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American Wrestling Revolution Hierarchy (Apart From Roster)8/10/11
Board Of Directors
-Brian Robinson
(Robinson was bought in under the new regime by Edwards and Wilson. He was seen as a man that could bring stability to the board room.)

-David Godsman
(Godsman is a close friend of Steve Wilson and has been in the board room since the beginning of AWR. Godsman has been very vocal in obtaining new signings in AWR.)

-Charlie Harrington
(Harrington is a brand new member of the board room bought in by Watkins, his experience in other top business such as Adidas that bought him to the attention of Watkins.)

-Steve Wilson
-Chris Edwards
-Brandon Watkins

Executive Officers
-Michael Connelly - Chief Financial Officer
(Connelly is new to AWR and is seen as the man that has stabled the financial side of the company. His input into the stocks have left AWR at an all time high and his work is noticed worldwide.)

-Darren Dunn - Chief of Marketing
(Dunn is another new member to the backstage of AWR, he makes sure that merchandise is sold, tickets are sold, his job is priceless.)

-Harry Wilson - International Relations
(Harry Wilson is the brother of owner Steve Wilson and has been bought in to promote the business worldwide. His aim is to get AWR booming around the world with tours and other promotional ideas.)

-Jamie Craven - Talent Relations
(Craven probably has one of the toughest jobs in AWR, his job is to sign and release superstars in the company.)

-Linda Robinson - Business Development
(Robinson is in the company to make sure that everything is running smoothly. She also has the aim of developing the company and improving in every step it takes.)

-Bryan Roberts - Chief Scout/Consultant
(Roberts is a part time AWR competitor but was bought in by Wilson and Edwards to scout latest talents in the Wrestling industry.)

Creative Writers
-Chris Edwards - Head Writer For Underground
(Edwards is the head storyline writer for AWR, his aims are to create worthwhile and exciting stories for Underground.)

-Steve Wilson - Assistant Writer For Underground
(Wilson assists Edwards in storylines for Underground however Steve focuses more on the matches at the show.)

-Brandon Watkins - Assistant Writer For Underground
(Watkins also assists Edwards when it comes to storylines. Watkins doesnt just look at one area, he covers both storylines and matches for Underground.)

-Steve Mercury - Creative Consultant
(Mercury is the main creative consultant and is the person that Edwards will sit down with and go through ideas. His role is very important to the end products.)

Other Employees
-Carl Matthews - Referee
(Matthews is currently the only referee working for AWR. His job is simple, to keep order inside the ring and make sure matches go off without a hitch.)

-Alex Sands - Interviewer
(Sands is a former AWR commentator and has now moved backstage in a role which see's him come face to face with superstars and gets to the bottom of certain stories.)

-TJ Watson - Commentator
(TJ Watson is the lead commentator for AWR, he is the main man at ringside and has been here since the start.)

-Robbie Black - Color Commentator
(Robbie has come in under the new era of AWR and has been working alongisde Watson for a while, his knowledge on in ring ability is unquestionable.)

-John Bailey - Ring Announcer
(Bailey is the AWR ring announcer and knows everything about every superstar in the company. His knowledge is unrivaled in the company.)
AWR Numbers7/31/11
21st August - 28th August
- 288 page views this week
- Thats the best page views for a Underground show
- Thats up 75 from last week
- The promo count this week was 82
- Thats up 38 from last week
- Thats two off our all time high promo count

14th August - 21st August
- 213 page views his week
- Thats down 83 from last week
- Thats the lowest page views in AWR history
- The promo count was 45 this week
- Thats down 14 from last week
- Overall the poorst AWR in Numbers week

7th August - 14th August
- 296 page views this week
- Thats up 42 from the previous week
- Thats 42 views per day
- The promo count was 59 this week
- Thats down 24 from our PPV week
- Thats up however from our last Underground show

31st July - 7th August
- 254 page views in the week
- Thats up 32 from the previous week
- This weeks promo count was 83
- Thats a up 38 from last week
- Thats also our first PPV promo count

24th July - 31st July:
- 222 page views in the week
- That amounts to 31 views per day
- This weeks promo count was 45 which is up from last week

Here is basically AWR in numbers which gives us a rough outline of the week and how many views the page has had, promos in and things along that line
Character Profiles6/20/11
[Ring Announcer] : John Bailey
- John Bailey is one of AWR's longest serving members of staff. John first worked in the offices sorting out many of the admin work in building up to the first run of "The Revolution". Once AWR become more of a public wrestling force John showed his interest in becoming the ring announcer after showing experience in the amateur boxing circuit. Bailey is a man that keeps himself to himself after jumping from in the office to ringside.

[Commentator] : TJ Watson
- TJ Watson is a guy that speaks his mind. TJ has been working in sports commentary for five years and started on a local sacle as a commentator on county American football matches. Watson would often be involved in many controversies due to his brash style of commentary. However Watson is a very sought after guy and after working in football Watson wanted to find "Something special" and so signed a contract with AWR. Will this guys style land him in some difficult situations?

[Color Commentator] : Robbie Black
-Black is a semi professional wrestling who has been in an out of the game for the best part of two years. Black however has tried to maintain his connections with the wrestling world and has therefore taken up this role at AWR. Black however has never ruled out a return the ring. The man that claims he is "Too cool to care" sounds like he could be the perfect partner for Watson on the announce desk

[Official Referee] : Carl Matthews
[Backstage Interviewer] : Alex Sands