Matt Young <MatthewE9643>

- bio8/22/12
Name: Matt Young
Date of Birth: November 20th 1987
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Billed Height: 6ft 0
Billed Weight: 228 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Taking It To The Line" by Downstait
Move set:
- Inverted Fireman's Carry Into Back Breaker
- German Suplex w/ Bridge
- Discus Clothesline
- Dragon Suplex
- Suicide Dive
- Mounted Punches
- Leg Scissors Takedown
- Rolling Arm Bar
- Hurricuranna
- Snap or Running Powerbomb

Finishing Moves:
The Concussion
[This move sees a wrestler place an opponent in a fireman's carry and proceed to drop the opponent in front of them. While the opponent is falling, the wrestler quickly lifts a knee up, striking the opponent in the face. Kenta also uses an inverted variation in which he lifts his opponent into an Argentine backbreaker rack, throws his opponent forward, and strikes the back of the opponent's head with his knee.]

The Execution
[This move has a wrestler put the opponent in a three-quarter facelock and run up the corner turnbuckles or ring ropes and jump backwards, performing a backflip in the air, and landing face down to the mat, driving the opponent back-first down to the mat. Sometimes a standing variant is performed by wrestlers with adequate leaping ability, or when assisted by a tag team partner.]

Genocide Bomb
[The wrestler lifts the opponent up onto his shoulders and spins around several rotations before sitting down and slamming the opponent down to the mat, as in a sitout powerbomb. A release variation sees the wrestler remain standing or kneeling and just throwing his opponent away from them onto their back to the mat. A gutwrench variation is also possible, with the wrestler dropping his opponent as in a normal gutwrench powerbomb.]

Signature Moves:
- 630 splash.
- Brain buster Suplex
- Overhead Kick
- Pele Kick
- Spine Buster
** [x]Wrestling Accolades[x] **

World Championships (4)
*NSNP World Champion [1x]
*TWF World Heavyweight Champion [1x]
*UNW Undisputed Champion [2x]

Middle Tier Championships (23)
*NAW Light-Heavyweight Champion
*WTF Hardcore Champion
*WTF World Television Champion
*WTF Beatdown Champion
*UBW B-Division Champion
*UBW International Champion
*UBW Television Champion (AW Property)
*UBW Traning Ground Champion (AW Property
*PCW Intercontinental Champion
*PCW United Nations Champion
*AWR Eurocontinental Champion
*PUW Nonstop Champion x2
*ICW Hardcore Champion
*FBW Massacre Champion
*DWF All Star Champion
*UNW Television Champion
*UNW British Champion
*UWF Eurocontinental champion
*AW Absolute Champion
*AW Noobz Champion
*EWA Elite Champion
*NWA Nonstop Action Champion

24/7 Championships (2)
*WTF 24/7 Champion x2

Tag Team Championships (18)
*FBW World Tag Team Champion [John Bennett]
*NGW World Tag Team Champion [Chad Cobain]
*UWF Allies Champion [David Hughes]
*WTF Undisputed Tag Team Champion x5 [David Hughes, Tyson Rowle, Dwayne Cray, Sean Christie, Chad Cobain]
*WPW World Tag Team Champion [David Hughes]
*ICW Tag Team Champion [David Hughes]
*OWA Tag Team Champion x2 [Chris Walker, Justin Hughes]
*ENW Tag Team Champion [Chris Walker]
*EIW World Tag Team Champion [Chris Walker]
*DW Tag Team Champion [Chris Walker]
*AWR Unified Tag Champion [Chris Walker]
*UNW Undisputed Tag Team Champion x2 [Dash Rock and Amazing Daniel]