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Character Bio11/25/12
Scarlette D'Lambreigh

Born from a one night stand, she is the daughter of a vampire, and black embodiment.
Accused of splitting up one family, and being unhappy in her other, her child life was almost non existent. She tried so hard to fit in with everything, spend time with her mother and other family, but she was rejected on both sides.
At the age of 14, she was struck by her mothers partner and it seemed to be the last straw, she ran away from her home from anything she knew to try and make another life for herself. She befriended a kind stranger, who quizzed her about her abilities, and naively she told the truth, causing her to be imprisoned in a top security medical facility for the next four years. All manner of tests and torturous activities were performed on her during this time, unti she managed to escape from a rookie mistake on their part.

From there, she was taken in by a team who were against these people, and she was educated in their ways, training her to be the perfect solder, to protect the weak. She went on many missions, corrupting the scientists, stopping them harm the defenceless, the supernatural.
On the last mission she did, she met a curious young male who seemed to suffer from Schizophrenia, and she saved his life from those against him, corrupting their minds, making them believe that he had killed himself, and there was no bounty in the place. However she had made it unsafe for him and so he opted to follow her, to save her life, to repay his debt, to be her companion in the darkness

Jared Phillips / Belkam

A schizophrenic young male who his fellows thought to be possessed by the devil he lived alone, on the edge of town, keeping to himself, his mother and father are unknown, as is much of his childhood. HE went to school as a boy but soon he just gave up, tired of all the comments, the fear. He lived by himself, needing no comfort, but it was for others safety, for when he was scared, angry fearful, when he felt any emotion, his other side would come out and leave the world flowing with blood, he would be vengeful on the people who had spite Jared.
There was a single male however that had saved him from this horror, that had stopped the inner demon from being released, and that was one he grew to love, a certain blond named Dyre. A different, cheeky male, but he helped jared to control himself.
One night he was out walking, when he bumped into a curious looking female, with blood red hair who seemed to be looking for him. She then saved him from a group of five males, all in strange suits wishing to capture him for 'medical purposes. Knowing they could come back for him, Jared fled, leaving everything he knew behind, to help the one that had saved him.
His life was hers, as long as she was alive, and if he saved her life, his debt was paid.

The two live in a small apartment, with high security, beating back those of the government and protecting the innocent, the supernatural.

Ruby D'Lambreigh

Created in a lab and injected in a test subjects womb, she is the child of Scarlette D'Lambreigh. Her father is unknown. She spent the first two years of her life in the facility she was born, her powers growing day by day, until she finally managed to bypass their control systems and call out to her mother.
It was the next day her mother broke her out of that place, destroying it completely to the ground, and took Ruby far away and protected her all this time. She now owns her own apartment, very close to those she trusts, and the only family she knows, her cousin Flint.
Se seems to be a normal girl, loving life, going to college, making friends, becoming a model and doing her own art to, but she is very secretive when it comes to her heritage and family.

Jensen Grey

A young man, in his early twenties, highly reserved, handsome, with a darkness to him. His father is a billionaire, and his mother a leech. He grew up without love, without comfort. He doesnt let people get close to him, for fear of being rejected and hurt.

He lives by himself in a rather expensive place, his own car, in a typical suburban area, away from the city lifestyle, he just wants to be normal and go to college, which he is studying law and physics, such a bright young male.

Shinsei Sakurabana

From birth, Shinsei had been cursed by blindness, but her senses, perfect and more responsive in every way . It had been hard for her when she grew, many seeing her as the lowest form of woman, for she could not write properly, with a quill and ink for she could not see what she was doing.

Despite this however, she was sent to geisha school, as most girls did at her age. At first the school declined her application, but her father pushed for her to attend. He even paid them to take her, he wanted her to have a normal life despite her disability.

She however, excelled all the other girls with her dancing skills and her music playing, causing the tutors to admire her, and help her improve even more by giving her extra lessons, which she accepted without question.

She finally completed geisha school and went on to train in the martial arts, sword work and defence works. She is a woman out of her time in the new world