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"<b> Mum - 23.1.10"

Dear Mum9/22/10
Woww Mum, the years really gone ahyy.......January 29th only seemed like yesterday. I'd like to say that all of us are doing fine, but id be lying. Dads struggling, hes doing the best he can but he still hurts for you mum ): the boys are doing pretty good too, there renovating the house and its slowly getting there, sonny's still playing uhp with the girls lolz and bubz has been really good, you'd be really proud of him mum (: and rameka's not doing too bad, he's down that he didnt see you enough before you left but hes getting there......me, well this year's been a real struggle to say the least, i still havnt come to terms with you not bening here......i know if you were here you probbly wouldn't know who i am, i've disappointed dad and the boys. Going out and doing stupid things and getting up to alot of no good, but there have been good things, i went to nui and met heaps of new peopele, there awesome as, you'd like them! i went out with this guy for a while, uhm things are on and off but ahh its a bit complicated but we'll see how it goes hehe (: im doing heaps better, im back to the old me again. i've kept outta trouble and yeah im haapy az agin mum! missing youe so much, im so haapy i had you as a mum, even though it wasn't for long i thank god for the time i did get. Many memories and times with youe mum. Im so proud and honoured that youe were my mum and i was luckyy ebough to be your one and onlyy daughter. i hope one dayy i can become half the women, mum and wife you were. i hope your proud of me. We'll see each other again one dayy mum, i promise we will (: Missing youe heaps, but until we see each other again, I LOVE YOU!