. The massive church bell chimed, it had struck midnight and moon was within a lunar eclipse, high within the night sky. Its tangerine like glow would come through the churches stained windows, a map of the church and the items would appear within thin air. Upon grabbing the map, they're able to begin mobilizing. Yet, finding these items will not be easy, as even with the map, the church is booby trapped and the various obstacles that will come and challenge them will show to be very promising. The city of London was sleep, no street cars could be herd, and that was when the participants were to worry. This was Level One of The Ultimate Race!

Moving on: After you obtain one of the special items, you'll go back to the Churches main door. Once reaching the door, a slot will open and you'll have to place the artifact within the slot. Once it closes and it is the right item, then the door will open and the translucent yellow light will suck the team through to the next level.

Setting: St. Paul's Cathedral, United Kingdom, London.

Map: The red dots indicates the location of items. The green lines/areas indicate the location of booby traps. The blue dots indicates the various obstacles the participants will have to fight to continue throughout the race.
Link ;; http://www.bebo.com/c/photos/view?Me...

Item location ;;
1.) Samurai Helmet - To the right along the wall, close to the front door.
2.) Scimitar - To the left along the wall, close to the front door.
3.) Crystal Ball - In the catacombs of the church, the basement.
4.) Jaded Multi-facet Mirror - In the choir pits, under the floor board.
5.) Golden Fleece - In one of the Churches office, by the organ.
6.) Pocket Watch - Upon a podium.
7.) Flute - Inside the organ pipes.
8.) Amber Ring - To the right of the church, somewhere by the dome.
9.) Halo - At the top of the dome, suspended in air.

Rules: Check the forum, if you're mobile, here are the basics.
- There are no rules.
Just think logically, don't spam moves just because there are no rules.
- Reaction time is found, not given.
- No god-modding.
Will result in disqualification.

Objective: To see excellent team work whilst in the process of retrieving the various items.